Hi my baby is on breastfeed bt now a days she is not accepting my BF and cries alot and once she fed.. She take next 4 to 5 hrs to take next feed and that too i hv to force her and always crying during these gaps.. . Should i concern to dr. Plz help out.. Worried

Now that your baby is growing maybe she needs a little more comfortable posture or a better position to grip. Please sit comfortably before you start to feed and try. As baby's grow they can suck well and suck fast so when she feeds she might be doing full and they tend to sleep well too. so do not worry give her time and maybe keep a check on her weight and all will be well.

Ur baby might be colic. Check with that. If he is having any gas issues.

Thanks prithvi balaji her weight is 6kg

How to know that baby is colic

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