my daughter is 2 months old and she is suffering with cold since 1 month plz suggest me something

one drop of nasoclear nasal drop n gives steam daily

you can't give her any medications without consulting a Dr. You can make a turmeric paste with your milk and apply it on your baby's chest and forehead this should help. Also put some eucalyptus oil drops in a towel and spread it around when she sleeps it helps in breathing easily.

one month is a long time. please consult your doc for an examination. a two month old baby cannot be given any medication or suction. try the saline drops after getting a go-ahead from your doc. also give a little head elevation.

Im usg nasoclear nasol drops and also Maxtra oral drops I also kept turmeric paste on forehead but of no use

now she is in 6th week and because of cold we stopped vaccination

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