That's right. This time we have our Dadstar here to answer all your questions.

Ankur is an enthusiastic Dad to be and is a trained Yoga Instructor. A firm believer of healthy and happy living he is here to share his tips with our Moms and Dads.

We invite all our Moms and Dads for this session.

Topic: Being Active and Involving your Spouse in Pregnancy

Date: 25th April

Time: 3-5 pm

Here are some questions you may ask

1. How do I practice meditation for Expecting Mothers?

2. When to start yoga during pregnancy?

3. Can you suggest a few yoga exercises I can do in my second and final trimester?

4. What shall I do to ease my swollen feet in Pregnancy?

5. Can you suggest how to ease back pain in Pregnancy?

6. How and why should I involve my husband in my pregnancy and delivery?

7. As a father how can I help my wife in her delivery and taking care of the baby?

8. I feel uncomfortable as a father to be being a part of prenatal yoga and the delivery. What can I do to overcome this?

All this and much more on this very special session with our Dadstar Ankur.

#ADA #AskDadStarAnything

This will be so interesting and insightful. Pls do join and ask the dads to join too!!!

Pls do attend the session and ask anything Satarupa B Kaur Mrs Chhoker Vidya Rathod Nilofer shaikh Parul Johari Humera Mehtab Neeta Shetty Shilpi Tewary Aditi Adlakha priyanka sain Donna mahek akbar Smriti Munjal Aaisha Sarwar Smitha Prabhav Jaya Tomar; Pavneet Manchanda Debolina Mukherjee Neha Singh Kavita Garg; Sonal Khandelwal Priyanka Priya Suhasini Vinod

Narinder Pal Singh

Laxmi Goud Vedant Varma Eliza Nandi Priyanka Agarwal Aishwarya G Mohini Tanwar SAKSHI BHANDARI Minal Bhoir madhavi; Apoorva Bhandari Neha Misra Mutluru srisha Kavita Bisht Krutika Gor; Deepthi Darisa; Anjali Midha tangerala swati; Madhuban Sen Komal Jangra shruti singhal Kartik Kujur Neeta Mahamuni Krishna Vani KONICA Minu Vaishnav; Bisma banu

Hello everyone! Hoping to make this interactive and as helpful as possible!

Hi sir today I; got my hsg report my left tubal blocked; next process kya hoga or kitne percent chance h pregnancy k

Can someone please ask the first question??

Hi doc. Its been 7 weeks being pregnant. i feel stretching inside. Y and hw to face ths.

Hi Ankur Agarwal ! A very big welcome. Thank you for your time and tips for this session. Surely this will help many. Your story is very inspiring. A lawyer turn interior designer and now yoga expert in addition to a hands on Dad to be!

Mommies pls do tag your friends here and all who may find this useful.

Dear sir i am 10 weal pregnant.which yoga i shoud do for healthy pregnancy and for being active? Ankur Agarwal

So plz provide me Solution regarding blockage left tubal

@jiya this is one for a fertility specialist. However general yogic practices for the abdomen help with fertility issues. Also, a complete yogic lifestyle and routine helps act at a deeper level and fixed any underlying hormonal issues thereby curing fertility problems.

Hi Ankur, on and off I get pain in my left thigh as if due to weight gain some nerve is getting pressed. Please suggest what to do.

My first question - From when , how should an expecting mom practice yoga. Can you suggest some tips and advice she needs to take care of.

Prajakta Mestry as your uterus prepares for a healthy growing baby, stretch feeling is normal. Enjoy every new experience. No yogic exercises in the first trimester. You may however do basic breath awareness practices and nadi shodhan pranayama.

Its been 7 weeks being pregnant. i feel stretching inside. Y and hw to face ths.Ankur Agrawal

Hello Sir... Can we do kapaalbhati during pregnancy ?? If not, then which all yoga asan I can do to ensure Normal delivery ??

Sir its very big issue or not for pregnancy should I go for2 ivf or iui?I am 26 .so plz suggest me Dr .said I have to do laparoscopy is it good to remove blockage or not?

A useful SESSION pls do attend Kattamoori bhuvana Ekta Daniel Pallavi Purnima Bhardwaj Shefali Shetty Shruti Thakker

Hi sir i m 11 weeks pregnant and feels stretching in my; back plz tl me hw to solve this problem

@minakshi singh No major exercises during the first trimester as the foetus is taking time to set. More caution during the first pregnancy as the risk of miscarrying is higher. Just simple breath awareness and nadi shodhan is good. Enjoy the rest and brace for the exercise you will start doing from trimester 2.

@Anshul Singhal Agarwal - Kapalbhati is prohibited. Only Nadi SHodhan and Bhramri Pranayamas are allowed. Basic pre natal practices like joint movements and pelvic exercises help. Squatting during the third trimester helps. No exercise during trimester 1.

Hi Ankur Agrawal .can u plz suggest how to ease swollen feet in last trimester that too in last month.

Sir plz suggests me I am very nervous can I get pregnant or not?

