Live QnA- 29th Jan
We all are always worried about our little one's health. This Live QnA is all about that building immunity in your little ones. To solve all your queries about this our expert Sonali Shivlani will be there on the app to solve them.
Topic: Build your little one's immunity
Time: 2:00pm to 4:00pm
Date: 29th Jan 2018
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Looking forward to the session!

#asksonali ....
Hello mam....My baby is 4.5 months old...his weight is 7.8kgs this tym....Everything is ok....i want to start some liquid diet after 15 my doctor told me...What should I start first nd how much...Secondly my baby is too much gassy....isko top milk se bhi bahut gas ho jati h...Agar mjhe top milk start krna h to kitni quantity se start kru?

Waiting ..

My; baby; is 6month old what should I give her as first food

Hi mam.. my baby 1 year old.. But his weight is just 9 kg.. I want to gain my baby weight.. Iam giving all foods to him... Please give me some weight gain tips

Sonali Shivlani thanks for doing this

I have a question related to vaccination. My son is 5 months old and has had all his vaccination till date per his immunization card. Yesterday was pulse polio day and since he already had 3 polio injections done i didn't consider the polio drops. Did i make a mistake of avoiding the drops yesterday?
As per my understanding the polio drops come into picture only post 6 months.

Hello baby is 2 months old Nd his weight is only 4 .5 kg.....wat should I do for his gaining weight

Hello Sonali Shivlani, thank you so much for this session, I want to ask you a question that as my baby completed 9 months yesterday, I was giving her 3 meals daily lunch, evening snack fruit, and dinner, so now can I start 4th meal,; and from past two to three days she is suffering from diarrhoea, medicines are I am giving, and she is teething too,; so which food should I give to her, so that her immunity will increase. Thank you

Hello mam my baby is 5 months and 29 days .....his weight is 8 kgs....i wanna know mai uski immunity kaise increase karu?

Hi Neha when you start a liquid diet it means a puree. Do not strain the same. The best option is to start with mashed fruits or pureed vegetables. A baby's stomach is best suited for mother's milk and some babies do tend to get gassy with outside milk. If possible avoid. You may also want to burp the baby well and offer plenty of tummy time in between feeds.

Hi Vibha the best foods to start with since they are non allergen as well as very healthy would be fruits or vegetables. I would suggest vegetables as they are non sweet in flavor. Opt for items like bottle gourd pumpkin carrot etc.

#asksonali Hi sonali mem.thank you so much for this session.meri baby 1year old hai baby active hai par uska weight kam hai n baby ko bhar le jane me problem hoti hai use 2 hours jyada nahi le ja sakti muje Kya food le Jana chahiye jisase bhar jyada time spend kr saku.vo milk nahi leti.aisa food jisme iron n calcium jyada ho.n uski immunity bdaye.

🙏 mam my baby4 year.. he play with friend's in park...i want to stamina boosting

Hi Sonali Shivlani mam, this session is a timely help for me.
My baby is 11 months now, he is not eating anything, once in a while just takes 2-3 spoons and then spits or gets away from food.
I've tried variety of options so that he would like the taste change but nothing is helping me..
I'm really pissed off mam, please tell me how to come out of this? Does baby have any works in stomach(my mil is saying), how can I confirm?
Please tell me foods to improve baby's appetite mam..

Supriya if baby has tripled the birth weight then we are not worried. Also if baby is gaining weight steadily then also we are not worried. Most children this age are very active and hence tend to appear lean and skinny. Don't offer foods rich in saturated fats and sugars just for weight gain. Include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, for a one year old whole cream milk can be used and also discuss the possibility of adding some nuts to the diet with the baby's doctor.

Supriya if baby has tripled the birth weight then we are not worried. Also if baby is gaining weight steadily then also we are not worried. Most children this age are very active and hence tend to appear lean and skinny. Don't offer foods rich in saturated fats and sugars just for weight gain. Include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, for a one year old whole cream milk can be used and also discuss the possibility of adding some nuts to the diet with the baby's doctor.

