Hi I am Keya from Jamnagar,Gujarat. A Bengali. Staying in Gujarat due to my husband's job. M a Dietician by profession. M 14week pregnant with my first child. Very excited. Yesterday done my 1st level anomaly scan NT scan n everything is ok . Just my cervical length is 3.3 what ideally should be 4-5 in 14 th week. Although my doctor told it's fine but bit nervous coz of it.I need expert advice on this.Can you help me.

As advised by Babychakra expert Dr Riddhi (Prenatal & Post-natal) -
Cervical length above 3 is nothing to worry. To prevent it from shortening, maintain ur postures well, especially avoid lifting weight heavier than 2 kgs. Also keep a check on weight gain.
Relax and enjoy ur Pregnancy!

Thank you so much for your help.Can you tell me that I can go for walks or not.n if yes then what should be the time duration

You can go for walks for 30-45 mins for twice or thrice a week . That should be good to do as of now till ur anomaly scan is done .

Hello keya, I am also 18 week pregnant.. As you are a dietician please can you suggest me a diet plan for a day.

Hello Prachi! In pregnancy we need extra 300 kcal only with our normal intake.Diet plan is a very much personalized thing. It depends on height weight medical issues like dislike etc.Still just as example for pregnancy diet- you should concentrate on protein , n calcium and iron intake. Like milk n products, almond -4-5 no., dates- 2-3no., lean meat and eggs, seasonal n local leafy greens, with seasonal fruit should be regular in your diet. I always say go with locally grown food stuffs. Avoid excessive sugars or any sweet stuff. Take whole fruits in place of juice. Try to eat small meals in every 3 hr.atleast. n small meals should be like roasted chana, butter milk, no oil dry vel, sattu, coconut water, whole fruit, a low cheese open veg sandwich etc. For more information you can contact me personally or if you want you can choose my online programs.

Thank you... So much

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