Mother tongue -- I've always wondered at the coinage since it is the father's family's dominant language that the child picks up quickest. However, the trends towards speaking in our national Language Hindi has grown manifold over last few years. Kids generally talk in Hindi and not in their own regional mother tongues. Perhaps it's easier,; perhaps inter community matches and couples make families prone to speak in Hindi. The reasons are many. However, this #InternationalMotherLanguageday ,; let's start with teaching our kids to atleast speak their mother language -- even if the mom and dad have different regional languages to boast. It's in fact better for a child to be fluent in multiple languages. I myself speak four languages fluently and even read/write in them. What's your take mommies? #kolkatamoms #mothertongue #motherlanguageday #babychakrastories #earlychildhood

Kritika Lall Rebecca Prakash nancy singh (@the_foodswingss) Neha Vij Aditi Ahuja

My mother tongue is Hindi..i know English and Telugu other than that.. will try to teach my kid Telugu..😊
My hubby is half Bengali, so I understand bit of Bengali also 😁

Awesome Kritika Lall
We are losing touch with roots Big time and call me backdated OR stuff i have a thing for roots and culture. That's why I love people despite being progressive and successful, don't lose touch with their background. Means much.

My mother tongue is Marathi. But as our ancestors reside in Karnataka for ages we are very fluent in Kannada. Beside that I know Hindi and English.

My mother tongue is Punjabi and hubby's Gujarati.. we stay in Bangalore so Kannada is must.. English and Hindi is common at home.. now my son speaks English Hindi Gujarati and have just started Kannada at school.. only one left is Punjabi which he don't get to hear / listen much so not picking up.. though I don't know Kannada rest 4 I am good at..

Hello kritika how come you know Telugu?

Satarupa B Kaur so true..even I have a thing for roots yaar 👌 How much ever modern we become, we should not forget our roots 😊

Deepthi Darisa I studied btech from Hyderabad dear 😊

Hi!!...I am Punjabi so know Hindi, English and Punjabi and am trying to teach my daughter all languages well..also we have been staying in Gujarat for long so she has started picking up that too..I don't know why people who speak Hindi are sometimes looked down upon by people who are fluent in English...English is an international language which we need to learn but why not be proud of our own mother tongue and regional languages too.. awesome literature and work has been done in them too.. movies in regional languages are so popular... also a japanese, Chinese or French will learn English but are proud about their own mother tongue. Let's raise our kids in a way that they learn to get connected with their roots!!

Good to know the root

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