Hello! My baby is 2 months old and doc has given calcium and vitamin supplements.. Does that increase immunity? Also my baby has cold n cough since almost a month will that affect his immune system. Doc has given him medicines but they haven't helped that much. Will having too many medicines spoil his immunity. Thanks in advance :D

Hello baby boy is 2.5 months old..I am breastfeeding him exclusively..but after a month I may need an alternative..plz suggest if I can introduce any other food post 4 months.. I have tried formula milk for him..but it does not suit him

Pulse polio is a drive undertaken by the government to ensure that all children under the age of five in a community are vaccinated for polio at the same time. The aim is to eradicate polio as a disease from India and the world. It does not affect your child but as a community we should participate in this drive till the child turns five.

#askSonali ;; hi mam I have 8yrs old girl child. she is not at all eating fruits and vegetables.; I m very much worried at her health. pls let me know I can give any supplements to make her fit

Avi what is the baby's birth weight

she is 22kg. eating lot of chocolates nd junk foods

Yogini I would wait till the loosies settle before adding a fourth meal. Fruits like apple banana and sweet lime are considered to be stool binders. Offer her light meals like curd and rice as that is easy on the stomach. Over all children at this age due to teething put things in their mouth. Try and ensure that all toys are well cleaned, wash her hands often during the day with warm water and soap and over all ensure two to three servings of fruits and vegetables every day.

I wanted to know if spitting up milk as such; (not curd like) is an issue.My baby is going to be 3 months and she does this sometimes.

Hi Laxmi breast feeding helps increase immunity the best. Now that you must be ready to start solids ensure that breast feeding does not stop. Continue till the first year atleast to build a strong immune system.

Okay thank you so much Sonali Shivlani mam I will follow this, thank you for your reply

Durga at this age your little one will want to eat foods which are quick and easy for him to eat on the go. You can make paratha and chillas of many things. Items like nachni have a lot of iron and calcium so instead of a regular chilla make a nachni chilla. Method rotis or spinach rotis made with curd can be very yummy easy to carry and also very healthy.

Shivani a four year old should ideally eat six small meals every day. Before play time give him a bowl of fruits and a small fistful of nuts. This will help him to feel full and also build his stamina.

Kamalini it is possible if baby is totally refusing everything and is also not gaining weight then it could be a case of worms. There is no sure way of checking but you could ask the doctor for deworming medicine. It is safe to give once every six to eight months. Also remember that they are super active at this age and can't sit in one place. Don't plan long messy meals. Instead work with paratha chillas dosa idli sandwich etc which are quick on the go foods.

Thanks Sonali mam.

Yukta calcium and iron are given as they are vital nutrients for growth. And yes they do ensure that over all health is maintained. As the baby is very small we cannot prescribe home remedies for cough and cold and you have to take medication as prescribed. Do try some steam inhalation as that can help clear the nasal passages.

Dhanashree it is best to continue breast milk till minimum six months of age. Consider expressing and storing your milk. You can begin now and store in deep freezer. If stored correctly it can stay fresh for three months in deep freezer.

hello mam, my son is 1 year nd 6 month ,he doesn't drink milk of cow. can you tell my which milk formula i give him

Hlw maam meri; baby 3.5years ki hai Aaj Maine galti se; sixavit Medicine K dose Jada de diya; doctor NE 12 drops Kaha tha pr Maine 5 ml de diya kya karu

Krithika keep fruits and vegetables visible. Make sure you and the rest of the family eat in front of her. Sneak veggies into her foods like in pasta sauce or pizza base. Even noodles can be made with vegetable soup instead of just plain water. Make fruits interesting. Serve strawberries with a little chocolate sauce or cut fruits in small bite sizes to make them interesting. Eating junk food is natural at this age. It's your job to make healthy food appealing. A burger for eg can also be healthy if you use a wheat bun add some lettuce and tomato replace mayo with hung curd and shallow fry the cutlet which can have loads of grated veggies along with the potatoes.

Akshaya spitting up milk once in a while curdled or not curdled is normal.

thanks Sonali man for ur advice.; ll follow the same

Rasheda don't worry if the child does not drink milk in milk form. Offer other forms such as paneer lassi cheese. You can make kheer with jaggery or make a milk shake with fruit or a smoothie with curd and fruit to make things interesting. Slowly he will get used to the taste and will start taking milk also.

