my baby is 7 month old.. but her weight is low 5.5kgs only... what should I Do ?

hi. by 5th month kids double their weight. consult your ped. if she says everything is OK then need not worry. As far as kid is healthy, active, growth is fine.

she says all gud but I wanted to do something to increase her weight.. like in diet something..

Hi Sapna I am A Certified Nutritionist. If your child's current weight is double than the birth weight you don't need to worry at all. if you need to know anything more feel free to contact me

if Dr. says all is fine then dont worry. keep monitoring her.

my gal is 2 year old n only 9.5 kg but she is very active n achieving all her milestones before her age.. so don't worry about the weight just watch other milestones n cheers

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