Hi, I am 19weeks pregnant with my first baby.. I heard baby will start kicking from 17weeks onwards, but I have not experienced anything like that . but sometimes I feel the movement of the baby. as per scan baby s heart beat is good n healthy. I am very eager to know generally from which onwards baby will start kicking?

I felt my first baby kick after five months. that means after 20 weeks of pregnancy...

i felt first kick at d beginning of 6th month in my first pregnancy .

I think its ok. I also felt first kick of my baby at the end of five months

i also felt d kicks around end of 5th month...

u can feel first kicks anytime between 18 to 22 weeks. don't worry u will feel them in the coming weeks

thank you guys

dear during the first pregnancy I also felt my baby kick after 20 was awasm experience....

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