Y my babies ears are so dark. .almost like coal oly...I feel so bad. ..when all keep telling baby will become dark..plzz Tell me reason of dark ears

i dono d exact reason behind it but i can give u suggestion...apply badam oil everyday at evening n give bath next mrng it might change d color...i did same to my daughter

Did u find any changes in ur daughter

ya i.ll show u d comparision wait

Hi Chaitra. Your profile says your baby is 2 weeks old. New borns usually have a little dark colour which changes gradually. It's all genetic so don't worry much about it. Follow a normal bath time routine which is oil massage followed by bath and body lotion.

wen she was born

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2months baby

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sterday pic....n more over they keep changing every month till 1yr so do not wry

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so dark she is in 2 months

But now she is very pretty

tell me some more tips bargavi plz

ya actually badam oil really works...just try it out regularly with in a week u.ll c d result...

How to use it tell me....

nothing just take it in ur palm n apply all over body it does stick like other oils so nothing to wry just apply all over body every evening leave it over n give her nice warm bath next day mrng....during application u can give her little massage...

whole n8 I should leave her with oil ah.....Then no need of applying any other oil

which company badam oil is good?

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