#takeover anyway! Totally forgot to introduce myself :) started off on BabyChakra because honestly for the last 3.5 years of my life my world and my identity has been BabyChakra . So this is me (a nice pic);) Priya Sood Khushboo Chouhan

Hi Naiiya!!!!

Hello babychakrawali naiyya!!

And this is actually me most mornings :)

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Running to catch my cab to get to work in Mumbai post my (much needed) morning cup of coffee!

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This is my hubby Sandeep Rao who is sometimes on the app as well and patiently hears my end of day stories on BabyC! ❤️ we met at work and pretty much love at first sight:) Wonder if any of you had the same Cupid attack on meeting the hubby :) ?

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Anyway! When starting BabyChakra, Priya Sood and Nayana Nanaware were actually one of our first founding team member . Here s a pic of Priya at one of our earliest interviews with the press.

Priya Sood do you remember this one ? :) for those who have nt seen this interview : look for Young Turks BabyChakra on YouTube :) This is in the very beginning of our journey!

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A lovely start to the take over. Meet Naiyya
Sheeba Vijesh Sonam patel Dr.Dhanya Prajesh Shiny Vincent  Shipra Dang  Rebecca Prakash  Akshaya Naresh Shruti Giri Richa Chowdhary Foram#128518;&##128518;. Satyam Sharma  Rebecca Prakash  Akshaya Naresh Khushboo Chag Sheeba Vijesh Bhakti Bavishi Kamalini Rao Satyam Sharma Merline Thomson Dr. Payal M Dr.Dhanya Prajesh Prisha Lalwani (Mummasaurus) Sangeeta Sihag Parul Johari Tanuja Vaishali B Deepti Arora Priya Mahajan Reshma Gunjal Nisha Dayal Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa Ellora Mohanty Biswal Priya Iyer Roopashree Siddireddy Rakhi Puri (beautyofmommying) Priyanka Maheshwari Sheeba Vijesh Pooja asha chaudhry Priya Sood Neha Agarwal Neelima Gujjeti aditi manja Prachi Sumira Bhatia Rebecca Prakash Sheeba Rizvi Garima Singla Bhrukuti Mistry Yogini Kandre Richa Chowdhary Nilofer shaikh Priya Iyer Naiyya Saggi Neha Agarwal nancy singh Sheeba Vijesh Sheeba Rizvi Rakhi Pu beri (beautyofmommying) durga salvi Sonu Prithvi Zegna Fayas Ellora Mohanty Biswal Prisha Lalwani (Mummasaurus) Harneet Khurana Dr.Dhanya Prajesh Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa Dr. Payal M Foram; Rebecca Prakash Shipra Dang Akshaya Naresh Shiny Vincent Nisha Dayal Zeba Soudagar Roopashree Siddireddy Satyam Sharma Sangeeta Sihag(musicalmommy) Mamta Washist Prachi Ujjwal Mishra(SuperMommy) Sakshi Mahajan Richa Kaushik Nasreen Mansoor Pooja Dixit Gunjan Bhatla manvi bhandari Merline Thomson Yogini Kandre Priti Singh Amreen Parul Johari Sirisha Bhalla kanupriya dhingra sonia giri Garima Singla Gayatri Shipra Dang Sreya Sengupta Shweta Badwaik Deshmukh Sonam zarin Neha Kapoor Gill Nilofer Shaikh Khushboo Pitti Priya Yadav Nazia Hussain Shridevi Shilwant Nisha Dayal Urmila Gupta Rosh Tej Khushboo Pitti; Priti Singh Priya Sood Khushboo Chouhan Kartik Kujur Palisha Sawlani Ruth Timmy Verghese Ruchi Shrivastava Ruchi Srivastava Geethu Benny Ana Khan Vidya Rathod Neha Kapoor Gill Humera Mehtab priyanka sain Preethu Kaveti Komal Jangra Meena Patil Naina Kochar
Neeta Shetty Anitha Nair
Rashmi Ranjan Dwinkle Chauhan Kanika 07 Veda naveen ritu singhal Richa Kaushik Manasa Maheshasha chaudhry Foram nancy singh;Pooja Sheeba Vijesh Sonam patel Dr.Dhanya Prajesh Shiny Vincent  Shipra Dang  Rebecca Prakash  Akshaya Naresh Shruti Giri Richa Chowdhary Foram#128518;&##128518;. Satyam Sharma  Rebecca Prakash  Akshaya Naresh Khushboo Chag

Naiyya Saggi of course I do. BabyChakra is a part of me. That's why even after leaving India I never left Babychakra!!!!!!

Naiyya Saggi this post completely took my heart away. Waiting for the upcoming posts.