Some yoga exercises that I can do in my final trimester and when?

@pavneet manchanda Pain in thigh could be due to strain in the back as well. If you are in the second trimester you can do a basic yogic routine - Joint exercises, tadasana, tiryak tadasana and kati chakrasana followed by tiger pose and cat pose. After this relax in lizard pose. Practise butterfly to mobilise the hip joints. Always synchronise breath with movement. Better to be safe and not over exert. Remember to manage cravings and not let weight overshoot. Pregnancy is not a license for unregulated weight gain

Yoga for 2nd trimester?any particular asanas?

Priya Sood - Basic tips for yoga practice during pregnancy:

Thanks Ankur Agrawal 👍

Basic tips for yoga practise during pregnancy: 1. Only start in trimester 2. 2. Doctor to certify before practice. 3. Be extra cautious in case of a low lying placenta. 4. Squatting practices only during 3rd trimester. 5. Comfort is key - dont over exert. 6. Consistency is most important. 7. Seek proper guidance - youtube is not the best source always 8. Be aware of your breath. 9. Yogi isnt just an exercise, it is a lifestly that includes a. Diet b. exercise c. breath awareness d. Active and concious relaxation e. meditation

@Lovely RIcha - COngratulations as you embark on the journey to motherhood. As you are in the first trimester, dont worry about exercising. Your stretching is likely due to the uterus expanding. Dont worry. Keep going about your normal chores. Stay active. From the next trimester, you can begin a pre natar yoga session. Always adopt a good posture - dont slouch.

@Vidya Rathod: Mobilise the legs - Toe bending, Ankle bending, ANkle rotation should help. Keep the feet raised while sitting and sleeping. Alternate hot and cold water fomentation helps. Manage salt intake and have tender coconut water. Stay active.

Hello Ankur Agrawal how to practice meditation? What type of yoga can i do as im in my 8th month and what yoga is more beneficial for regarding easy delivery ?

Renu SHarma, Shweta: A pre natal yogic regime is quite simple - We practise the mibilisation of all joints from toe to neck followed by marjariasana and vyaghrasana. Then break for child sleeping pose. After this Tadasana, Tiryak Yadasana and Kati chakrasana. You can follow this up with the warrior pose and if in the last trimester, then add Namaskarasana. Kandharasana should also be practised. Remember that you should never practise unsupervised. Comfort is key - know your limits. Breath awareness is important. Practise pranayama - nadi shodhan and bhramri regularly.

One more i have not did any of yoga before ,, is this any problem if i start it now.

@ Parul JOhari - Meditation need not be complex - it can be as simple as lying down, focussing on your breath and counting each breath from 27 to 1. If you miss or skip, restart at 27. In terms of Asanas, Ive already mentioned a few above. You must do the whole regime instead of just one or two asanas for specific body parts. In particular, squatting exercises and Mool Bandha in the last trimester help. Mool bandha should be learnt from a competent teacher.

@Parul - Never to late to begin. If the teacher is competent and you know the limits fo your body, there should be no issues

Dear Ankur,
I use to exercise before pregnancy. But since i have conceived i haven't practiced anything, except for daily walking to my office.
Can you help with name of some exercises in yoga. According i can ask yoga trainer to guide me appropriately. I am currently into my 30 week.
Thank you.

@Priyanka A pre natal yogic regime is quite simple - We practise the mibilisation of all joints from toe to neck followed by marjariasana and vyaghrasana. Then break for child sleeping pose. After this Tadasana, Tiryak Yadasana and Kati chakrasana. You can follow this up with the warrior pose and if in the last trimester, then add Namaskarasana. Kandharasana should also be practised. Remember that you should never practise unsupervised. Comfort is key - know your limits. Breath awareness is important. Practise pranayama - nadi shodhan Anand bhramri.

How many of you here have heard about 'garbhasanskar', that is communicating with and educating the baby during pregnancy?

Thankyou Ankur Agrawal

Ankur, can you tell us why and how we can involve the spouses. Some dad's feel uncomfortable

So a couple of reasons why dads need to get involved: 1. This one's more practical than anything else. With more and more women taking financial responsibility for the home, boundaries defining gender roles are getting increasingly blurred. If you want the wife to earn, then shouldering domestic responsibility is something that men will need to learn. 2. The child needs both parents. 3. By carrying the baby, the lady is anyway doing immense work in which the dad cant anyway help, so at least help with chores. 4. A child needs both parents and there is immense learning and development that the child undergoes while in utero. As the senses of the child develop, providing a conducive and positive environment is possible only when both parents are involved. Cultivate healthy habits in the house - together. Dont smoke - together. Play positive content in the house - together. Say happy things - together. Essentially, a good environment is something that the mom cant and should not be expected to provide alone and hence dad's need to get involved. ALSO - No one's judging involved dads, only praising them.

