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This live QnA is a little different. This live QnA is all about taking care of your little one's beautiful pearly whites. Dental/ Oral care is really important and as a mom, we should take care of baby's teeth since the beginning. Our expert Dr. Diksha Batra will be there on the app to solve all your queries.

Date: 15th Feb, Thursday

Time: 1pm to 3pm

Topic: Teething Troubles no more

Designation: BDS, MDS, FICOI

Some of the sample questions are:

1) When should I start brushing my baby's teeth and what should I use to clean baby's teeth?

2) Which is the best tooth paste for my child?

3) At what age should we bring our child for their first dental appointment?

4) What is a good diet to take care of their dental health?'

5) Can thumb sucking or sucking soothers cause problems?

6) Is it important to fix the cavities in the milk teeth of children?

7) What should I do if my child falls and knocks out a permanent tooth?

8) How to prevent the kids from grinding their teeth at night?

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Ask your queries moms!!!

Thank you Dr Diksha Batra

Hi mam...; my daughter is 11 months old n her lower tooth has got cavity. Its a superficial starting of cavity. Doc said coz of milk it happened. My question is now what can i do so that it stops there n then n doesn't spread more or doesn't become deep . I am brushing her teeth twice daily with finger brush n toothpaste for kids with flouride . Also, she takes night feed. So do i need to wipe her mouth everytime she feeds. She still takes at 4 feeds at night and doesn't open her mouth for wiping.

Dr Diksha Tahilramani Batra

Hello mam, my son who s 11 months has just one upper teeth so far. Is it fine.. consulted his peadetrcian , suggested for finger brush . My query is how do I rinse his mouth after brushing and one teeth in 11 months.. is it ok??; Also he takes night feeds.. so what are the precautions to keep in mind during his teething time to prevent from any type of cavities..

@priyankamaheshwari you’re doing everything you can already which is great! cleaning and wiping her mouth after feed is very important so keep doing it.i would not recommend any treatments at such a young age just observation good habits and eventually slowly weaning of the feeding at night as she gets older

shobhna khandelwal 11 months is an age to keep clean and observe wiping with a Muslin cloth in the night post his feed is a good measure u can start with night feeds should be limited slowly

I can see slight brownish color on baby's tooth. He brushes twice a day. What can that be? Also when can toddler boy brush on his own?

Hope this answers your query shobhna khandelwal Priyanka Maheshwari also ensure that bottle feeding is limited it leads to baby bottle decay a disease common among toddlers breast feeding is ok but if bottled milk then no sugar or sweeteners

Hello mam my baby is three months of now I just clean her mouth with a soft damp cotton the morning after daily I need to take any other care for her oral hygiene as of now ? When does teething start coz already I feel her gums to be very rigid and sometimes I feel a biting sensation on my nipple while feeding her..

My 10 months old son doesn't allow me to clean his mouth..His tongue remains yellow at times. He has 2 lower teeth
Feeding has reduced to a big extent

How to clean cavity from my teeth

Hi Dr Diksha Tahilramani Batra,; can teething starts in completion of 5months? Last 2 days, kiddo is doing; pottie(greenish liquid ) frequently.
Also, I have started given 2 spoons of top up bottle milk in last 2 days in night time only. Is it sign of teething or top up milk digestion issue?

teeth problems Hi mam, my kid is 8 months old. She started sucking her fingers from the age of 4 month. Till now she didn't stop. Moreover she will even suck her finger during sleeping times also and after the breast feeds. My question is how can I stop her from sucking and will it affect the teeth placement.

@pallavi Shrivastava cavities need to be diagnosed first and can be cleaned by removing the decay and filling it with a tooth coloured material earlier cavities were treated by drilling but now we use lasers and silver fillings have been replaced by tooth coloured materials where you can’t even tell that a filling has been done

Hello mam, my baby is 18 months old. I m brushing her teeth with mee mee flouride free toothpaste. But she just swallow the toothpaste with saliva i guess nd wats to run plain brush on her teeth. Is it ok?; Also, when we should first consult the dentist? How to clean babys tounge after milk feeding. In night she takes top milk from bottle without sweet. Is it necesary to brush after night feed? Once in a while is chocolates ok for baby tooth to hv?

Anuradha Kapoor Handa it is a challenge to clean your toddlers teeth the idea is to do your best by using the right equipment a finger brush would be best to clean his teeth and Tongue 2 lower teeth at 10 months is a bit slow but no cause for concern Good job on reducing the feeding

Hi mam... my 23 months old daughter's having bad smell in her mouth... we brush daily in the morning but the smell is not gone mam...

Dr my daughter is 9 months old but she has yet not developed any teeth

Hello ma'am,
My baby is 3 n half month old
He is dropping saliva from mouth and continuously sucking and chewing his fingers. He is also refusing breastfeed. Is it sign of teeting? Wht can i do to make him feed and also reduce his sucking practice??? Plz suggest.

