New born babies and especially premature babies are a challenge to care for. There are so many questions and doubts we have. Our Mom Star, Sonam Patel, is here to help.

Sonam is a hands on mother and our helpful MomStar. Tune in for her session and Ask her Anything on Premature and New Born Baby Care.

Date: 9th May

Time: 3 - 5 pm

Here is a glimpse of what can be asked

Care of new born and premies

Breastfeeding concerns

Bathing and Massage

Summer care

Diaper usage

Join us for a very helpful session with our MomStar Sonam.


Awwww the super star is here 😍😍😍 waiting.

rockstar ki mummy.... excited for this!!

How can I reach her only by chat ??

Brave nishu ki brave mamma...😘😘

Shilpa D; the post will be pinned at 3 pm.. you can ask your question here

Can't wait Sonam patel

Priya Sood; even I m excited...

Shilpa D you can ask your question here at 3 p.m.

We hope you will attend the session
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Hi Sonam patel
Right after the baby is back from Hospi, what should be the things ready at home for him or her? And what's the usual routine for a baby?

Thank you so much Sonam patel for this session. It feels so great to have our Mom stars who have been with us , share their learnings.

We get many questions from our members on signs of behavior or development. For a new born baby when is it important to consult the Dr.

Hii Satarupa B Kaur baby's bed, blankets, washed clothes, changing sheets, mosquito net, diapers are some of the essentials. And sanitizer for; sure should be ready. Home should be properly cleaned as baby's are more prone to infections.
Initially baby's don't sleep during nights. Proper routine needs to be set which takes almost 2-3 months.

Hi Sonam patel . My cosister is having twin premies. They born on completion of 7 month. Now they completed 7 months. Her BM is very low as she conceived through IVF procedure. Now she is weaning off. Can u please suggest what she can give to them . They are little bit fussy eaters.

Priya Sood; if there's anything which is not normal it can b noticed within 2-3 months.
Fir example if a baby has some problem with eye obviously she will not be focussing on a thing. If ears are having some problem they won't respond... And also there should be a check on movement of body. If they are using both their legs and hands properly...If the movement is fine then everything is fine. It's always better to observe and consult the doc if you are having any doubt.

Hope you can attend Sonali Faide Monisha Thampi Alvina Amanda; Satabdi Sen Noorin Beg sneha nandi Punitha A Sifat Zahera Maleka Singh Deepu Deepika Sriparna Banerjee Thakurta Pooja Mahapatra; Ruchi Khobragade

Vidya Rathod; weaning really is a tough job to do. I too have struggled a lot. And touchwood now he eats everything I give.
Patience is the key. Tell her not to force-feed if they reject food. Formula is the next option after bm. And then now she can give steamed and mashed fruits and veggies. Seasonal fruits and veggies are best. She can add veggies in khichdi too. And apart from this raw banana powder, potatoes, sweet potatoes, curd are some of the super foods for weight gain issues. At this age 2 meals can be given. One can be any fruits or veggies. Second can be khichdi or daal(cereals)

Hope you can attend Mrs Chhoker; Nilofer M; Parul Johari; Sania Bhushan Bhavna Anadkat Anuja Bhatia Humera Mehtab; Durga Salvi Amruta Naik; garima singla; Amrita Sharma shreya singh Priti Singh Richa Kaushik Richa Kaushik; Renuka Pillai; Shridevi Shilwant Sneha Khandait Deshmukh sanjida khan Neha Kapoor Gill Zainab Waheed Suhasini Vinod ruchi srivastava chandrama Merline Thomson Debolina Mukherjee ritu singhal KritiVika Sowmya Prithvi (sonu) Mahi Gajwani Reeti; Neeta Shetty

Sonam patel; till last month they are on mixed feed. But now they are refusing to drink FM and puking it.

Thanks dear. So Basically once am back home from Hospi, what would my duties for the baby be?; Sonam patel

Hi Sonam patel
My baby has got rashes on his face. I use besan termeric malai mixture for him as he has so much hair on his hands back and face. Is this causing rasges on his face it look like heat rash. Can I use any powder or cream on his face.

Yes this happened with my kid also.. Priya Ranjane Bandiwadekar

Priya Ranjane Bandiwadekar
Your baby is quite small... Don't use besan turmeric and all... Hair will go gradually... Avoid applying anything on face till rashes go. And after that just applying oil during massage is more then enough. Just apply oil and wipe it gently. Don't use anything else.

My one month old babies poop is green today... Anything to worry about?

