hi, my son is 1 n hf yr old..

his weight is around 8.5kgs

as the paediatrician told that he is 4kgs underweight ..

moreover he takes breastfeeding..

he won't drink milk, don't take food ,liquids, soup's, sweets,.. he hesitate to take everything except breastfeed

how can I improve my sons diet n also weight..

note:-to stop breastfeed give any suggestions..

waiting for ur answers


You are still breast feeding is good however you will have to stop it. unless you stop he will not take any thing else. Don't also stop just like that. you have to feed him by distracting him and creating the enthu in him... by showing toys playing rymes etc. And when he craves for your milk avoid and distract.
Also to add eat along with him it surly helps.

morning session I can manage him
but in the midnight I m helpless..
what to do..

midnight please continue to give your milk and check with your pediatrician if you can use bottle and external milk also coz anyways at night you can't sit and feed him. during the day when you feed food use ample ghee sugar etc and make it a tasty dish.

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