Hi beautiful ladies, my baby shall be completing 6 months the day after, I am planning to give cow's milk in the eve( 60 ml ) to start I have been reading lot of stuff which says, to introduce one meal at a time for 3 days and then on 4th day shall add on another meal? please advice wat to give on the first day? thank you

cow milk should be given after baby completes one year.

No animal milk before one can start with mashed fruit,veg soups... introduce one one new thing at a time ...

animal milk can be very dangerous for babies as it can cause internal bleeding. only bm and fornula is to be given..if u r producing enough tre is no need for any other milk.

Try any animal milk only after one year, Cows milk is contains lot of fat, which might still not be suitable for ur child. Try semi-solid foods in this case, it will be aid digestion and nutrition

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