Sonam patel; I am feeling that der is insufficient milk for my 3weeks old baby
How do u make sure he is getting enough milk n how to increase milk naturally.
Paediatrician has given galacto granules

But only when I take medicine it will be der, but later it won't be available

Vidya Rathod; I guess talking to her pediatrician would be best cozz you can't feed meal everytime to such small baby. Baby will need milk. And formula is the only option...Puking can also be due to summers. Last year my baby puked everytime he was fed. We were worried but it settled down after few days.

Sonam patel; is it ok to feed baby by sleeping position side ways

Hi.My baby is 75 days ku bath karane ke lite pani kitna temp garam honi chahiye.kya zyada hot water se nhalane se baby ka skin color dark hojata hai??

Satarupa B Kaur; firstly you need to bond with the baby and that you can do with breast feeding and co sleeping of you wish to. And also hand over to dad for burping so that he too can bond well. Basically you need to feed every 2 hours in the beginning. Also you will have to figure out the best in which baby is comfortable. Like some baby sleeps while rocking...Some sleeps on lap and so on... Slowly you will know what to do and how to do. Is there someone who will be living with you for help?; baby is of 6 months now. Started dal ka Pani n water 2 times a day along with breast feeding. But since last three he didn't have potty although he is very regular abt this either in morning or noon 4 pm timing fix.his stomach is sift, no gases, he is not cranky yet. But M highly worried as it's fourth day running.given him delpocalm two times a day yet if no use. Plz plz guide n help. I don't want to face him Edd was 26 Nov to 5 December 2017 he born; on 31 Oct 2017 as I was having high BP. Current weight 7.200kg.; Sonam patel

Please contact on 9920344088

Yep have my mom in law and others. Sonam patel

vidya kurada; nothing to worry.
Black, Green, Yellow - Your Baby’s Poop Story; read this article.
And also formula feed baby poops green
So relax.

What baby care should be taken in summer..what can we do to get the baby get propert head support like any activities? .
Also pls suggest how can I begin weaning once he turns 6 months..what steps and tips

Hi sonam, my baby is 1 month 6 days old... some times She is not sleeping whole night... Just she wants feeding whole night.. if I remove the nipple from her mouth she stars crying loudly... Is it safe to keep nipple in her mouth for long time.. she just sucking it and dnt know whether she is drinking milk or just she is keeping nipple in her mouth... Please advise

Sonam patel.. I'm sorry this question is out of today's subject.. Can we eat raw and ripe mangoes? I'm in 6th month.. I eat one mango a day.. Is that ok?

Hello doctor... my son is three months old... next month we are moving to qatar... there it is centralized AC... how to handle babies in AC rooms ... without AC we cant survive there ... it ll be too hot... give some tips to handle my four months baby in AC

#ama my son is one month,can I put Himalaya baby powder on his face and body?how many diapers should be used at this age?how can I care for him this summer?

#ama my baby use to poop once in 4 day but from yesterday she is pooping twice in a day even the consistency of poop is like watery and golden yellow in colour and even sometime sounds is coming from her stomach . Why this is happening,; i hope she is not suffereing from; upset stomach. For ur knowledge i am also massaging her with oil with ajwain becos of stuffed this can be reason. Please advice. Anyhow she is sleeping a lot today and not crying.

Shilpa D; first of all you need to relax. Don't worry much as this too effects the milk supply. If the baby is peeing 7-8 times in a day she is feeling enough. And also the more you feed the more is produced. Let the baby suck every 2 hours or so. Have plenty of liquids and include masoor dal, methi in your diet. Eat healthy diet. You can take medicine as you can't starve your baby na.
You can feed your baby in sleeping position...No issues. Take care. Everything is gonna be fine.

gousi anjum baby ko halka garm paani se bath karayeye. Babies k skin baht delicate hote h toh zyada gram paani use mat karye. Luke warm water use kijye. Garm paani me thanda paani mila ke check karye fir bath dijye.

My baby is 4 month old nw..born at 35th week..i could like to knw when to start semi solid food..since he don't like bm and fm...pls suggest what need to be given in semi solid n solid food??

Radhika P dear relax. Once you start weaning you will see change in poop consistency and frequency. Don't worry much. It's summers so increase the water quantity.; And if you feel baby is constipated you can soak some black raisins overnight and give the juice in the morning. Although you won't need this remedy. Once baby settles with food everything will be fine.
And one more suggestion. Don't give dal ka paani...Rather give overcooked mashed dal...It's more nutritious

Hii Sonam patel ... awesome to see u 🤩
My baby rey is 7 months old ..n still hairs aren't growing.. however I m not in his mundan will be done after 2 years ......