This is very helpful Ankur. Thank you

More reasons to involve the dad's. Moms do take note

How to involve: 1. Trust men. Many women dont trust husbands with daily chores - give it a try. 2. Be specific with tasks and instructions to begin with. Dont just expect the hubby to help randomny, tell him what to do. 3. Be ommunicative - Ask what needs doing till the time he develops his own sense. 4. Involve him in daily tasks - ask how he feels about things. 5. Ensure he accompanies you for each medical appointment. 6. Use phrases like "we are expectin" and not "I am expecting", "we are due" and not "I am due". 7. Join a prenatal yoga class together so that your hubby can see the difficulty you have in performing asanas that he can do easily, This will develop immense empathy.

M now on 29 week and 4th day. Having pain in the upper portion of vagina and on the side lips of vagina.. while getting up from bed, turning sides. There is no problem in walking as such.. i am experiencing this from this week and it hurts on little movements on bed.. shall i do pelvic and kegal excercises to ease and strengthen the muscles.

@Kavita Garg sure you can. Just take clearance from your doctor first

Hello sir i just want know after blockage of tube; .is laparoscopy only a midum to remove blockage ? And if it's done what is the chances of pregnancy?

@JIya Unfortunatrely I am not an exper on fertility issues so wont be able to answer this,.

jiya; pls post your question on the feed so we all can address your concern

Hi Ankur Agrawal thnx for doing this session. Any advise for preparing oneself for breathing during labour and any specific yoga aasanas that would help during delivery?

How to get rid frm back pain...its first trimester i jus cant sleep at night..plz suggest

Hi Asha - My pleasure doing this. No specific advice for breathing duering except that in general longer and deeper breathing during yoga practise is helpful. As for asanas and practices, pelvic strenthening practises like Butterfly and squatting practises help. Mool bandha if learnt from a competent teacher can be extremely helpful.

Hi Preeti - Unfortunately no specific yoga asanas are allowed during the first trimester. Stay active and have a good posture at all times. Sleep on your left side.

Ankur Agrawal; : any yogasan that can help ease back pain after c- section ?

Aditi - Kandharasana, Shalabhasana, Cat pose, tiger pose. Take medical help before performing.

Hi,my feet is paining a lot .my 8 month is gng on.
M diabetic diabetes is increasing nowadays n doc told that will affect my baby size

Thanks a lot !!

HI Rachna - Feet pain is normal. Please go through the posts above where i have outlined general yoga practises as well as specific exercises for feet. Yoga does not have a magic cure for diabeties. You will need to practice holistic yoga and hope for the best. Diabeties can be managed with yoga but it is a time consuming process spread over time that includes lifestyle changes.

Hello Sir I am 8 week pregnant and bleeding continues from 6 week.At 7 week on second ultrasound found minimal infra peri sac hemmorage.Injection and medicine continues with rest but still now bleeding.Please help.

HI Shreya - Only your doctor can help on this

Ankur Agrawal a lot of new moms, especially c-section moms complain of backaches owing to prolonged hrs of breastfeeding. Any asanas or posture advice for them?

Hi Asha - Kandharasana, Shalabhasana, Cat pose, tiger pose. Take medical help before performing.

Shreya Srivastava pls do consult your Dr . Take care

Hello Sir.... Can I do meditation I'm 27 week running.. Let me know the procedure as well. Post delivery what type of exercise should be followed? Ankur Agrawal

Yes Eliza yo can. Ive posted a simple meditation with breath awarenss in my comments above. You can adopt any meditation practice that you are comfortable with. Pranayama is a must. Post pregnancy begin exercises only with doctor's clearance. Whole body needs to be exercised.

As we wrap up the session with the last question, we all thank Ankur Agarwal for his time and for this helpful session . We look forward to your Posts. Thank you!
Hope this session helped all the moms here. Pls do keep asking questions on the feed and sharing your mommy moments with us . Take care!!!

Hello sir, I m in my 8th month, I do yoga daily but I have arthritis in my knees so squatting exercises, goddess pose and all, gives pressure on knees so how to do squatting with out hurting my knee.

Geeta - use a footstool and sit in a squat on it. You could use cushions too.

But doing goddess pose for around 10repeatation will agrivate my knee problem, or is it ok

Tnk u so much Ankur...

How to join?

Hi Deepak this session got over at 5 pm. But u can post ur question and maybe whn ankur has time he cud reply.

Hi ankur.. can you plz tell me any exercise or aasnas that can help in normal delivery..

Mohini Tanwar do read the replies above for an answer to your question

Sorry ..didnt notice the session time and will go through the answers given above..thanks..

Hi Ankur Agrawal sir, I have a low lying placenta completely covering os. Doctor has advised not to do any form of yoga/ exercise. I am putting on a lot of weight as I am not able to do any exercise. Do you suggest any way out?

You must ensure you watch what you eat. Get the maximum nutrition without unnecessary calories. Also practise nadi shodhan pranamaya and bhramri pranayama to ensure your metabolism stays healthy.

Thanks a lot Ankur Agrawal sir🙏🏻

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