I am 24 weeks pregnant and has been diagnosed with placenta previa. Doctor has advised bed rest. Can I go to office as it is three and a half more months to go. I did not experience any bleeding but brown discharge 12 days ago. presently on bed rest.

do as doc says . they say for ur betterment

thank you Sunitha Seervi:-)

Complete bed rest is advised. Keep your legs elevated on a pillow it will help you. You may join back office after your delivery.

proper rest as suggested by the doctor will definitely save u from any complications. due to cervix expansion I was adviced for Bed rest for 12 wks (24wks to 36wks).I just lyed on the bed with two pillows under my knees, now I completed my resting period. and am waiting for the due. so Rashmi don't hesitate do as per doctor's advice.

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