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Writing for the first tym so thought of giving detail experience about my weaning story which other mom can relate & other moms can learn.

❤ weaning is a exciting tym for babies as they try new tastes.for me it was all about learning and experiment.

❤everymom must kip in mind while starting wid weaning.i.e ryt tym for weaning so wen is it ?? Its wen their head is sready and swallow their food most important wen they u signal that they r ready for weaning.

❤things to kip in mind: maing a schedule and kiping a track like what is served and tymimg wil help baby to learn the food habits. 3 day rule is vry much important u vl learn about allergy if any causing frm food.schedule makes u alert.

❤starting wid ryt food makes a easy way for u as well as for babies small stomach.initially start wid little and gradually u xan increase quantity. It should b smooth puree.using sterilized utensils is must.

❤so i started weaning wen my; boy completed his 6 months. First food for him was moong dal.which was pressure cooked till mashed. Then rice fruits and vegetables.

❤after month or two een u introduce each food by folloeing 3 day rule u vl get an idea abt likes nd dislikes most importantly allergy if any.

❤everything can be given to babies which is best for overall development.i tried all seasonal fruit. So far no problem wid any food.

❤ragi a superfood bt it is constipated one if u giv more than 2 or 3 better start wen baby is been introduced all food.i.e around start of 8 month is best tym for ragi to be me all baby will love tgis super gubbs fav is ragi porridge.

❤wen my bbay entered into 8 month i started givong him whatever was cooked for us..taking food before adding salt &masala. Making him sit wid a family while having lunch & dinner this way he vl learn food habits.let baby make mess bt this vl help them to learn..

❤wen baby is teething make sure that diet is calcium rich helps them to calm . My has got 8 teeth by god grace no problem as i gave calcium rich losse motion nothing..

I hope this vl help few mommies eho will start wid weaning..let me know if i cud help more.

Tip: baby imitate ù so what i can do is i open my mouth wide and tell him to do and he does😃 what i learned is; to feed a baby u need lot of patience.

❤Dance make faces become bacha and have fun while feeding u will njoy like anything..

Bachaa khush to maa khush😉

Hi renu
What food did you give for making it a; calcium rich meal.???

So helpful !!

Ragi , peas, paneer,chickpeas butter juice.

Very nice post renuka! Ur ragi point is spot on! I hv been telling so many moms this!!!

Thanks ma'am

Nice Renuka...

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