I thought of writing about my experience with my bf journey n weaning( which still hasn't ended), coz bf has been a lifesaver in Soo many ways for me-

- first, do not compare your baby/child, his requirements, your circumstances, or preferences.

My kids completely rejected bottles, even when filled with my milk- they only wanted it direct from source.

Hence things were very different for me...

- decide until when you would want to breastfeed, I wanted to prolong it , but that just made/has made weaning more difficult.

So make a choice early on.

- I fed my first born through my second pregnancy (too many reasons for that), and stopped abruptly when new baby came.

But I will suggest that if you are pregnant n breastfeeding, then start weaning as soon as possible.

(I delivered a healthy baby, in contradiction to people's comments that baby wouldn't get nutrients if I continued bf).

- weaning process may cause behavioural changes briefly in some toddlers, so it's better done before the new baby arrives.

- get help! To put baby to sleep, comfort and distract.

I'm still struggling with this point.

- when someone does happen to see or know that I'm still bf, they look at me with a question mark! But it's a choice I've made, and my toddler is more than happy to continue! However, for obvious reasons, the time has come to start the weaning process- slowly day by day. Wish me luck!!



asha chaudhry Neha Agarwal Shruti Giri Sumira Bhatia Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa
Pls tagfwd

Couldnt get better Dr Payal!!! This will help moms so so so much!!

Thank u so much payal for sharing! Good luck for ur weaning off the breast process!! And hope u enjoy the medical conference!!!

Prachi Yogini Kandre manvi bhandari Archana Bhosale Sangeetha Karuna pls bookmark!

Soo true, accept with each point payal!!!
In my case, my kiddo decided to wean off, it was not my decision.. she was BFed only in nights after first birthday.. but it continued for 6 months, i donno what happened to her, she stopped suddenly at 19th month.. she slept by her own and without dinner she never sleep.. i think in some kids- tummy full is the mantra for weaning..

Dr. Payal M just for new moms who dont know u - how old is ur younger one? Have u stopped the day feeds yet? If not how many times do u bf day and nite? Am asking so other moms in this stage may find ur story insightful.

Thanks for sharing doc

Thank for tag asha chaudhry ...
Plz do share how to stop Breastfeeding...
He is not leaving me whole night and day...after feeding sufficient food.
I don't know what to do..I hv tried many things nothing works for me...I have to join my job from next month 😥😪

Foram K Modi Priyanka Maheshwari@Momzjourne take a look, may be helpful for you

Thank you asha chaudhry ! Yes I'm enjoying the conference! This is part of my weaning strategy!
My younger one will turn 2 years next month!
Will answer other qs as when I get free from the conf

What about biting ? Doenst ur baby bite ?

I came across this post at right time. Thanks asha chaudhry for tag. Bookmarked.

Thanks asha chaudhry di for the tag. Much helpful post. Prachi same situation is with me. She wants to feed and only feed even after hving her food. All timr she used to day dudu dudu either its in private or public😁 day before yest i went to skin doc, nd it took long time for my turn. She started saying dudu dudu in front of everyone nd people were staring at me. Once i feels so shy , but then i saw lady sitting next to me nd smiling inside. Mujhe andar he andar gussa araha tha how this lady is dng. Jaise ki khud ke bache nai kabhi aisa na kiya ho 😕

Awwww hugs manvi!!! My friend bfed both her kids for 2.5-3yrs and her daughter used to lift her tee and help herself when she wud be at family friend's house!!! Woh khud hi duu duu le leti thi! Facepalm!

So helpful..agree with the fact that it gets difficult when Children get a little case is similar to Shilpitha's... He weaned himself off the breast... initially he would ask for it..have it and then solid food ko bye bye.. complete no...then I started asking him to eat food first and then have BF...but then he would get full and stopped asking...I wanted to continue 4-5 months more..but it's ok..after reading your post I am feeling relieved.. prolonging would make it difficult

asha chaudhry answering the queries that uve asked fr everyone else-
He still wants his daytime feed but very unpredictable abt when. I'm cutting these down by distraction.
(I've never ever counted the number from the day I started actually).

Prachi u will have to get someone else to help u. Coz when baby sees mom= bm.
It's not for hunger always, it's also fr comfort they demand.

Foram K Modi he has a couple of times, but hasn't hurt me.
A friend of mine refused to feed her baby after being bitten - she told the baby u don't get anymore now, n that was the end,; right there n then!

manvi bhandari never feel ashamed or give explanation to anyone.
Ur baby is only 1. It's normal for baby to demand a feed. They don't know what's public or private na. Just take it in lighthearted manner.

Haha asha chaudhry di, navya also does so. In kurtis she wont be able to😂 but in tops she easily lift up nd shout loud du du😁

Yes Dr. Payal M not feeling asahmed like. But bit embarasing when that lady was smiling on that.. uff poor lady😝 but navya demands more when she only find me the whole day in the house. Like mom means dudu. On weekends, when her dad is at home, she wont demand much

Ya same here Manvi!

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