my baby is 1 1/2 yrs and still wants bf while sleeping and wakes up once or twice at night for comfort.t his is actually affecting his front teeth.I have tried every trick but failed..he cries a lot of not given..can someone suggest how did they wean their LO pls??

It is perfectly alright. One of my friends suggested Femit. It is recommended by a doctor and available at the medicals. Alternatively keep in full while weaning out.

I do..Lynette..but it is sheer out of habit he is asking for.Femit I have heard of and will surely try..thanks..

try offering a water cup, sing songs to distract, rock him. talk to him about stopping feeds. it's a gradual process. a couple of friends let the baby cry it out, and it worked in two three days. I couldn't get myself to do that though!

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