Hi all.

How much safe it is to travel by air in the first trimester of pregnancy.

doctors generally don't recommend especially if you have a history of miscarriage or anyone in your family. if you do not have any morning sickness I think you could travel but just need to make sure you are not exerting too much.. I traveled in my first trimester from Mumbai to US.. and back in 1.5 week.. but it was my first and I have no history of miscarriages

I was told to avoid travel by air. Had to cancel my travel

As advised by Babychakra expert Dr Riddhi Chandarana, Pre natal consultant.

Hi Neha ,
If you have had a history of irregular periods or pcod or history of miscarriages then it's not safe to travel in first trimester .
However , the best judge for this is your gynaecologist who can guide u on safe instructions and medications if needed any , just in case the travel is necessary !

Thanks for your precious advices!!!!

no its not safe

its safe by train..

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