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Thinking of introducing solids to your baby? But the big question can be which foods to introduce, when and what to give? What should be included on a daily basis to ensure you give all necessary nutrients? Get all the answers you need around introducing babies to a new world of tastes and textures of the right foods to help them get a good start at mealtimes. Our expert Dr. Gaurav Nerker will be there on the app to answer all your queries

1) Date- 23rd April, 2018

2) Time: 2:00pm to 4:00pm

3) Topic: All About Weaning Foods

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#liveqna #askgaurav

Hello sir,my baby is 11 months old and is showing interest in adult food with less salt and this ok for afternoon meal?

Good afternoon Dr, my son is a year old. He is a fussy eater. He was a good ester earlier but last 2 months he has become fussy. He is 73cm. He keeps food in his mouth for approx an hr and doesn't chew, swollow. The days he eats well he still requires nursing full night till he doesn't wake up. What do I do dr

Hello doctor, my son is 14 months old.. he's not drinking milk in bottle or sipper.. I'm giving milk with chikoo/banana mixed or with sathu mavu mix feeding him only in spoon.. can you please tell me when can I add badam or dates mixed? How can I give him in sipper.. it's too difficult to take him out? If so what biscuits should I give? #AskGaurav #liveqna

Hello Dr. My son is almost 6months and I will be joining office next week. Hence cannot breast feed during day time. Can I introduce him solid food. If so what can I start with?? #askgaurav #liveqna

Hi, my baby is 4 months old..can I start giving him dal water and all or he should be still on breastfeed until 6 months?

Goodafternoon sir, my son is 9 month old ..from last month he is not showing interest in any kind of food items except breastmilk. I forcefully feed him; then he start crying. I m so much scared about his health because breastmilk is not sufficient. Plz suggest me what should i do.

My baby is 40 days old ... she catches cold often ... kindly suggest remedy for the same Dr.

#askgaurav my son is; 4 months old and also sneezing more since yesterday .it's v hot here.. possibility that he has got cold ? If yes then please suggest some home remedies

#askgaurav around 6 months what can be introduced to the kid..

#askguarav Good afternoon Dr., My baby 10 months old, Im giving her ceralac n moong dal-rice kimti. Also giving fruit juice to her, what is right time to start proper meal like dal-rice and can I give vita Marie biscuits? Pls suggest.

Hi want to know about formula milk

Hi doctor my baby is 25weeks old. Due to latching issue I am giving formula milk (lactogen 1) with mother feed but when I am giving this baby is chewing something in his mouth (something like phlegm mixture of milk) trying to do vomit. So want to know y it is heppining and what I need to do.

Hi, my daughter will complete 6 months in next month.Request you to provide a diet chart as what can be given intially in solid.

#askgaurav Hello Dr. Mera baby 4 month 23 days ka he. Sham ke time or rat ko sone ke time ekdam jor jor se rone lagta he. Use chup karane ki bohot koshish karti hu par wo rooj wahi time pe Rona start karta he. Pls suggest me how can I do?

Hello all ,
Good afternoon.
I will try to answer all the questions now.

Swathi sree it's perfectly okay for child to show different food likings for the age.Make sure you don't force feed him

1 year is very difficult age for the child especially for food .
You have to learn patience and undestand your child .
Let him; make his own choices. don't force him to do anything youwant him to do.slowly this phase shall pass..and he will develop good eating habbits

Sai Vishnu
Plz elaborate about the age of your child
State in months

He's 14 months doctor

Swati nagpure
You have to store breast milk for your child.Express it by your finger and store it and ask someone close to give your child by wati spoon.
You can start complementing it with fruits.

I do not get sufficient bm to satisfy his hunger. What fruits can I give him?

Meeta Rajani
Don't start anything till 6 months of age.
Gastrointestinal system of the baby is not well develop at 4 months so he may not tolerated

#askgaurav son is 4 months old.. I also should not start water though it's too hot ?

Parul Pandey
Your question has answer.
Forcefully feeding Never works.children are clever about their let him be hungry.
Don't offer breast.

Shweta Shukla
This forum is about should visit your Pediatrician for medical problem

Meeta Rajani
Many a times sneezing is normal Below 6 months of age.
If it's persist beyond 3 days then you need to see your doctor.
Don't use any home remedies for child less than 6 months.PLEASE.

Shilpi Vijay
Start from fruits.
My favorite is ripe bananas
Smashed and mix with your milk tests better and baby has good tolerance for it.
Start with 2 spoons daily and then increase gradually

This is the right time to introduce dal rice.
Don't delay. stop giving cerelac.your baby may find it very difficult to shift to homemade food.