Hi Sonam Patel, my baby is 42 days old.. He is not taking BM & we gv him u suggest in which quantity we should feed him at once... Bz sometimes even if we gave him 60ml in 1 hr he feels hungry & cries a lot n when we give him more he wl b ok... Actually issue is the more he drink FM he has facing lot of gas prob. &; then he cries bz of gas. So what should we do?

Hi,wat all things I need to pack for my hospital bag during delivery tym n my breast is too too small how can I feed my baby n pls give details of water leakage pregnancy. How will I come to know about leakage imediately

Hi my baby weight is 1647gm in 7th month sonography report n my weight is 65.How much my baby weight will gain in coming 2 months n m diabetic too

Meeta Rajani; during summers it's very necessary to dress your baby right. Always make your baby wear light,soft, loose cotton clothes. Keep your baby in favourite temperature. If you are using AC then adjust the temp on 27-28 so that it's not too cold or too hot. Also give baby some time she will be holding neck... You don't need to do anything.
And weaning means lot of patience... Start with one food a day. Suppose you started with dal...Give dal for 3 days and see if baby is fine and adjusting...This 3 days rule helps in figuring out if baby has some sort of allergy with specific food. Also don't force feed...Babies take time to eat. Give water too. And start with steamed and mashed fruits and vegetables.;

@anitha p initially babies are like this. They just need soothing. What you can do is keep the baby in light during day time and keep the lights dim during nights so that baby is able to differentiate between day and night and sets a routine.; Also bahy doesn't drink long time. Feed from one breast fir around 20-25 mins and then from another. Make sure baby is full. And then try patting or rocking to make the baby sleep. She will be habituated of keeping nipple In mouth so you need to refrain from this.

Charu Nb you can eat everything in moderation. And one mango a day is completely fine. Enjoy.

Bhuvana Rajiv Samuel; just keep the temperature on 27-28... Or what you can do is dress your baby well with full sleeves shirts and pyjama...Also blankets are must. You can make your baby wear caps and socks too.

Thanks Sonam patel
If baby is fed in sleeping position, do we need to get up to burp him on shoulder position or any other way to.burp him in sleeping position. Till how many days baby needs to be feed every 2 hrs. At night, sometimes baby does not wake up after 3 hrs even he poops or pee. In such case do I need to wake him at night as well?

shweta shukla; don't worry... Baby's poop consistency and frequency keeps changing. And that's not because of ajwain. And if she is sleeping let her sleep. Sometimes children does these things. You can never predict what are they going to do next

Hi Sonam patel, my baby is 1 month old n she is having frequent hiccups. What should I do?

Bulti Paul; it's better to avoid powders. In case of prickly heat you can use powder else avoid. Just use a good moisturizer for baby.;
Diapers should be changed every 4 hours and whenever soiled.
During summer just make your baby wear loose cotton clothes and keep in favourable temperature under fan or AC. If you are using AC keep the temp on 27-28.

Mansi M generally you should begin semi solid when baby turns 6 months old. On case bahy is rejecting; milk you can seek your pediatrician about this as he knows your baby well.

Hi Sonam patel my daughter is 3 months old.. she poops nearly 15 times a day.. doctor told me to diary free diet and check..for past week she poops reduced 7 means my daughter is lactose intolerance.. will she can't digest milk in future also she poops after every feed

Mahi Gajwani; chill... Hairs will grow. My baby was taklu initially and now he has good hairs. So Reyansh too will be having good hairs.

Hai sonam my baby is 78 days old. . know a days he sucks only 5 to 10 mins once in 3-4 hrs and then refuses or sleeps is it ok? Previously he used suck upto 20 mints. .

Sonam patel, but i breast feed my baby

Heena Thaker; the best way is to increase the amount every 3-4 days and see if baby is able to drink that much.; You are now giving 60 ml... Increase it will 70 and see... If baby takes this amount easily then again increase and see. This way you will know. And at this age gas is most common problem. Massage the tummy in clockwise direction. Do cycling motion... Also you can apply hing paste around the navel. Gas is not due to milk but it's common in children at this age.

Priya Ranjane Bandiwadekar; yes you need to get baby on shoulder or you can even make the baby burp on lap in sitting position... Just make the baby sit by holding properly and tap on back.
Feed every 2 hours for atleast a month. And if baby keeps sleeping for 3 hours it's okay. You can feed after 3 hours too. Hope baby is gaining proper weight?

