my baby is 10 days old he was having jaundice

since yesterday he had not done potty, and today running nose and cold also start

what shall I do

suggest some home remedy

I had given him Mugglee ghuti

mommy please do not give any intake medicine to your infant. Please take him to the pediatrician immediately because if he has jaundice which is a common problem today but not doing potty for a min 24hrs will increase bilirubin levels in his body which is not good at all. Make sure he is feeding atleast min 7 times a day. Bilirubin has to come out of the body only by pee or poop and no other option.

I went to pediatrician also he said not to worry for potty
its common just give nasal care for running nose and told us to review th jaundice after 2 days
as per him it seems increased more than 11.26 at which my baby released from hospital

I am very worried
he is having stomache too and not taking proper feed

While breastfeeding most babies can go without potty for a week. Expose him to sufficient sunlight between 7-8 am to get rid of jaundice

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