Pudina Roti


2-3 cups of Wheat Flour / atta for kneading

1 cup or 1/2 bunch of Pudina leaves

1-2 green chilly (according to our taste)

4 cloves garlic

1/2 inch ginger

Fistfull cilantro

1/2 spook jeera

Salt to taste


Oil for kneading

And water for kneading


First of all grind all the ingredients except atta to make a paste.Now in a big bowl add atta salt little oil and prepared paste and knead it, add water as required to knead the atta as a regular chapati / Puri making atta. Rest this green dough for 10 min. Now roll these into roti , put it on tawa and put ghee on both the sides of the roti and make it. Hot Pudina Roti is ready.

Serve these green yummy hot rotis with either curd or dall. With this atta Puri also can be prepared

Variations: instead of pudina you can make it wit palak too. But palak has to be blanched before grinding and sonf to be replaced by jeera.

I had little pudina so made Puri from it

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