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So, now a days I have become an expert in suggesting and helping all the expecting and new moms in my family. My hubby is quite amazed with the things now I know.
●Few days back one of my relatives delivered. Baby was not able to suck. My mom shared this with me and I started with my gyan... "Ask her to get a breast pump and feed the expressed milk with spoon. Don't give bottle as baby is quite small and will lead to nipple confusion and so on"
My hubby was watching this but he didn't said a word as I too went through this and he was aware of these things.
●My SIL is expecting... Last month her amniotic fluid was low. Again mom shared this with me. And reading the replies by dr. shilpitha I very well know what does it means and what are the things to be done. Again I started my gyan and even I gave gyan to hubby on this matter. He just nodded his head and kept mum.
●After few days the same SIL felt low and had to rush to the hospital. Then they came to know about the low lying placenta. Again thanks to babychakra as I knew what does this means. My mom slipped the term and said something low...I don't exactly remember what she said. And all of a sudden I said acha low lying placenta... And started my gyan again😁😁
This time my hubby was looking at me with his eyes opened so wide... And said "I feel proud of you... you are using terms which once you were completely unaware of". And I was like "That's babychakra effect"

asha chaudhry; Priya Sood Neha Agarwal Naiyya Saggi; Sheeba Vijesh Roopashree Siddireddy Sumira Bhatia nancy singh (@the_foodswingss); Foram KModi (Slimpossiblediet) Amreen Priyanka Maheshwari@Momzjourne Sheeba Rizvi Shruti Giri Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa

hahahahahhaha superb post! sonam, i think we all have grown together on babychakra! in fact, i read all of dr shilpitha's comments so i learn more about the medical terms etc . plus so much has changed since i was pregnant - seriously!!!! i never counted baby movements and i didn't have an app :) stay awesome sonam - there are so many things i tag u for coz i know there are so many things u do uniquely and in the most reassuring way :)

Superb Sonam patel you have become expert

Very well done

asha chaudhry when I was pregnant I was not using the app...And trust me I have missed so many things which I should have known.
And yes I look for your tags... At the end of the day I might not be able to see all the queries... But I see the tags and make sure to respond to them. Its just sometimes when I miss the tags.

Richa Chowdhary still there are so many things I have to learn... I don't know everything. Its just there are some areas in which babychakra has helped me to expertise... And I guess everyone loves to give gyan na 😁

Soooo true Sonam

Truly said..even I was unaware about such things when I was pregnant... Thanks to babychakra my postpartum time went smoothly

Wahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is so so so awesome! Imagine if all our moms have this experience....this is fantastic

Ha ha ha ha.. even it too have this affect. Other in a mall i have started my gyan on some strangers who was carrying her 2 months old baby wrongly. Lovely writeup.

Btw - in real life, i too now give gyaan with more confidence!!! My childoo also comments "the babychakra effect" :)))

Haha. I have a friend who's also 7 months pregnant. I recommended her to use Babychakra but due to her work commitments she's not able to give much time on the app. But I give her a lot of gyan(obviously gained from BC) 😉 Few days back she commented "Tu toh aadhi doctor bann gaye hai". Hehe.
Plus my radiologist once asked me during the scans whether I am from medical background although I am an engineer. Thank you Babychakra and Sonam patel; for this post.🤗

Amruta Naik; so true... I too sometimes feels like wah... I m a paediatrician now... Hehe


So true..
Baby chakra has given awesome family to learn so many things.. thank you BC..

great 👍 sonam👍👍

So true! This is an amazing platform where we all can share information and we get to learn so much!

So we'll written .I agreeBaby chakra is an amazing platforms for sharing information and knowledge

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