14 Years of a Happy Marriage with Trust, Love and Friendship.
What is her Secret to all of this? Find out in our AMA with Mom Star, Sheeba Rizvi.
She will answer your queries on
* How and why is it important to communicate with your spouse?
* How to build and maintain trust with others over time?
* How to maintain a healthy relationship and keep the magic alive?
* How to look at relationships with a more positive approach?
* What are some easy tips to simplify the 21st century marriages?
Date: 14 February
Time: 3 - 5 pm
Everyone deserves a Happily Ever After. Find out how with Sheeba.
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Excited Sheebaa!!!!

Have to join🤗

Yayyy waiting for the love guru's session 😘😘😘

I'm so excited to see you all tomorrow 😍😀

Ask all your questions now!!!

I'm here moms feel free to ask me anything ☺

Thank you sheeba for your time!!

My question is 14 years together. What is the most important thing that keeps the bond strong. ? Is adjustment key and how do we ensure marriage is a partnership

How to maintain love charm in relationships or avoid fight,; disputes? What's the secret?
women should be independent economically if both are earning good?

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Very good question Priya Sood...the most important thing to maintain your relation good listening ability trust and take responsibility of your actions...we never judge anyone and if one of us is wrong at any point we accept it...we never break communication

How to maintain good relationship nd avoid argument

nancy singh Sonam patel Shruti Giri; Ujjwal Mishra(SuperMommy); Kritika Lall Priyanka Maheshwari@Momzjourne Divya Amit Jain; Nasreen Mansoor; Nazeema Shaheen; ritu singhal; Nisha Dayal; Dhara Popat; fameeda unnisa; Kamalini Rao manvi bhandari; suchismita patro; Mrs Chhoker; Madhavi Cholera Rakhi Puri (beautyofmommying); Meghna Tailor; Goddhuli Dube; Sheeba Vijesh; Neha Vij; Ellora Mohanty Biswal; Jenitha Santhosh; Sonam patel

; Parul Johari Nilofer shaikh

Jigna giving time to each other is very very important no matter how busy your day was but never avoid your loved ones...compliments is a must...try to avoid fight and never allow ego take place...agree to we all have different perceptions.....well it's good that if woman is economical independent it helps to solve many issues n build confidence

jyothi raj good listening and giving respect to each other's points are the secrets of maintaining the relation.....sometimes argument is necessary but should be healthy without ego or superior issues

But should working wife gives all her salary to her husband?;

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Very good question Jigna

Thank you sheeba

No not all its completely upto you and your hubby should respect your decision Jigna

Thanks sheeba.

Parina Jain; Kiran K; nazia Siddique
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Hi Sheeba Rizvi
What should be done in case where you give up your financial independence for the happiness and stability in your new family but whenever expenditures like bearing the exp of the first baby and stuff comes you are expected to adk your parents to bear it just because your in laws bore their daughter's exp.
I am against pulling my family's financial help.; Isnt that they have already done so much.
Husband is neutral. Doesn't tk any side but deeply feels that's what everybody does. First child at the girl's parent's exp. Highly pissed off. This is the first time that me and husband are at logger heads that too for this.

Hi how do u be like a couple as u were before baby . How to u get the same space time and love back it important to have common likes. At times I feel there should be but then I feel it becomes interesting with different interests. How to manage different personalities

Right nilofer
I think woman should be independent economically.
I have to face sometimes problems due to that but I don't give up on that matter.
I never demand anything from husband and helps him whenever needs but; Now he expects from me to give up financial independence
Like I have to take money from him then purchase and given reason for that. I don't like that at all.

Nilofer shaikh this is really sad I can completely understand how you feel in such situations but you should talk to your hubby regarding this as it's the matter of mutual understanding.Never keep your feeling with you only shout out and show it to your hubby and try to take step wisely...again I would say never ever put your ego to take to them with your heart everything thing will b sort out dear loads of love n power to you😘

hi how we maintain our relationship as there is no chance for any complains from both side? after 7 yr of mrg nd two kids, is it possible to live like as we live some yrs ago?

Hi Foram K Modi some facts need to be accepted as soon as possible and this is one of them...we can't be the same after baby but if we understand each other; and take responsibilities we can get the love back as love still there once it comes it never go back only time and patience required

Priya Sood it's pretty fine to have different likes as I told above the beauty of the relation is agreeing to's even more powerful bonding I would say coz you are open to live with your own personality without any pressure.;

Sheeba how do we bring balance in other relationships such as friendships? Once the baby comes in your priorities become a little different , how do we ensure that our friends (who don't have kids our their own) don't feel bad if we can't make it for social meet ups

Hiee Sheeba Rizvi ,, my que is for the relationship of mine with my MIL.
She is damn helpful and loves me a lot.
The problem is all the the time her tactics to do kitchen chorus (she is masterchef)
Ye mat dalna, wo mat dalna thoda masala jada masala etc.(even I'mgood in the kitchen too but she has a good experience naa)
It gets me irritated!!!!
What to do I thought my this expressions goes to my child also so how can I deal with my this emotion.

Hey# Sheeba.... grt topic
hw to maintain peace of our relationship while being a mom ...struggling through ur career.. job preparing...n in laws interference..... these all are affecting my mood n hence my love life.....he is too introvert to take an initiative.. n i felt too tired or too captured

Madhavi Cholera dear complaints arguments fights these all are common and very much okay bcz it helps to keep it alive but should not go beyond the limits and never loose respect and trust....mine is 14 years but still we are more or less same as before bcz certain things I accepted which is not going to change....we do have arguments but I usually keep mum at the moment and leave the place...I try to make him realise about his tone the issue where he was wrong and that time he himself realises too

Hi sheeba my question is How and why is it important to communicate with your spouse? And what all things are important to maintain a good relationship after baby?

