is there a co relation between my diet and my baby getting gas,?

my baby wakes up everyday at 4am with gas problem (identified as she crunches to pass gas). she's not relieved easily and cries to sleep after few hours

what can I do apart from colic aid drops.

I want to prevent this from happening instead of giving meds ideally

yes there is a correlation between your diet ,if u take heavy food like rajma, urad , masur then it creates more gas problem in baby. take food which is easily digestible . also burp the baby every time u feed her . if the problem persist more you can use medicine carmocide for instant relief of gas in infants .

actually no. its the nutrients that go into baby via ur milk. in the first 6 mts ur baby's digestion is at a developing stage cause of which the baby passes lot of gas and also u will notice diffrent colors of poo. as the baby's gut develops and becomes strong (which is abt at 7-8 months of age) u will find the baby will not have such struggles.

at this stage, to make things easier for baby

-- burp after every feed. u can try diffrent techniques of burping.
-- massage very gently on tummy in circular motion
-- massage with legs in cycling motion.

above things will help relieve gas and will make bowel movements better. do not give any gripe water to the child. natural ways are much better than artificial help. keep feeding on demand as and when demands.

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