What exactly do you want to know?

Shikha what is the date of birth of your baby?

Sir 28th March 2018 Baby is not latching properly so I am giving lectogen I with my bfeed but sometime baby kuch much se nikalta hai kind of phegm so want to know lectogen se to nhi ho rha aisa

#AskGaurav #liveqna My daughter is 4 months 3 weeks old. 1.Last week i saw a teeth coming out of lower gum but not front. Is this harmful? 2.She refuses to milk(bottle feed) every time,but drinks properly when asleep. . Please advice? 3.Next month i need to join ofc, when shall i start her solids in june or july start and what to start with. Her dob is December- 08 2018

Priya v
Diet charts are for adults who are notorious in the context of eating
No chart works for babies.
Start with fruits smashed and mixed with breast milk.
Use banana chikoo
Don't give rice dal water and soups
Start with 2 spoons initially than incerese gradually
Introduce moong dal rice as another meal like in evening
Everything should be done gradually and with patience

Priyanka churi
Sometimes baby develop evening colic
Make sure he passes gas regularly
You can add collicaid drops before feeds thrice a day 10 drops

Hello baby girl is 4 months and 20 days old..she is not weight the time of birth her weight is 3.44kg now it is 6kg only and she looks like a very thin baby.. what we should do please suggest me doctor

Gud afternoon sir .sir mera baby abhi 4 mnth ka hai kya usse main 5th mnth se liquid like fresh home made juices start kr sakti hu

Baby regular gas pass karata he or susu , potty bhi time to time karta he fir bhi ese ho raha he.
Breast milk kam padta hoga is liye aabhi use moong dal or rise ka soup chalu Kiya he per bich bich me abhi bhi rota he

Sonal Swapnil
Teething is a natural process so we should not interfere in that.Eruption at this age not abnormal.
2. Don't bottle-fed your child she may develop repeated infection.
Don't feed while sleeping.
Why aren't you giving breastfeeding?

Dr my baby is 5mnth 15days old and his weight is 7.6kg. Is it ideal weight. He looks very thin

Sai Vishnu
You are doing mostly wrong with your child because milk (not breastfeeding)has no major can try giving whatever you eat in slightly mashed form.

Weight is absolutely okay

Breastfeeding Kam nahi padta hai kabhi bhi.
Kya ye problem dal shuru karneke baad hua hai Kya.
Crying has many reasons

Absolutely not.
Don't give anything till 6 months

Nahi ..wo rota tha isliye dal rise chalu Kiya

Do you breastfed your baby or do you give formula?
Is he falls ill regularly?

Hello doctor, my son is 7 months old. I have started semi solids to him. But he never stops while eating. I have to stop myself. So how will I know that his stomach is full or not. If I give him banana he eats and opens mouth after having 3/4 . Plz help doctor.

You can start collicaid drops for 5 days if he improves then okay else you will have to visit your Pediatrician for detailed examination

Doctor my baby's 28th March 2018 Baby is not latching properly so I am giving lectogen I with my bfeed but sometime baby kuch much se nikalta hai kind of phegm so want to know lectogen se to nhi ho rha aisa

Ok ... thank you Dr

Swati start with overriped banana and alrenate that with chikoo and apple

Meeta water is not required when you give sufficient breastfeeding whatever outside temperature might be.

Breast feeding only doctor..and she doesn't get any illness till now

Dr. I don't get sufficient bm so I give him nanpro. Can I give him fruits smashed in cow milk or I should use formula milk

Lactogen has different consistency than BM it might be the reason.
I would suggest you to shift your baby to Nan excella pro 1

Doctor main baby ko shuru se hi formula milk pila rhi hu to kya main usse 5th mnth se water de sakti hun

Baby knows better than us about his hunger.
Allow him to have whatever amount he wants to have.

#askgaurav ; Also I wanted to know; that do we can give ro purified water to 7 month old baby or we have to boil it and then give

Swati you can give it with formula milk.
Don't use cow's milk till 1 year of age.

