Hello all

m into my second pregnancy about 7 months

I hd sever lactation problem during first one don't want it this time

how cn I ??

do take regular protein supplement with your milk. I used to take pro-pl. it aids lactation. it comes in three flavors so easy to take. n have it twice a day.

I do take dear
had taken during first one also

can u specify what was the problem exactly. this time put the baby to Breast as early as possible. offer the Breast every time irrespective of the frequency. think happy thoughts and hold the baby close as much as you can.

It is important to latch baby as soon as possible after birth. Thereafter ensure that you are feeding eight to ten times a day as this will provide adequate stimulation. Each feed should last for atleast 20 minutes. If there is pain or discomfort while the baby is feeding have the same evaluated. Be alert for any lumps which could result in an infection.

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