Sukhada Pujari; hiccups are normal... You need not do anything. Relax.; And also people say hiccups indicates good appetite in children.

brinda; lactose intolerance babies are recomended; to give soy milk... The doctor will be the best to guide you on this.
Lactose Intolerance In Babies you can also check out this article.
How my baby and I battled ‘Lactose Intolerance’ soon after birth

Yes Sonam patel, baby is gaining proper weight. He sleeps for 3-4 hours only after bath and sometimes in night if he is awake in eve. Otherwise he wakes up evety 1 and half hrs or 2 hrs.

moni if the baby sleeps tickle under feet or behind ears to wake the baby up and feed else baby will keep shouting for feed often. Also feed in a quiet room away from distractions as babies start exploring everything.

Priya Ranjane Bandiwadekar; then it's fine...Let the baby sleep peacefully.

vidya kurada it's fine for breast feeding babies too. So, nothing to worry about

Sania Bhushan if you wish you can continue... It's completely your choice. And as your baby is now one year old you can start making him drink with a glass. No need to give feeder.
During summer ensure to give enough water. And then seasonal fruits like watermelon and mangoes. Also give sattu as it's a great cooler during summer and also keeps body hydrated. Fir recipe you can check this out
Beat The Heat With Sweet And Salty Sattu Coolers
Also include curd everyday in diet. You can also give lassi, chaas...

Thanks sonam . but he doesnt shouts . . he plays upto 3 to 4 hrs again he starts to crying after that and now my baby is 5.5 kg

moni; then it's fine... What was the birth weight?

#ama is it ok if baby after pooping twice poops with the gap of 7 hrs and again after 2 hour like 2-3 drops... (water like) and also from last two days i am having parle biscuit in morning ... is this affecting my baby.

Sania Bhushan there's no harm at all. Just take care of yourself too. Feeding won't make you weak. You can give shakes but avoid roohafza now as they are artificially flavoured. Always go for natural and healthy options.

Hey Sonam..glad to see you doing this session..; 😍
My question is..Can I feed for 10 mints from the breast which has flat nipples and then feed from my normal breast for 15 mints? Will she get the hind milk if I do so?
Also my LO was born a bit premature..she sneezes even if she pees in her nappy..we haven't started giving her proper bath yet..she is 3 weeks old now..we have been just wiping her body off with warm water after massage..when can we start giving her full bath?
Also her birth weight was 2.7 kgs which dropped down to again she is 2.8 kgs at 3 it fine??

shweta shukla whatever you eat won't pass to the baby. And it's fine for a baby to poop several times and watery too. Breast fed babies do such.

Thanks a lot

Sonam birth weight was 3 kgs and it reduced to 2.5 kg later on it start increasing

Sonam Patel, My baby has a latching problem.. We tried a lot bt he refused to latch.. We tried nipple shield too.. Bt he not even try to suck n cries a lot n when we give him FM in bottle he suddenly stop crying n start drinking... Cn u suggest something how to gv him BM? I tried pump too bt when i expressed milk its quantity get reduced to just 60 to 70ml so i can't feed him BM whole day..

Hi KritiVika First of all congratulations... I was too busy that I didn't even get time to congratulate you.
You have just started feeding her with your flat nipple and that's good. Slowly increase the time... It will take time for you as you are struggling. Feed her from the normal breast for atleast 20-25 mins...So that she gets both fore milk and hind milk and feed with flat one as long as you are able to do. It's summers even the fore milk will be good now.
And you acan start giving her bath with Luke warm water. Initially just make her bathh with water and take help from elders as they know how to handle. You have to avoid water from getting into ears and nose.
And her weight is going fine.

Heena Thaker; first of all you will have to stop giving bottle as bottle will create nipple confusion and baby will reject breast.; Start feeding with spoon and bowl. And keep trying. Pumping won't reduce the quantity. Start pumping every 2 hours and keep trying. Baby will learn how to suck. Else the best option is to meet the lactation expert.
And you can combination feed till the time you are not able to feed bm totally.

moni; weight gain is perfect. So, just enjoy. Nothing to worry about.

Rachana Sharma; can you please post this question of yours separately so that our doctors and experienced moms can answer this.

Priya Sood; thank you so much for giving me this opportunity. Literally I m feeling so so good.

Thank you Sonam patel; for always being a strong support . Love to Nishu!!!

Thank you sonam . .had an helpfull interaction with you

Thank u so much dear ☺️

Hi Sonam Patel , my baby girl was born extremely premature, almost 4 months premature..DOB was 28th Dec while EDD was 16th April.. Want to know by when will they catch up on her milestones

Thanks a lot Sonam

I have one more question, I m; taking lactonic granules from today to increase breast milk, I have not asked the doctor,is it safe?

Will milk supply be low if baby is 3 weeks premature and delivered by C section?

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