hi 158 bpm in 5month scan indicates a boy baby?

omg..i can understand ur excitemnt..but pls dnt expect only 4 boy..i hope u luv gals aa well..but if u go on intrnt and chexk signs there is a long list of symptms indicati g if u hav a gal or baby had 178..164bpm..then hair mornin sickns..w8 of fetus..all showd its a boy but bingo my friend..i got an lil princess..we wanted a gal and we amuse and for fun u may see these symptms but pls dnt get ll depress u..whtr its a gal or boy enjoy each day of mommydays

boy or girl no matters...happy with anything..but don't like surprises till end

as long as the baby and u r healthy nothing else should matter.

i lov surprises..if u wan 2 plan sumthin 4 ur baby go will work..besides if its a gal she can hv all boy'$ stuff easily..nd if its a boy then u wud hv all u need

instead of obsessing over a boy or girl, just pray for a healthy baby!!
I do understand the excitement, but don't pin your hopes on any one gender; I know people who were shocked when the baby was otherwise!

as suggested above.. don't expect a baby boy/gal ... rather think about having a healthy baby. that's more important. guys n gals are the same in this generation.

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