Dear moms, my lo is 4 months old .she was doing green potty like mehandi paste from 2-3 days. currently i m at my in laws place (Ranchi). she is in formula feed Nan Pro 1.i using filter water of aqua sure for feed . for sterliz using normal tap water or filter water. The calcium content in water is very high . It leave white powder like substance on bottel during sterlizing. Is green potty is due to that. plz suggest......need help.

Nan pro 1, is usually give this color...if u r not breast feeding... otherwise yellow mix green

is it harmless or should i switch to another formula feed.

It will be good to use boiled water and check for frothy and loose motions if present it could be an infection.

Formula fed babies do pass greenish stools. Even if you are using a water filter please additionally boil the water and then use to mix the formula.

thank u so much all for ur reply.

sry i hv forgotten to mention that i use boiled water only.

Nan pro is best... don't worry

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