Thanks for the session Sonali, just wanted to know what are the immunity building food items; . How many egg yellows can be given to 9 month old .

Shristhy don't worry. It's ok and it happens. Although 12 drops will be close to 5ml.

Sonali mam plzz tell my baby is 6 month n taken 2 times polio drop is it fine or should take give her more ...

Pooja one egg yellow per day for this age group. Fruits vegetables and foods which have protein tend to help build strength and hence immunity. A variety of foods helps so try and introduce various options in the child's diet as per age.

Vibha at times even one drop is given as part of the drive. Just let the paramedics in charge of the same give the required dosage.

Hai sonali my baby birth weight is 2.7 kg she is 7 n half month old now weight is 6.6 is this normal plz answer me how to gain her weight am much worried about her weight

Hi son is 8months and just 8kgs ...he is very active but he doesn't eat any thing... just one or two spoons.... what am I to give him to increase his weight n to build his immunity

Dhanalakshmi the weight is on the lower side. However if height gain is on the higher side then cause for concern is not there. Along with breast milk please introduce solids as well and ensure that healthy options are offered like vegetable khicdi, fruits, thick soups etc.

Hi mam.. mere baby ko 1.5 month wala vaccine last month 9 January Ko Laga tha ab 2.5 month wala vaccine kB lagawau?? Dono vaccine ke bich 1 month gap hona jaruri hota hai kya??? 2.5 month wala vaccine 6 Feb Ko lagwa Sakti hu kya?? Hospital ke card me 5 January and 5 February likha hai. Plz advice on this...@

Rachana what was the baby's birth weight. Toddlers cannot sit in one place to eat. It is very boring for them. Offer small meals and encourage sitting in a high chair and eating even if it is for a short time. Do not feed him while he is running around for sure.

He; was 3.3kgz at the time of birth... n he cannot sit for a longer time...

Hi maam mujhe baby ko breastmilk k alawa bhi formula milk dena padta hi uska tummy ful nhi hota; breastfeeding se? Koi pblm to nahi

My baby is 6 months 15 days old ..his weight is 7.4 kg. He doesn't like anything except daal water nd banana..He doesn't like to drink water too. What should I do so that baby can develop interest in food. Also his 3rd dose of ipv vaccination which was due on 15th Sep is not available here till now.. however opv has been given during birth nd on yesterday 28th jan.. I'm worried as ipv is an imp vaccine

Hello ma'am
My baby will complete his 6 month on 26th April.; So how should I start giving food. And what care should be taken

My baby is 6 months old,can u suggest me some weaning foods and also my baby is not gaining weight since 2 months what to do

Neha it is best to put a one month gap between vaccinations. So 9th Feb and beyond would be ok.

Rachana it's ok if he can sit for short spells. The weight seems fine for a 8 month old.

Aishwarya aap jitna jyaada feed karege utna jyada milk banega. Formula see behtar breast milk hota hai. Koshiah karke jyaada apna doodh do six months tak.

Hello maam. Thankyou for conducting this session.
My daughter is 9+ months old..weighing around 9.3kg. She was a low birth weight 2kg born
She was breastfed only for a couple of months that too not exclusively and since 3rd month she is completely on nan pro formula. She eats 3 meals...lunch snacks and brkfast. I want to know;;;;;; 1 ) apart from rice pulses daliya cerelac Palak carrot beetroot oats apple...what else will help in gaining immunity.
2) is it true that children who are not bf are more prone to diseases and are emotionally weak too?
3) how can egg be introduced?
Thankyou in advance

Ruchi offer different flavours and textures. Do not rush to give breast milk if baby has not eaten a meal. Keep some gap. The child will learn that he has to also satiate hunger with other foods and not only breast milk. It's good to keep a schedule of solids and breast milk now. At this age i would recommend only one solid meal per day. Discuss your vaccination concern with the doctor and see if the same can be ordered thru online pharmacies.