Hello mam my son; us 2 years; old but his teeth; not per

sweta bajaj main oral care starts of after teeth erupt between 6-8 months do not worry if this eruption is delayed a bit kids get teeth upto 2 years. Teething can start early also if you are feeling rigidity but she’s not complaining yet then no cause for concern Signs of teething are redness in the area,itching which she will not be able to communicate so she maybe cranky and in severe teething the child may even develop fever

hello mam my baby is 8 months old and still she has not got any tooth

#teethproblems Hi Doci Dr Diksha Tahilramani Batra Ma'am my almost 4 month old daughter has lower incisors since birth. Now they have started to grow in size,do i need to do anything specific for her tooth care?how can i brush her teeth at this age? And is it necessary? Will a normal bpa free teether good for her and wont harm her existing teeth? Ps: She is exclusively breastfed from past 2.5 months. She has some whitishness in her gums,is it sign of teething?

@ Priya Sood how old is your baby ? Brown stains can be due to multiple reasons be it supplements,diet,or even cavities a regular dental checkup every 6 months can help u figure the reason and eliminate the stains A child can brush on his own once you think he’s confident this can happen at different ages depending on the maturity and personality of the child but u should supervise till you are convinced they’re doing a good job

My baby is one month old.; How should I clean her mouth?; She is not allowing to do anything inside her mouth.

#TeethProblems Hi Dr. My baby boy is 5 months old now. When can he having his teeth? What precaution we have to do at that time?

Hi.. my son is 11 month old still no teeth hs cum.. wat needs to b done?? I m worried

Hello mam i hv a doubt that sanvi becomes 12&half month old but still nt hv a single it thing for worried??
Should i go for checkup or its fine baby girl is 9 months old...she has 2 lower teeths month back only those tiny cuties poped out..she was feeling little uneasy used to wake up in the midnght and cry just before 3-4 days teethes were poped and when those came out she was u suggest something so that she could feel some soothing effect.pls help

Hello Dr.. my baby is 10months old & started teething..his lower Half tooth has come, he always keep sucking his fingers & touches it with his tongue.. It it ok or does it cause problem in getting proper shape.

Kiran K yes teething can start at 5 months. I have just described the symptoms of teeth to sweta bajaj query. Do let me know if you kid is having those symptoms

Hi mam
My baby is 4 and half month old and he is first baby.... He is always biting his finger and everything he take to his mouth... Is it sign of teething? How should I know he is getting teeth? What are the symptoms?

Hi mam meri daughter 1.5 year old hai usko Teething start hai , kabhi kabhi usko fever b ho jata hai, Teething k wajah s wo kuch ache s khati nhi hai, main usko kya do Jo uski Teething ache s ho jaye aur wo khana b khaye

Aur mam mera ek aur question bhi hai , babies k liye toothpaste kab s start karna chaiye

Devika Gupta baby can toothpaste when u can ensure they’re not swallowing too much and you are supervising them so as early as 1 year

Hi Dr., I read the comments as suggested. There is no fever, no crankiness, no redness. I just see little white area, seems to be a teeth coming but not sure. Apart from this, as usual she puts everything in her mouth.

@devika Gupta you can use a teething gel homeopathic or allopathic a very popular one is bonjela gel for toddlers home remedies also work like honey and glycerin

@asha it’s normal for him to be taking his fingers and pretty much everything in his mouth he’s trying to get to know the world and usually kids identify with the mouth you will know teething has started if he is unusually cranky, change in his appetite and eating patterns,increase in salivation,redness in the area,you may also see redness in the lower gum area as these teeth come first 4.5 months is a bit eatly but it does happen approximately 6 months u can expect teething

Sowmya Prithvi (sonu) pls refer to asha answer same for your child don’t worry about touching occasionally with tongue or finger but u should try and identify a particular habit if is continuously sucking his thumb for few hours in a day or if u see his tongue pushing against teeth all the time again few hours atleast then he may be developing tongue thrusting or thumb sucking

Hello Dr Diksha Tahilramani Batra! I have a few questions regarding my kiddo's (15 month old boy) pearly whites:
1) We are using finger brush for him but he's keen on using toothbrush. When's the right time to start?
2) Which toothpaste is best for a kid who is just learning to brush?
3) My kiddo has just 6 teeth (4 upper jaw and 2 lower jaw) which he got at one year and after that nothing. Is there a problem?
4) We are not giving him any calcium supplements. Is it required?
5) How often should his teeth be cleaned? We are doing it only once in a day presently.
Thanks in advance.

@Nishi @minaxi
Do not worry the first teeth come into the mouth from 6-10 months. It’s absolutely normal if she hasn’t got any teeth yet but check her gums with your thumb you might feel some lobules which are the teeth that will soon erupt. Delayed eruption occurs in some children and it is no reason to worry. After about ten to eleven months you can get her checked if you see no changes, however she should have some development by then.

