hi all,

i am 18 weeks pregnant. i am suffering from cold and from yesterday i m sneezing frequently. which medicine should i take? does sneezing force affect baby or baby's health?

for allopathic medicine please consult your doctor. home remedies are a few. for 1/2 cup of milk add 3 pinches of haldi / turmeric and a pinch of sugar and drink before you sleep. you will have a relief by morning

ohh thanks..

hii add a pinch of black peppr in thr abov recipe and i ll suggst to avoid sugar as it increases cough..u may add crushed gingr and boil it..

try steam inhalation too.

add little bit lemon and honey in a hot water and drink sip by sip slowly.u can try this it can help u out.

sure thanks all

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