I am here for you. #IAmHereForU
This one is dedicated to each one of u - expecting, new & toddler moms. Every stage of momhood is overwhelming for every mom, including myself.
I am 46 years old and i have one child - a daughter who is 10.5 years old. I live in a nuclear family so am a hands-on mom. Like u, I have faced many challenges, some big, some small, but believe me, i managed to survive. Bf issues, engorgement, backaches, sleepless nights, baby's constipation, post partum depression that lasted a long long time, weight gain after losing all my pregnancy weight, weaning off the breast, losing my identity as a professional, losing my self confidence, being judged for giving up a successful career to look after my baby, etc etc etc
But i managed to overcome each hurdle along the way.
If i can, so can u. And u will too.
Momhood is overwhelming, but #IAmHereForU . So reach out to me when u are feeling lost. Reach out to me when u need to talk to someone. Tag me on ur queries. You are not alone in this journey. No matter how bad a phase u are going thru, u will come out of it. Because i know. Because i have been there.
There are no rights or wrongs in parenting. There are just perspectives, experiences & learnings. We all are struggling to be better parents. And we can do this together.
Pls love ur child, spend time with her/him and create wonderful memories together. That's my only advice :) much love to each one of u!
I am sharing a few pix of my journey so far.
Pls share ur #IAmHereForU post to show ur support for all the ladies on the app. And pls tag other ladies. We need to do this for everyone to be able to stay strong. Thank u.;

Lovely pics.. and amazing journey

And this is my fav pic. U wont believe it now my childoo wears these red crocs of mine!!!!

Comment image

Priya Sood Rebecca Prakash nancy singh (@the_foodswingss) Sonam patel Sheeba Vijesh Revauthi Rajamani ritu singhal Richa Kaushik Vidya Rathod Aditi Ahuja Sumira Bhatia pls post ur #IAmHereForU posts and tag more moms.

Thnx Richa Chowdhary pls post ur #iamhereforu story. We need to do this for all the new ladies on the app who need our support

Kritika Lall Nilofer shaikh Aru Akshaya Naresh Sneha Khandait Deshmukh Shipra Dang Kataria Merline Thomson Satarupa B Kaur Ujjwal Mishra(SuperMommy)

Rachita Choudhary Mrs Chhoker Anusha Priya Shruti Giri Neha Vij Neha Mani Mishra Mamatha Dilip Yogini Kandre Durga Salvi manvi bhandari pls post ur #iamhereforu foru stories

Posting soon!!! Such gorgeous pics!!!!!

Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa Dr.Dhanya Prajesh Kartik Kujur

Vow is the word!!...I can connect so well with all this...its a blessing to have you asha chaudhry; di!!..God bless u!!

God knows when will I grow up and be as responsible; as you are asha chaudhry will post soon😘

Such a beautiful post!!
The beauty of such experiential sharing is that one can directly connect with the person and know for sure that this is not some over-the-top pravachan article but a felt, lived, experienced; part of life and that someone is out there whom we can connect to!
Thanks for being there and letting us know;; "#iamhereforu"
Beautiful pictures!!!!

Aditi Ahuja not a day goes by when i m not grateful to be surrounded by amazing women of substance like urself who make this community so strong and meaningful! I will look fwd to ur post....

Wow lovely pics and wonderful journey. But with ini growing u looks more younger then before. U r my inspiration asha di. I dnt know why but few lines of ur post brings tears to eyes 👀 as i can totally relate to it. Will post my journey till now soon

Hugs to you asha chaudhry
This is so much needed at a time when I am already grappling with my own issues to take a break post delivery. I have my own anxieties that stem from my ambitions more than needs. Perhaps your post is a way of telling me that I can manage and not having an income Doesnt mean no freedom.; And yes I sincerely want to say #iamhereforu to Abhilasha Paul Parul Johari Kritika Lall as well.

Sure Asha di and thanks so much...You are looking so so pretty and you resemble one of my cousins. May God give you, Aarini and your family all the good things in life!!

Satyam Sharma Shiny Vincent Ramya chakri

I am so glad that we have you as the most strongest pillar 🙂

This is awesome asha chaudhry Di. Posting soon

What a beautiful initiative !! Loooovee this

asha chaudhry akka, super post !! U doesn't look like 46 and pics r beautiful 😍😍😍 ur words brings confidence !!!

This is so beautifully expressed..asha di..i love it to the core! Posting soon,Hugs! 💞

Woah awesome initiative, awesome pics asha Di

You're both so beautiful btw

Awesome di 😍

Thank you darling 😘 Satarupa B Kaur

Wow..very sweet I love ur post..n pics.😘😘😘

Beautiful pic asha chaudhry Di love your post😚

Rini is love❤❤❤
I so love this post .. I am bookmarking this one and will read it and go through the pictures whenever I am low ❤❤❤

amazing post dear, seeing these pics(some of them i have seen before) i feel like i'm looking back at memories 😀... yes, everything makes us stronger, and we come out of these challenges, thank you for the reaffirmation... love you dear....

Very beautifully written asha chaudhry di. You are the first person I followed on Babychakra and now I know why. You spread so much of positivity all around. I hope I can do my bit through this platform as well. 😊

I've joined babycahkra some days back only and I'm so happy that i did. All moms are very supportive and helpful. Thanks to asha chaudhry di that you tagged other people on my queries when i posted. I knew no one here but you tagged people and my queries were solved.

Such an awesome post..#Iamhereforyou to all the lovely ladies on the app..we are each other's support..:)

Lovely pics ,, love your posts...U are awesome in all things love you dear asha chaudhry ,, after started using this app u are the one who is always ready to help me.
Answered my ques.
Such a strong and inspirational word #iamhereforyou love to read this

Satarupa B Kaur sending my hugs to you....

I am on journey!! Will comment once i reach hotel!!
Dr. Praveen Singh

Lovely piece and lovelier pics! 😍

So cute pics 🤗😘

Naiyya Saggi do share ur #iamhereforu story. A lot of ladies might not know the story behind the story :)

When i read the post,,, PPD came to my mind!!! This is; The best thing one can do for PPD moms #iamhereforu
This is enough to encourage them to be strong in all odd times!!! Almost all moms in world undergo PPD in one or other way,,, but the environment around them should be positive enough to get them back to the normal stage.. not the negative impact over their depression.. You have beautifully explained the reality of post delivery state!!! And yes you are here for us always and forever!!! Thanx maa 😘

Awwww Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa u are here for every single one of us! Mwahs!

Beautiful pics Asha Chaudhry di !! I cried while reading your post & could feel every emotion...so beautifully written. Thank you so much for being here for us :)

Awww Dpt deepti hugs!!!

Wowww. ...I m in love with you

Hahah right back to u Mahi Gajwani ! Arre pls add a profile pic to ur profile naa!

Ohhhhh😣it got deleted..after updating..shittt will update now

I can see it Mahi Gajwani !!!

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