my doc asked me too loose weight . iam 32 weeks pregnant and 84 kg. is it good to loose weight. .she advised I cannot put even half kg above 84. her logic is more you loose more the baby will gain. plz suggest.

nothing lyk tht.... d logic is... healthy mother healthy baby

my dear, I had reached 88 kg on my 38th week, and my baby was 3.5 kg at birth. don't b too tensed up about ur weight, enjoy the last few weeks of ur pregnancy. just avoid fried n sugary food and all the best

thanks nitisha and shweta.

don't worry about weight and don't try to loose weight. this is not the right time to loose weight. just cut down sugar, sweets. replace rice with millets. that will surely manage your weight. for me, it worked. In last few weeks they'll keenly monitor your bp level so mainly reduce salt content as it may lead to high blood pressure. so in short, cut down salt,sugar,rice this will really work. and from now on eat 5-6 dates daily. it will help to soften your cervix which leads to painless and easy delivery. stay happy :)

hmm. thanks subha . I am not taking rice on regular basis . even if I take its very minimal in quantity. iam eating 5-6 small meals in a day for sure. but iam walking daily for 4-5km as advised by my doc.

Ashima the increase in your pregnancy weight depends upon your original weight before pregnancy. So go by your doc's advise as she knows what is best for your body and your baby. If she allows you, go for walks, eat healthy and nutritious food. Eat in every 3 hours in small proportions. Increase protein intake in your diet. Avoid lots of sweet and fried food. Take proper rest.

I had c-section on 23rd Nov. I never knew that cesarean would be this much painful :( so try maximum for vaginal birth. keep yourself active. go for walking min 45mins. do pelvic floor exercise without fail. take care dear

thanks for the advice charu. iam already taking 5-6 small meals in a day. doing walking for 4 km daily. rest just keeping positive.

thanks for the advice subha. God bless you and your baby.

Hi ashima, I was 84kg in d beginning of my second pregnancy... My do told me too to be careful n not eat unnecessary fattening stuff.. Since she said if I cross 100 by the end of my pregnancy it wud b very difficult for me post delivery... Also I would feel extremely uneasy during the last phase... Luckily my baby was a diet baby, I would throw up on even looking at oily food, I also became a veggie, and could just throw up if I ate anything heavy at night... Surprisingly I was 84 just before the delivery... And my baby was a healthy baby... Wd 3.6kg weight... I would say go with Wat ur doc is saying

thanks preet jyot.

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