My baby is 1month old. But my nipples still pains a lot while feeding.. Der is also no Crack on d nipple.. It becomes very difficult to feed her. Kindly advice.

put some coconut oil init will become soft. before going to feed the baby ,drink hot water and keep hot water cloth on your Brest for 3 to 4 mins. it will help to milk come easily so baby will get milk easily.

Hi,applying pure ghee on the nipples is the best thing

i m also in 9 month, my doctor teach me the breast care by this method nipples creates properly and no pain occurs at the time of breast feeding

Nidhi Neema what did your doctor taught you? can't get you. breast care in the sense what it is? massage or latching ways of baby or what it is. could you pls explain. cos I'm having sore nipples and I'm feeding my baby using breast shield

Subha you can use Nipcare ointment on your nipples after you fee and before the next feed please wash it with warm water and do not use soap. this will reduce the pain cracks etc and u will feel comfortable while feeding. I used it as per my Dr's advice and it did help.

thanks Prithvi. will try that

regularly apply little breastmilk to the nipples and also let them air. make sure your bra/top isn't damp for long. don't stop feeding.

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