Priyanka there are many articles on the app on the introduction of solids. Please do read them. Also follow a weaning plan as per your doctor or a counselor. Don't follow random advice

Hi, my; baby is 14 months old pls advice what the compulsory vaccine for this age

Vinaya if there is no weight gain since two months then do discuss your concerns with the doctor. Ideally weaning begins with either fruits or vegetables. Since weight gain seems to be a concern then rapid weaning may be needed and this should again be discussed with the doctor or a counselor. In this case would suggest starting with fruits such as banana chickoo stewed apples and pears.

Hii Sonali Shivlani mam...sanvi is 13 months old now..she is so active and also eat well but still weight gain is slow...8.5 kg
What to do for weight gain

Hii Sonali Shivlani my baby just turned 8 month she is 7.6 kgs only. I give 3 meals a day uggu, wheat apple cherry cerlac , and rice with Dal. She is active; But not gaining weight. What all should I include in her diet .

My baby is 5 month old he vomits curd like substance.I often burp him .Still he vomits. Is it ok?

Richa baby weight touch wood is on track. She has caught up on being born low weight at birth. Breast milk does help to build immunity but it is not the only thing. Healthy diet and good hygiene along with proper rest also helps to build immunity. I really don't know where you heard the emotionally weak part :) breast feeding allows you to bond with your baby thru the cuddling and skin to skin but I am sure all mother's would do that breast feeding or not. Introduce egg yellow only first and egg white after one year of age. Can be boiled scrambled omelette or even mixed in khicdi. I think you are giving all the right things. Continue on the healthy track.

Hi mam..i wolud like to stop breast feeding and want to introduce milk so pls suggest me which milk would be better and healthy to my kid#asksonali

Thankyou maam...actually I too was a less bf baby an m an emotional fool!! So my Mil said....maa ka dhoodh nahi piya tumne isliye jaldi ghabra jati ho😯... so I had that in back of my mind somewhere! !
Thankyou for this big relief🙏

Hello mam
My baby is 2years and 8 months old..her height is around 2 feet and weight is 11kg...she is very active and skinny thin...frequently affected by cold n cough..especially after having bananas..she loves banana but as she has cough n cold i dont give how should i give her bananas and how to increase her weight and immunity???

Yogender you need to follow the vaccinations card as provided by the baby's doctor. The government has mandated some vaccines as compulsory and these are listed first. The optional ones are always given below. Discuss the same with the doctor.

Sangeeta firstly has she tripled her birth weight. Also if she is gaining height rapidly then that can also account for a slower weight gain. If the doctor has not shown concern then you should also relax.

Ok thank u mam..

Srinithya when at home try and offer home cooked meals and not ready made packaged foods. You can add vegetables finger rice and dal. Along with rice introduce other cereals like ragi as well. Give her fresh fruits mashed and offer variety in this as well.

Shruti it is normal for babies to spit up. If it is a little bit even if it happens multiple times it's fairly normal.

Pri Yanka Priya please wait till the baby turns one to introduce cow's milk. Up to two years of age give whole cream milk to the child.

Rashmi make sure your child is well hydrated and follows good hygiene is washing hands after coming home and also before every meal. In between also if she is handling toys etc frequent hand washing should be encouraged. Normally banana does not cause a cough and cold. If the child has cough with phlegm then I would avoid banana.

It's been lovely chatting with you ladies. I hope I have been able to answer all queries. I do answer queries on the app on a regular basis as well so if you have questions in future feel free to tag me. You can follow me on the app to find my articles and posts easily. All the best mommies and have a great day ahead.

Hi Sonali, my 2.5 month's baby's one eyelid is reddish in colour, is there anything I can do?

hi sonali mam... my baby is 6months 1 week old his birth weight is 3.1but now he is only 7 kg... is this OK.... what should i do to increase his weight also what should I give him other than breast milk... he is suffering from cold.... since yesterday.. please suggest me mam

#AskSonali My baby boy is 11 month old and his birth weight is 2.5 kgs
Now he is of 8 kgs. But who ever see him says that he looks too week
What should I do to put on his weight plz suggest

🙏🙏thax mam...

I missed it. Sonali Shivlani; can u plz guide me ..My preemie turned 1.5 years ..uptill now I have been giving him all nutritious food..he is turning fussy now..plz tell me at this age which foods will help built his immunity..overall growth

my baby 8 month old; constipation poti problem

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