Priya Sood ❤️❤️❤️ the best part is since then we have actually come a lot way! Our team shares a common dream : we dream that har ghar main BabyChakra hona chahiye and har ghar main we can bring the amazing support system that each of you on the Babychakra app is creating everyday for each other and for all of us. Indian moms and families really deserve better and we won’t stop till we can get them the Best care and support they need.

This is the dream team btw ☝️

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Hello!! Waiting for more!!
It's a good morning 😊

I have a question! How many of you want to be entrepreneurs !! And what’s stopping you today!

Ok while you answer that am at Office now :) sharing some pics !!

Ketan says hi !

Comment image

Is still a bit early for us as a team! We typically start at 11 and finish late :)

Check out the wall murals in our conference room :)

And this is Mangesh ji who ensures our office is spic and span and ensure we all have enough coffee/ tea to keep us going :) he says hullo!

I loved BabyChakra office, its so cute.

Rebecca Prakash come!! Meet the team!!!

Hey Naiyya.. love to be a part of baby chakra :) thanks for this amazing platform

We have an amazing set of moms and dads working on making BabyChakra !! Samarth Sawhney is a dad to a 3 year old himself :) he says hi too! Samarth heads marketing and growth at babyc and is constantly looking for ways to tell more and more moms and families about us! Can you help him!

Meet Naiyya and her team
Nisha Dayal; Shruti Giri; Ramya chakri; Revauthi Rajamani; Suhasini Vinod Aishwarya Shukla; Bhavna Anadkat Sania Bhushan KritiVika; Mahi Gajwani Reeti Mala Srinivas Neeta Shetty Kartik Kujur Neha Kapoor Gill shreya singh Yogini Kandre; Ashika Imthiyaz; Ellora Mohanty Biswal fameeda unnisa; LEENA PANDYA; Nancy Singh

Am sure all of you have met Rachita Choudhary on the app as well! She has two little adorable ones herself and is the leader of the engineering team!

Comment image

Rachita Choudhary is going to catch me for posting this pic of hers ;) this was taken recently in California . We were there for google s accelerator program!

Comment image

Naiyya Saggi I was there for the moms meet up but you weren't there ☹️. Met the lovely team though😁

Rebecca Prakash oh no! Missed meeting you.

Resham Java yay! And honestly we love having you on the app! My team keeps talking about you too and how you are becoming one of our awesome@momstars! Hope you have brought lots of your friends to BabyChakra as well!

Anyway! Waiting for your questions to come now !! Ask me anything you may have in mind. I can’t wait to hear from you!! 🤗

Means alot coming from u and yes the teammates are great !!! Naiyya Saggi; hope to meet u soon :)

Totally Resham!

This is one takeover I always wished for but never actually thought would happen.

Wow!! Always wanted to know who when n how concept of babychakra came up!! Thank u so much Naiyya Saggi for giving us this wonderful platform. I cannot tell how useful it was during pregnancy n it is for me now after having my baby.
Priya Sood thank u so much for tagging me. U r awesome man! Keep doing amazing work 👍

Good morning Naiyya ..
A warm wishes for ur lovely take over .....
Loving the way u introduced urself ....
Baby chakra is part of my daily routine..I try to dedicate time to all moms ....
Love this app so much that I m totally addicted to it. ..
It's my daily Gyan which sometimes I agree with family members n sometimes deny as my fellow moms has helped me here.;; ..
My hubby loves this app ...n he enjoys the most than me ...
Love u .. looking forward 😊

Great Team! Thank you Baby Chakra for helping us in our difficult tyms..😊

Satarupa B Kaur you won’t believe how weirdly nervous I was for this takeover!

Mahi Gajwani wow! So happy to hear this!!! Say hi to hubby from me pls! And do tell more and more of your friends online and offline about us! We really only exist for moms!

Neha Kapoor Gill and kudos to you for helping out other moms too Neha! It’s inspiring !

Reeti you are creating this platform as well by helping other moms or telling them about us ! So many kudos to you and keep inspiring❤️

@naiyya .... surely will say him ..n this platform has changed our life n perception too ..
Well u asked what is that us stopping u to be an entrepreneur...
Well place is constraint for me ..no opportunity to explore...no plans to start up. .. whatever plan strucks me ..it's stolen by some members..but as usual there business also doesn't grow well as taste n preference of people in Diu is completely different 😣

Sonam Chawla

Wow...this is an amazing takeover...I used to wonder who is behind this wonderful platform. Thanks Naiyya for giving the insights. Must say BabyChakra has a lovely office. Thanks to each one of you for making my pregnancy so smooth.😊👍👍

