Hi everyone.. I have 3 months old milk is very liquid , she is not satisfied with that.she will be hungry very soon.. please suggest me.

keep feeding on demand

Hi Monisha. Don't worry and keep feeding your child when she demands. Here are signs to watch out for to ascertain that your baby is getting enough milk.

Here are the ways you'll know:

Your baby gains an ounce a day in the first three months of life and half an ounce a day from age 3 to 6 months. (Newborns will typically lose some of their birth weight in the first few days before gaining it back.) Your baby should be back to his birth weight by ten to 14 days after birth. Weight gain is the best evidence that your baby's gettingenough milkIn the first month, your baby has at least three stools a day and they lighten to a yellowy-mustard color by the fifth day after birth. After the first month, the stools become less frequent. Some babies will even go a day or two between stools.Your baby nurses frequently (every two to three hours), for a total of at least eight feedings a day.You hear him swallow and you sometimes notice milk in the corners of his mouth.Your baby appears healthy and active.Your baby wets seven or eight cloth diapers a day, or five to six disposables. Disposable diapers are more absorbent, making it hard to tell when one is wet. If you're not sure, take one off and compare its weight to a dry disposable. A wet one will feel slightly heavier.

you take ghee and thick fresh curd in your diet and that will also help her.

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