Breastfeeding tips for new moms
Breastfeeding is the most beautiful way of bonding that can exist between a mother and a child. But it comes with its own share of challenges for quite many of us. my breastfeeding journey has not been a smooth cakewalk till now but I learnt to cope with the issues. I would like to share some tips from my experience which if of any help to my fellow mommies I would be glad to share.
1. Initially my baby had latching issues from my left side so I started pumping from that side to maintain the supply. You can pump if initially there ate latching issues. Pls use a good quality manual or electric pump , I use pigeon manual pump but planning to use an electric pump soon coz it's faster and more efficient.
2. If the baby is satiated from one side I try pumping from the other side and saving it to feed her if m out or need a break sometimes 😊😊😊
3.sometimes when there is surplus I store the milk in milk storage bags ( I use pigeon breast milk storage bags) to save for rainy days when I may not have enough or have to be out for prolonged period. Many of our working moms can relate to it.
4. We generally get very good supply in mornings so we can feed the baby as well as express and store .
5. Keep yourself motivated to eat well and rest well so that you can ensure adequate milk for baby.
6. Don't get stressed as stress can affect ur milk supply profoundly.
Try listening to soothing music while feeding or expressing and maintaining a serene environment.
7. I try to latch the baby several times a day even if it's for a few minutes as this ensures adequate stimulation for us to produce milk. Effectively I do combination feeding by feeding directly as well as expressed milk from bottle.
8. Try talking and singing to the baby while you feed this ensures you both spend quality time together.
9. Sometimes my baby gets distracted while feeding these days so I dim the lights and feed her while singing to her or playing some good music. This way she focusses on feeding.
10. You can involve daddies by keeping expressed milk in bottle which they can feed to the babies once at night so that u can catch on some sleep and gear up for the next day 😜😝😛
11. Lastly have faith in urself that though it's a tough phase sometimes but you are determined to sail through it.
The views I have expressed above are entirely from my personal experience. But pls note every child is unique and so is every journey of motherhood so pls decide what best works for u and ur baby and enjoy this phase. Once weaning starts we are slowly gonna miss those good old breastfeeding days. So all the wonderful mommies out there happy breastfeeding and nurturing ur lil one...👍👍👍

Very useful

Thanks snigdha

Thanks for the tipd

Thanks Khushboo and vipra

Very useful

Good one. Thanks for the share. I started pumping and giving my baby.. Your share is great help.

How long you keep the expressed milk in room temperature? The paed said upto 6 hrs but few people say 2 and some say 4.

Hey Rebecca I keep up to 6 hours at room temp but as summer approaches I will keep up to 4 hours in fridge 24 hours

Rebecca Prakash in room temp can v keep upto 6 hrs?;

thank you so much for sharing these tips sweta! bookmarked!!!

Sneha Khandait Deshmukh check this.

Yes Merline Thomson

Thanks Rebecca Prakash for the helpful tips... Thanx for this post sweta bajaj

sweta bajaj how many ml s milk I can expect from 1 breast when I pump? Say for 20 mins.

@Rebecca hey dear for me it depends upon the time interval after which m expressing or feeding if let's say m expressing with a gap of 2-3 hours mostly I get 3-4 oz ie 90-120 ml approx from both breasts ( more from the right ) but like at night when the gap becomes longer like 5-6 hours I get around 6-7 oz ie around 180-210 ml again these volumes depend on my water intake rest food etc on bad days supply reduces and that causes me panic but I try to calm coz stress can reduce the supply even further. As long as ur baby is satiated with the qty u produce don't worry at all and keep feeding nd enjoying the time with ur precious lil one

Early morning I produce 100 ml in 1 breast in 25 mins. Night it reduces to 50 or 60 ml.

@Rebecca Ya this morning night variation happens with me too

Nice article...very helpful

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