Hello ladies.
I took my steroid injection for 2 days. So here are some points of experience which might help those who will get them in future.
1. Injection is quite painful and I wish doctor could warn us before hand. So that we are mentally and physically prepared. In my case i screamed at the person who gave me the shot in my case my poor hubby 😁 for a good 15 mins as pain was unbearable. All my injections are given by my hubby like tetanus and all. I thought he definitely did something wrong. He was like poor baby look at his face.
2. Recovered after an hour and pain was gone. Next day I felt my baby moving but a little less and this got me worried so much that whole day I was concentrating on movements and forgot to take proper meals and water in between. Result nice headache at the end of the day. Thank god baby started moving well by evening. Thanks ritu singhal for advising me to go for NST if anything abnormal.
Day 2 yesterday which was well prepared mentally and physically so it hurt less and but pained nevertheless. I was fine within half and hour and had a good night sleep as yesteeday whole morning I didn't even sleep properly.
So those who will take this in future please be prepared for pain and reduced foetal movements for period of time and keep your doctor informed regarding the same.
Thanx for reading.

It's so wonderful of you to share your experience for our moms here. Thank you dear. Take care

This is wonderful of you to share. Hats off to bear the pain.; You know it is for your little darling inside.;

Thanks for sharing your exp. I am a genuine fan of people who talk of experience. However i have 2 doubts: whats with steriod injection? And does everyone get it and why? And what is NST?

NST is non stress test and steroid injection are for lung maturity. Both of them will be prescribed by your doc if it's needed. I genuinely hope it's not needed for anybody☺

Oh my God my gynac is planning to give this one to me on 30th I suppose..he said that he will give an injection for baby's lungs! Thanks for sharing this dear.. 😊

Don't worry KritiVika I know you stress out but this is for your baby and rules out any non developmental issues of lung for baby. Have you opted for elective C sec too?

Don't worry Kritika be relaxed while taking the injection. I practised breathing and pain was down by 5 times. It's just that I wasn't prepared the first time. Also see the needle used for injecting should not be too thick..thin needle will be good.

I am glad you did the test and baby is fine! Much love and blessings to you and ur bun in the oven 😘Abhilasha Paul

KritiVika why have u been advised steroids for lungs maturity? Its only required if u r at premature delivery threat! Please clarify with ur doc..

Satarupa B Kaur no sata..but I guess doc will suggest me c sec only because of liver infection..

Abhilasha Paul hey at which spot this injection is given??

ritu singhal oh..I did not know this 😯..may be doc is planning for early C-Section because of existing chance of jaundice as I have liver infection called cholestasis..I asked him but he said we will see...I will ask him during next scan which is on 30th..

KritiVika Okay,how many weeks so far? Injection is given on bum.

33 weeks completed..but my baby's growth is lagging by 4-5 days.. so doc says 32 weeks.. ritu singhal

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