Thank you Sheeba Rizvi

Is it important to give money to husbands parents even though they are earning?

Sumira Bhatia when we get married our compromises starts from day one we can't deny this any how there's no bigger relation than our are our responsibility our life and true friends do understand it they can come to your place engage with your kids have fun's not that you have go out for social meet ups...

Hi Sheeba Rizvi ,how does one deal with over commanding hubby and one who wants all things his way.

Hi Sheeba Rizvi . After hving baby, our priorities change. Nd not able to get much time with hubby. How to maintain that same bond in our relationship,so that everything goes well. Sometimes due to lack in our comunication time it seems frustating sonetimes that we are not able to give time to each other

Parul Johari hey what to say yaar I'm sailing in the same board😁thought she loves me like her daughter but she was the only lady at home bfr my marriage so it's difficult for her to leave her place....same situation I was facing in my starting days and used to get irritated but who was at loss...only from that day I started asking her only if this much is fine or not or what to make in lunch or dinner etc etc 😂 woh bhi khush ayr main bhi OK ok😀 sometime you can tell her mumma let's try some new recipes so she won't be involved or if your hubby like the way you cook you can tell her mumma he said make it like this....dear life itself is a lesson keep calm n tackle it wisely your inner happiness is most important to bring up a happy to you

Radha priya thanks....I understand your situation dear...the only funda to cope up with such situations is to give your 100% at a place....when with kid don't think anything else but you need your baby....when concerning with career give your 100%to work on it take out 1 hour at least for it...we can't do much for mils interference so don't take it on your heart let it be....give your 200% to your spouse coz he is your strength...

Thank u sheeba...💝

Thanks Sheeba 💕

Yogini Kandre hi dear😊 communication is a only bridge in any relationship if stop communicating we will surely loose the essence of the relationship...mode of communication can be varied...say eg. You can make notes for him...or do cook his favourite dish or wear his the dress which he likes the most on you and so on....but never break it coz cold war is really pathetic and worsen then situation...respect eachothers decisions,allow to put points,listen to them patiently,understanding,; help each other in household chores ,trust and honesty are some important things to maintain your relationship even after the baby.

Sheeba.. awesome session...; is respect more important or love in a relationship

Thank you so much Sheeba ❤❤

Hi Nazeema Shaheen ..good question 😀 it's difficult to deal with them when they are on their toe but once he gets down then communicate with him politely and make him understand that you will be more happy if he allow you to do the things by own

Awesome tips Sheeba Rizvi

manvi bhandari dear it happens with everyone you to fixed your timing according to your baby as it's your first priority.Secondly if you are living with in laws let them look after your baby for sometime and you finished your other houses works or do your work when your baby asleep. Try to keep yourself completely free when Hubby comes so you get ample of time together. Getting frustrated is not the solution but worsened the things. Keep the intimacy alive as it is important therapy of a happy married life😊

This is a hypothetical question... should one marry the person they love or the person that loves them most?

shalini a big's your money you should spend as you want....for their respect you can give them some part of it but not the entire salary.

Thank u so much Sheeba Rizvi . We are staying nuclear means only me, hubby nd baby. Hubby goes to offc at 8:45 nd come back by 8:30 around. I usually finished my house chores before hubby comes. But still dint get much time with him. After that dinner thn again baby needs come. Still i try to manage to spend some time with hubby. But its not happening nd feels like where our love has lost😠

Priyanka Maheshwari@Momzjourne million dollars question dear😉of course respect....if you respect someone love can take place but if you don't have the respect love is as good as nothing

Priya Sood one should marry a peron who loves them not the person they love it matters a lot....

To what extent one should go ahead to fulfill your partner's dreams..

manvi bhandari your love is there only you need to find out again 😉do engage your hubby with your baby's work....try to be together and keep sharing whole days funny things but avoid heavy talks as he may not be interested after a tiring day...go for a walk daily at least for 30 pamper yourself it's a must we shouldn't neglect ourself...all the best😊

Richa Chowdhary there's no limit dear if you live your partner's dream you must go at any possible extent to fulfill it.

Sheeba Rizvi thanks.. m in big fix on one particular decision I have to take.. let's see..

Thank you so much for asking such amazing thought provoking questions I hope my answers will helpe you to tackle the married life wisely with love care trust.. I'm sorry if at some point wasn't able to satisfy to your needs. Over all an awesome session I enjoyed a lot...thank you Baby Chakra Priya Sood Khushboo Chouhan for giving me such you all❤❤

All the best dear Richa Chowdhary 👍

So good to see your chat session.. this shows that u are really a super wife ,a super sweet mom and a super duper human.... Luv u Sheeba Rizvi

Priya Sood
I think person should marry to those who love her.
So he make efforts to keep her happy.

Thanks a billion dear Ankita Popli I was missing you😘😘

Yes Jigna that's what I said it make for happy life marry with those who loves you its very practical thing😉

Thank you so much Sheeba Rizvi; for an awesome session. Happy Valentine's day to us all

I missed the session 😣

Thanks Sheeba Rizvi 😚

Awwww Kritika Lall you can always give me a loud shout😍😍

😱😱😱😱 m also miss this...😢😢

😘😘😘 Sheeba Rizvi

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