If you are giving formula
What is the use of adding water extra .
Already formula banate waqt dalate rahoge na pani

Spandana her ideal weight should be 6.5 kgs now.
So she is lagging by 500 GM's only so I think no need to worry

RO water is enough.
No need to boil

Hi baby is 6 months comleting which solids r better for him I startred Apple puree he omat alwYs then now I gives daal

Ok thank you doctor

#askgaurav Hello sir.. good afternoon...
This is just in time....
Thanks for the session...
My baby is 7 months old
My baby food facts are-
He is on breastfeeding plus formula milk
1- my baby is food lover..
He loves to eat fruits veggies n soups too ..
But he is less interested in water , coconut water or juices...what to do ..
2- he loves to have Apple banana Chikko musk melon n pomegranate juice in fruits category.which all next fruits to introduce....
3- in Vegis he has carrot pulp, n mashed potatoes
4- in soup he has lauki soup..
5- he loves to have rice porridge Dal soup n ragi porridge n soji seera with little gud in all dishes
6- he is very interested in having adult food with spice it's too early for him I just give him chapati as teether...
My question is..
1- What next fruits to introduce him at this stage
2- when can watermelon orange grapes be introduced
3- in Vegis what next to be given to increase his nutrition
4- how should I make him to drink water n coconut water
5- any other nutrition suggestions for my baby..
Thanks in advance

Doctor mera baby 4th mnth ka hain n main usse lactogen 1 de rhi hu but kuch samay se vo womit kr rha hai thora dudh nikal rha hai piine k bad to kya mujhe formula milk change krna chahiye

Baby has difficulty shifting from liquids to semisolids.
You have to maintain patience.
You can try different fruits .
Dal chawal smashed can be given on different time .

Don't change formula
Maybe your method is wrong
Burp properly

Mahi Gajwani
Your baby is perfectly okay.
Rather you should be happy to know that your baby is amongst very few who are not fussy eaters

Thanku doctor

Mahi Gajwani
First I would like to congratulate you for such a nice diet of your baby.
A vigilant parent is always a good thing.
You are giving almost everything to your baby.
You can add green leafy gradually.
If you are non veg then start with eggs.
All the seasonal fruits can be given.
Don't force coconut water on your child.
He knows better than us about his own liking and appetite.
Keep it up.

my baby is 3 month old...and his weight is juz 5.2 this ok....he is on breastmilk feeding...juz from past 5 days i am giving him formula feeding (lactogen)once in night...what can i do to increase his weight

What is the birth weight if your child

#askgaurav he; will be 7 months on may 1 ...
Shall I give him eggs now...
Is that ok ..he daily has 1 parle g biscuit with formula milk in that ok to give baby biscuits...;

Wait till 9 months for egg
Biscuits are not recommend and not required

Thanks sir for your valuable suggestions 😎

Dr his hameoglobin and iron are low.height is less

Hello daughter is 3 months old.. she poops nearly 15 times a day.. whenever I feed she poops.. within one hour she demands feed.. she is active otherwise. can I introduce formula milk.. when her pattern change#askguarav

Dr his hameoglobin and iron are low.height is less

#askgaurav ;
My baby is 8 month many times should I give him semi solid food in a day?

Baby has gastrocolic reflex in which baby passes stools immediately after feeds .
Its a normal thing .
Make sure your baby gains weight properly.

Shruti Nambiar
Give 3 feeds of compliments feeding

Anuradha I think your baby needs evaluation.
You will have to visit your Pediatrician.
This is not the suitable platform to solve this question

#askguarav #liveqna
Hello doctor, my daughter is 4weeks old. She sometimes sleeps at a stretch for 5-6hrs in the night. And she refuses to feed while she's sleeping. Is it ok to not feed for such long hours? Secondly, she sneezes 6-7 times in a day. Should it be considered as cold?

Amruta Naik
Baby sleep pattern changes very frequently during first 6 months.
Sleep pattern seems okay.
Also sneezing repeatedly also not much of a concern.
Don't worry.

#askgaurav #liveqna Sir my girl child of 2 years simply swallows food. Undigested food is seen in her stool always. Why is it so? What should be done ?

Swallowing not chewing is more related to behavior than eating problem.
You need to talk to your child.
Slowly this problem gets solved.
But counselling which is a difficult part you will have to perform

Thanks sir. Also she poops after she is fed .Mostly Twice or thrice a day. Is it normal?

Yes it's normal

Hello Dr.
My baby will be 6 months old in next month....
What food should I introduce her.....??
Birth weight was 3.2 kg
Present weight is 7.5 kg
I already started wid little water as told by doc....
Please guide me....

Hello Sr my baby 4month old use hmesa sardi jhukham ho jata h Kya kru

#askgaurav sir my baby is going to turn 6months on 7may what kind of food I should start giving her

#askgaurav good afternoon baby is 6 months 2 days old ,just about a day before yesterday I started weaning with 1 ,she took 3-4 teaspoons that,shes not taking banana,nor musk melon,and today tried cheekoo,still no luck! What should I give to her. Her weight is on very low 6 kg..doc suggested 4 meals in a day and cow milk..but she is not even taking once properly!!

