my 5 month old son put both his hands in mouth and suck continuously and produce excess saliva from it normal? what should I do? whnvr I try to stop him he started crying.plz replay.

Buy him a teether and distract him with toys and food. He could be hungry so keep him full

Also use bibs to avoid chest congestion. It is normal to salivate till one year

my 5 months daughter also does that, i used to think she is hungry but over the time i got to know that its a sucking reflex, so i bought teethers, but she take one teether in hand and put another hand in her mouth. cant help.. just remove her hand whenever possible.

Its normal. When baby does that try distracting him and get his hands on a toy/ teether instead

hey not to worry, it's normal, he may require some soft teether now. and as per my baby's pediatric neurologist licking fingers is a kind of fun for infants.

putting fingers in mouth is a milestone and nothing to.worry about. pls do not cover his hands or fingers and let him do what he is doing.and this is no way connected to hunger. this phase passes soon

thank u all for guiding me.

This is what I did... And I make my sil follow the same for her son... None of my daughters n nephew have ever sucked their hand... Blessed I would say... I have seen an older nephew and niece who are 7 years sleep with their thumbs in their mouth... This made me sure that I wud the let my little ones do it, no matter how beneficial it is for the baby...

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