Hi all. Wanted to ask mothers who are feeding formula feed along with breast-feeding. Are u using bottle for formula feed or katori chamach

Hi Maansi, you statement seems incomplete. I have twins and when they were less than 6 months old, I fed formula with the help of a bottle. I barely had any help or else the doctor asked to use a 'katori chammach' which is like a very small utensil of steel useful for feeding milk to babies.

I am also feeding formula with bottle. But doc told stop bottle feeding nd give with katori chamach. While Giving with katori chamach, she used to throw out half milk from her mouth nd half goes in nd she continues cry for milk. Is bottle feeding is not safe?

no, she does not cry for milk. new born cry a lot because of colic. don't worry, and please don't feed your baby too much milk. She will readily accept formula to keep calm as babies like to suck to soothe themselves, but she will only take a certain quantity of milk. check for colic and understand signs of colic to prevent over feeding and digestion issues in your baby. once baby is 5-8 Mo the old, she will get better.

She is four months. I was giving feeding with bottle. But doc told not to give bottle feeding. Is bottle feeding is safe or not?

is it safe to use silver spoon to give milk to new born baby?

Yes monu.. It is safe nd good also using silver spoon

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