my baby is 40 days and I am irritated and frustrated with her crying and breastfeeding her all the time and pain in my c section which I am getting treated by doctor... what should I do? I want to enjoy this phase bt I am unable to.. rather all the time I am angry and frustrated..

Check whether feed is sufficient or not? if milk is not enough then baby will be fussy

what is average time to feed one month old baby... I often feel baby is not satisfied...

I'm facing the same problem :( my baby too always keeps crying :( he's 24days old.

@Ambreen feed should be for every 2hrs. You can say feed is sufficient if baby pees 10-12 times a day.

my baby pees 6 to 7 times a day ,,, I feed her every 2 hrs for half an hour or more, is half an hour OK??

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