1 Banana stem fresh. The clean and cut I just cannot explain so sharing a Youtube link.

After you cut and clean the banana stem Cook in the pressure cooker with little water and keep it ready sometimes it might turn black because of oxidisation still it will taste the best .

Tadka with below ingredients

one tablespoon oil

2 green chillies

few curry leaves

half a teaspoon mustard seeds

half teaspoon jeera

A Pinch of asafoetida

salt to taste taste

3 spoons grated or ground coconut

2-3 cups fresh thick curd

Garnish with a A fistful of chopped cilantro

This is called as Banana stem raita

Yummy!!!! This recipe is very interesting.

ah interesting recipe. sure ur family had a treat today !

aha... this was done 2months ago. but I do it often though... do let me know your comments after you try

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