hi, m 36 weeks pregnant. 2 days back got my sonography done wherein it shows d fetal weight is 2411 grams. coz of low weight dr suggested me to go for 5 doses of Alamin injection. I just wanted to enquire whether is it safe to take it.or any side effects r there. pls help.

As per Advised by Dr Ridhi Prenatal expert -
Hi Khushboo ,
It's safe to take those injections . They will help the baby to grow adequately in the week of Pregnancy U r in . Trust your body & eat well .
If it has been suggested by your gynaec , trust your gynaec and if u have any queries & concerns , do talk about it to your gynaec . They are your care providers and can guide u better as they know ur pregnancy better than experts on Babychakra , since they have seen you since the start !

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