I have 3 Month old baby also feeding her. and I have weakness after feed and night time also.i have sufficient breast milk.. what to do with weakness can any one suggest..

breastfeeding mothers must consume a nutritious diet, as production of milk consumes calories. plus you are spending energy taking care of your baby.
in addition you should be on iron and calcium medication. try get some rest during the day when baby is napping. eat small healthy frequent meals. once you feel better add half an hour of walking to your routine, it will energize you.

thanks I am taking iron and calcium but my breakfast time is 10.30. and I can't take rest day time.becoz m staying alone with my husband.and doing freelance work.

Oh I've been in your place. what helped me was a lot planning. you must try to grab an hour of sleep in the daytime. another thing was following a schedule for me and baby.

thanks doctor...after taking rest I feel so relaxed... thanks a lot

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