@Durga it’s rare to notice bad breath in a baby that young u should consult the pediatrician as well for any gastric issues From a dental perspective
Try to keep her mouth clean using a wet gauze and use a thumb brush to clean her tongue. Debris on the tongue could also be a cause of bad breath. Try and keep a check on her diet. Make sure she’s eating healthy and green vegetables. You can also ensure enough water intake to maintain her hydration another common cause of bad breath

Hi ... I need to know what all teeth does a 10 year old lose

The first teeth arrive between 6-10 months. No particular precautions except keep the mouth clean using a sterile piece of gauze. Teething signs such as fever are common but there’s nothing to worry.based on his symptoms u can just keep a teething gel handy with u or a home remedy as mentioned above

How to ensure that the new teeth coming in are all of the same length ... Any dental product or exercise

ok thanks Dr. 😃

Which is the best toothpaste for kids

mamata before this age was your baby feeding normally is it a recent development then it could be because of teething also you don’t need to worry about the sucking till it is for a couple of hours.also home remedies for preventing sucking can start at a later age

Merline- use a sterile small piece of gauze or muslin on your finger and clean the inside of the mouth. You will have to try when your baby is tired and about to sleep to pry open the mouth and clean, it is extremely important to keep the mouth clean. Also it’s more important after he gets teeth to keep the teeth clean you can wait a few months till he’s more cooperative

Zegna Fayas how old is your child toothpastes come in 2 main types below 5 years and above based on fluoride content many popular brands like chicco pigeon Colgate oral b but for kids below 5 years just ensure they’re not swallowing also the fluoride content should be less than 500 ppm

Kamna DesaiAt you don't need to worry about the length of the date they will align themselves as the child grows this is just a question of time also if your child is above the age of nine or 10 is when you need to come in for an orthodontic consult for the alignment of the teeth

My kiddo age is; 4 n 2 yrs

#teethproblems Hi mam, my kid is 8 months old. She started sucking her fingers from the age of 4 month. Till now she didn't stop. Moreover she will even suck her finger during sleeping times also and after the breast feeds. My question is how can I stop her from sucking and will it affect the teeth placement.

If your child had incisors at birth, these teeth are called neonatal teeth and usually cause some discomfort to the child’s tongue and mother while breast feeding, get your child checked by a dentist just to make sure there is no problem being caused by these teeth present. These two teeth are usually extra and not part of the usual teeth that erupt at the age of ten months. You can Keep the mouth clean with a sterile gauze and a thumb brush. Check if the gum whiteness can be cleaned with a brush or better to show a dentist u can also send a picture

For all you moms

Smita Apte Tamhankar what u described is a typical teething signs these settle as soon as the teeth come use a soothing gel like bonjela or glycerin to soothe her and chewing on something also makes them feel better

Sangeeta(musicalmomy) 12.5 months is a bit late better to get it checked

@kiran k don’t worry many kids do that at this age just wait and observe she will use her mouth to identify with the world and her surroundings so wait and watch approach

What all teeths does a child lose ?? Even cuspids and all molars ?

@manvi @manvi

preferable shift to a fluoridated Children’s toothpaste, for kids under 5 years with less than 500 ppm fluoride and brush her teeth yourself. You can take her for a check up to the dentist. It’s always a good idea to start early in order to find any isssues arising. Use a baby tooth brush these have a small head and can fit easily in your child’s mouth. Use a small quantity lesser than the size of a pea and make it flat on the brush, then brush her teeth yourself. Children do not have control or dexterity at this age to brush themselves, hence you will have to do it till they are old enough to control the brush. A good way to check that is when they start tying their own shoelaces. That is when they can start brushin. On their own.
It is extremely important to clean after feeding. Avoid leaving the bottle in the mouth for too long. Especially at night. Occasional Chocolates are okay but inculcate a rinsing habit after eating sweets.

Madhuri dont worry at this age it’s ok but you will have to start with small home remedies like applying Karela juice or something bitter applied on the thumb or putting a bandage on the finger which she sucks so that the habit is discouraged and doesn’t become permanent you can wait till she’s a year or so and after that start these techniques

Kamna Desai yes all 20 milk teeth including incisors canines premolars and molars get replaced

@kartik kujur 1.if your kid is ready to use a brush good time to start under supervision use a soft kids brush so you can brush his teeth and let him take over with time 2.many brands available important is to use something fluoridated for children below 5 years also flavors help in making it more palatable 3.he seems to be delayed in his pattern of eruption refer to the pic i sent a while back 4.consult your pediatrician regarding the supplements from a dental perspective no significant impact at this age 5.try putting him in the habit of twice a day

Hi all hope we managed to answer all we will be putting up a summary of all our answers by tomorrow as most of you have similar concerns and we will add our tips on anything which we may have missed in this discussion

We do hope this was useful to you we have also written many articles regarding this subject we will share in the days to come

Khushboo Chouhan thanks for all the help and kudos to your team we are always available Incase anyone has queries and concerns

Thank you so much Dr Diksha Tahilramani Batra

Dr Diksha Tahilramani Batra thank you

Thank u Dr Diksha Tahilramani Batra

Dr Diksha Tahilramani Batra thanks a ton mam. Yes i only brush the baby. Nd use a very lil paste nd baby brush of mee mee. She doesnt like the taste of paste nd that just dissolves in it saliva. Is there any problem if she gulps that?

Thank you Dr Diksha Tahilramani Batra

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