Thank you so much Dr.Gaurav Nerkar 🙏

Hello Doctor, my daughter is 3 month old now, her birth weight was 2.76, now her weight is 5 kg, is it appropriate, or should I start with formula milk, she is exclusively on bm, also can i start with liquid food from 5 month as I will b rejoining office. Need ur advice

Ashwini Sahare
Start with fruits like riped banana ,apple ,chikoo smashed and mixed with your breast milk.
Gradually introduce rice dal smashed

Hello, my son is 11 months n from the last one week he is not showing any interest in any kind of food... I am tired of preparing different types of food thinking he will like it but he doesn't... he was 3.3kgs at the time of birth n now he is just 9kgs...even breastmilk is not sufficient now.. plz tell me what should I do...

I don't think it's the right platform to answer this.
Plz see your Pediatrician

Hello Dr my son is three month old I want to ask when should I start to make him drink water and solid food

Priyanka yadav
Your question has been answered already many times.kindly go through previous posts.

#askgaurav #liveqna sir she was not given vitamin d3 drops. Will it affect her growth. She is very thin with chest bones seen. She is a fussy eater. But we somehow manage to feed her. Can we start vitamin d drops now?

Ritu singhal
Baby won't take the same feed regularly.
Give variety of foods to your child.
Don't give up so early.weight is more than okay. No worries

OK thanks sir

My son is 11 months old. Doctor can you please highlight on few weight gaining food.

Priyanka darekar
Weight of your child is okay no worries.
Don't give formula.
Use your expressed breast milk when you are not at home after 6 months of age

Yes you can start vit d3 drops .
10 drops 2 times a day

Give him time and Don't give him your breast milk.
Hunger is the best tonic.
Let him cry and make variety of food introduce new food like if you are non veg then start chicken or fish.
Have; patience.
Child knows his appetite very well.

Deepali ajmera
Your focus should be on complete nutrition and not on some weight gaining foods.
Balance meal is what is needed at this age and not just to weight gain

Sir how long we have to give drops

MONISHA till 1 year of age

Sir we could not give her. She is now 2. Can we give now? If yes till wen?

It's been a fantastic experience of talking to you all the beautiful mothers.
Remember you are nurturing future of our country and not just your child.
A proper nutrition and proper संस्कार is all that is necessary.
Signing off for now.
I will always be available on this app.
Pm me your question.

Hi sir.My baby has just completed 1 year.But he is not eating properly.M always making different foods for him but; he doesnot show interest.I always tried him to introduce him something new but no positive response.One more thing he is not taking milk so always feeding him with spoon but he takes breastmilk that is not sufficient now.I want that he should have feeder so that his stomach should be full.plz suggest

Hello dr. My baby is 40 days old she was before on ff; and bm both to say 75 % and 25 % respectively. Now she startes latching and most of the time i bf her and reduced the formula to twice or thrice a day. Whenever i bf her...she sleepa for 15 to 20 mins and again start crying for milk but she sleeps well when she use to have formula milk....what could be the reason.

Thanks doctor.. when does gastrocolic reflex change.. should I consult doctor

Doctor hello,
What all food can I start weaning my baby with once he is 6 month, to make fruit shake can I use cow milk and do I add ghee to his food like khichri, also when to start nonveg with and in what forms..thank in advance

Sir can I breastfeed while sleeping

Is there any substitute for sugar for 6 month baby . Can I add palm jaggery to her raggie porridge

Hi doctor... my 32 days old baby is not taking burp after deed... she use to vomit after that...

Hello doctor, my son is 3 month old and I have to join my office after 6 months.
What should be the frequency of other food to my baby as I will be 10 hours away from my kid.
#liveqna #askgaurav

#askgaurav ; hello doc..
My baby is 10 months old.. My questions are as below
1. can we give citric fruits like orange, grapes to him
2. Last month he liked soups like carrot beetroot, spinach day but now he is not lying at all whenever I try he starts crying
3. He shows interest in adult food so can I introduce chapati Sabji
4 can I introduce; curd
5 he loves to eat sweet porridge so I add gud instead of sugar is it the right thing m doing. Also how can I make him to eat salty porridge
6 can we add cinnamon to his food. What's the benefit of adding cinnamon.
7 how to introduce egg
8 he is not sitting at his own so does any nutrients lacking issue with him.

Hello doctor ... my baby is 32 days old . She does not take burp after breastfeeding... what should I do.

@dr gaurav nerkar cud u plz answer my questions

#askgaurav cud u plz answer my questions

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