Its a long post and i just want to brag my heart out here..
Though having a baby is a beautiful blessing but its tiring and irritating when you jist put your baby off to sleep and the baby wakes up again. When you just fed her and changed her diaper and she poops and is hungry again.
When she just doesn wanna sleep at nighy and is wide awake keeping me awake too.
When my breastfeed is not enough and i have to top feed her equally.
Its just been 15 days of motherhood and i keep reminding myself this too shall pass. I have no help except my jaapa maid who will go after a month. I dont know what i will do if i dont get a full time maid.
I am damn irritated. Dunnoe when will i get to sleep through the night again. I have my brother in law's marriage lined up. Baby will be too small. I hope i be a good mother and i am able to tackle her.
I lack patience which is very much needed when it comes to handling a baby.
God and friends please help me and keep motivating me so that i can handle my baby my kaira with all affection without getting irritated and frustrated..

Dear khushboo, every new mother here can relate to you! Every single word of yours is their story too,We can feel your pain please be strong, I shall pass too! Rebecca Prakash Neha Vij Neha Mani Mishra Priya Sood asha chaudhry

Hey khusbu,, don't worry dear this phase also pass just enjoy your time with baby whenever you get frustrated see her smile.. I m also in this phase and I want a long sleep but it's right now not possible so enjoy there is no other option...keep smiling,😃

khushboo pitti welcome to motherhood 😊😊😊 cool dear.. every new mom go thru this. don't worry much.. everything will pass very soon and u will be infact missing these days 😋 look at ur cute little daughter and forget all ur irritation .. lots of strength to u and love to the cute baby 😍😍😍

And thank god we have babychakra moms to help us and calm us in every phase 😊😊

Ohh khushboo pitti its d story of evry new mom.. Hv been thru.. Hv cried days n nights... Was so depressed.. Used to shout on evry1 whoevr used to gv any gyaaannn... Its tough but not impossible.. U will b a good modr.. Each one of us r.. Aftr so much pain got this butiful gft.. Cherish it.. Stay positv..

Rebecca Prakash Sneha Khandait Deshmukh ritu singhal

Khushboo read this post and comments.

Dear Khushboo, life won’t be tough like this always . Trust me. This is the time to stand up or break. Baby chakra is here that won’t surely let you break. So stand up and say “ I am strong” and “life is beautiful “. It’s just 15 days , in few days when child will start activities, you will be surprisingly and thankfully asking God - oh God, have I created this beautiful creature?, you won’t take eyes off the baby and start enjoying. Motherhood comes with its own blues but that is also to test your patience and tolerance as a mother. We all have been thru this. Some even thru worst situations than this. When kids can’t latch properly, when they are unwell , when are colic, when they are insomniac! But trust me after every difficult phase that passes, we just say- oh that was so easy than the current one :) As a mom try to be cheerful Coz a happy mother is all a child needs :) hugs to you

Ahhh.... Khushboo dear it's my story too...I am passing through the same situation sometimes it's really new mommies we really need strength....

Hugs and Love to you khushboo💞
Trust,we have been there,while it seems it Forever,It wont last for long! Let me share this beautiful video which i kept on watching and it gives me a sense of satisfaction somehow!
While Rehu showed signs of good sleep at 6 weeks but i guess,i used to freak out when she slept for 4-5 hours straight and couldnt sleep because i was constantly thinking of feeding her. And because she falls in least percentile weight wise,i always had this fear that she is not getting enough. So all your worries and concerns are normal. I had hard time coming out of that guilt of not able to fill her tummy. I always thought,i am missing something,but gradually you get equipped with mommyhood tools and skills and will settle down with each other. Give yourself 6 weeks time atleast and things will start getting better. Acceptance is the key,try and sleep in afternoon when the baby sleeps and take it as if you are working in night shift. Make feeding fun,i used to reply to questions on babychakra,would take time to shop for her in night time feedings. Have somebody accompany you like your mom or if you have full time maid. Give yourself a treat for taking care of your baby like a monkey keeps his baby close. Keep something to munch on close to you,i had peanuts,dates,figs,fennel seeds,fox nuts,panjeeri,gondh laddoo and other items,i buy from snackible,they have awesome almond fudge bar,protein bars and all. It gives me something to look forward to while feeding in night. I would chat with my mom during night feeds somedays. Sometimes my husband would be up making suggestion on what can we do for her to sleep. Things will definitely get better. All the best and i would say enjoy feeding in night and nap in the daytime. Have somebody handle the baby during day time when you want to sleep. I felt if she was sleeping besides me,i wasnt able to sleep. So once she fell asleep,i will ask my family members to take her in their lap and keep comforting her until you sleep at a stretch for 2-3 hours. It helped me,might help you too! Happy feeding gurls 💞

Khushboo,do watch it on facebook page ' every parent needs to watch this video', search by this,i somwhow unable to share it outside facebook!

Thanks all you lovely moms.. its our story.. i am not alone.. i cried my heart out finally out of frustration in front of my family. They tried their best to comfort me with their words and tried to encourage me but end of the day its me who has to take the call.. take it or break it.. i am a very weak person so cant think of handling her with confidence. However, i will try my best to cope up with all the challenges i have to face with courage. I hope i do well. There may be times when i feel depressed or upset n i know i can vent it here or to my hubby. My hubby gets very angry when i cry sayinh you have all the facility still you are not confident, think about those who dont have.
Dont know, i hope i do well in the coming months and finally catch up some peaceful sleep soon!

You will khushboo! You two will make great Duo, mommy and girlie..Gurl power to you..we are the power puff two will Rock ✌

You know when pregnant ladies worry about their weight, baby s weight, stretch marks, gestational diabetes etc Im like "wait till you deliver.. The real problem starts then" 🤣

You know Becca,my friends used to say your life is going to change,just enjoy this prego phase. I had NO IDEA back then what it means. And now i give the same advice!! 😨

Well my story is just the same.. I can't differentiate between night n day as my lil fellow sleeps at 4 in the morning despite being tired n yawing..the other day I was so tired I didn't talk to him while changing his diaper.. he is avoiding eye contact since then😣 How can Sm1 so young understand facial expression n feelings.. I feel guilty; ..have been pleading :(..No change in his behavior.. talks to Dadi n papa.. smiles hearing my voice but doesn't make an eye contact

khushboo pitti

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Hi khushboo u have got the best advice ever! We all have been there. My child is 10.5 yrs old and i still lose it and wonder if i m too hard on her! The first two months are the hardest in terms of bf, sleep, diapers and getting used to each other! In certain ways it gets easier. But at each milestone u will face new challenges. And guess what - u will shine thru ! Hugs ur way. Read rebecca's post link and my comments on it. Tc. We are all here for u.

Neha Vij This was just required,thanks for posting gurl 👏

ritu singhal 🙏🏽, we all are sailing in the same boat dear. I believe once you become a parent, till your last breath - you are worried and concerned for your child - from infancy to toddlerhood to childhood to teenage and doesn’t stop till you are alive :)

Neha Vij absolutely! My mom cant stop fretting over littlest of things for us Still! Duh..Moms will always be Moms irrespective of their childrens age!!

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