I have an issue. My son doesn't chew his food. He just swallows everything that he eats. I have tried giving him food with veggies in bite size pieces but it's of no help. If i give him any snack for chewing then he keeps that in his mouth and doesn't chew at all. what should i do? i feel so frustrated and irritated.

how old he is....

You need to keep telling him ' if you dont chew you can choke' or food wont make you grow if not chewed properly. Try making a song out of it 'this is the way we chew our food' a game where you eat and count the number of times you chew. Happy chewing!!!!

You take a bite of whatever u offer him.. show him how to chew.. gradually he will try imitating you... and ur job gets easier

he's two Years and four months old. lemme try these tips. fingers crossed

This how I taught my girl... Gave a term to chewing 'gappu gappu' ;) yes sounds wierd, but it worked... We used to eat together and I used to put a bite in my mouth too... Used to play and show how to chew... N whoever chewed d food first we used to cheer...

show him sum vedios in which kids r chewing their food, this may help.. ask him that it's a kind of game...

How is ur son doing nw with chewing. .. facing same prblm with my son

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