Hi ladies,

i am completing 17 weeks of this beautiful journey. so far i have gain 1.5 kg only. is it ok ? i am moderately active. ( household job and walk) pls guide me.

no you should put on more... nd go for walk daily eat fruits and vegetables ... juice

okkk no u put on more but the weight must be increased mostly the last trimester

ohh... thanks a lot.. apart from above suggestion is thr any source to increase weight

yes. max weight gain happens in the last trimester. do light walks or yoga after consultation of ur gyno. and eat healthy food

Revati as advised by BabyChakra Expert Dr Riddhi Chandarana, Pre and Post Natal Consultant

Hi Revathi, yes it's okay if u have gained 1.5 kgs in 17 weeks of Pregnancy . Weight gain is not the only parameter for a healthy Pregnancy . A healthy Pregnancy has a healthy diet & good physical activity levels and a healthy weight gain for u and your baby .
Small Frequent Meals every few hours rich in nutrients such as protein , vitamins & fibre can help.
Walking regularly for 30-45 mins can help too .
Also practice meditation or slow breathing exercises everyday !

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