Tip for today on the app is so perfect and well researched. Numerous time it has happened that I am having one or the other problem like bleeding gums, headache, swelling etc.and I used to get worried but when I open app and the same thing is mentioned as a tip for today that u must be feeling this way and I am like how BabyChakra knows everything and it's so apt. Thanks 😊🙏

Wow... Amazing .... I have known Priya for 3 years now... Thankful to her that she made me.join... Have seen this Baby grow.. so happy to be part of this... Now even my hubby will tell me about you when you feature in some of the articles or news... Naiyya Saggi

Naiyya Saggi Thank u so much! It gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction if I m able to help even a single person with a little knowledge I have. Pls do let me know if I could be of any help.I am a digital marketer and would love to do anything for BC .

Hi Naiyya Saggi,
So good to have you on this takeover. Will get to know babyc more deeply. Had been to your office and you were missed. I must say everythinf about bc is so naturally overwhelming right from the way it keeps us hooked, to the way the team is approachable,to the office ambience and outlook. Must say whoever is the head behind the office interiors has done a great job. Keeps you feel at home. Thanks for getting each one of us to be so close with fellow moms and bc at large. Tkcr and keep the good work going. Bc's got a long way to go.

Naiyya Saggi; i strive to be an entrepreneur .. have started my journey only thing which is acting as an hindrance is my husband's posting in difficult terrains ..;
I am Awweestruck looking at you 😍😍
Love the babyc team 😍😍😍;

Wow Naiyya Saggi the office looks so amazing. Love the look and feel of it. And you sure have a wonderful team.

Wow.superb dear mam.n amazing takeover.

Very happy to see your take over Naiyya Saggi waiting to know more about u and about this amazing platform 😊😊

Loved the office.. how lively and vibrant it looks

Very good morning to very inspiring Naiyya Saggi ..

Wow.. lovely office and happy to see you here Naiyya Saggi . Indeed inspiration for many. Thanks for creating wonderful platform.

Wow Naiyya Saggi office is soo cool . Please Tell us more about your journey .. you are an inspiration.; .

Naiyya Saggi wow wow wow!!!! Pics are awesome.. this is the best takeover naiyya!!! Once, surely gonna meet you and the most lovable team.. i love your office naiyya!!!

I wish to become entrepreneur.. I am always working, m into job.. the thing that stops me is no guidence and every one around me ,my generations are into service

Helloooooo. This is one amazing take over and lovely team. Bbc was and is one great place where I was almost throughout the day during my pregnancy days.... Love this app and all of you associated with Babyc team. 😘😍 May this grow to a greater level.

Naiyya Saggi naiyya m your fan.. since 2016 I am part of this family of Baby; chakra. I cannot express in words how it has helped me and how it is helping me raise my preemie at every stage of his development. You know I have grown up with help of experts and lovely experience helping moms, now my neighbour and colleague come to me to ask for suggestion.. from being zero to a knowledgabke Mom...bc has a very huge and special contribution to it. I have lovely friends here..after joining office I am unable to log whole day with bc updates but never forget to login and check what's happening.. it feels like family. Your idea of building a community , creating a friendly parenting application , encouraging moms, your superb team is all what shows the efforts you have put in.. our nation truely needs female leading ladies like u. There is need of a place like baby chakra and India still.lacks proper baby cafe..Kudos to you for thinking a platform like it and making it true..the contribution its making for moms is amazing..I wish I could be a part of bc during my complicated pregnecy when I was all alone. Your are stunning inspiring and a true heroine...keep it up..may u achieve success in all aspects..and take this team to heights ..Cheers !!

Hey Naiyya Saggi I wanted to be entrepreneur and wish I could fulfill.my dream in future ..I am always working .. I lack guidance and fund both as all my family members since generations are into service

Naiyya Saggi I wanted to be an entrepreneur but need a liitle push 😜

Wow; Naiyya Saggi babychakra ofc is too good n the team as well 😄👍

Babychakra office looks lively and interesting place to work. Co-workers also look happy to be in baby chakra. Babychakra play's an important role in my life, literally a life saving journey during pregnancy and after delivery. I never miss daily tips bcoz I get answers to my problems and sets expectations to be prepared. Thank you Naiyya Saggi for babychakra. I can surely say u have changed so many of our lives.

Awesome takeover 😍

Hieee Naiyya Saggi wawww you!! Waw office!! Love you and ur team!!! Extremely love this app!! Endless thanks to you dear for this app.

Naiyya Saggi how did the idea of app emerge in u ...what were the challenge faced intially....how did u turn ur threats to challenge...
Are u software engineer ...?? I have heard they develop apps for common public ...I m very curious to know how did this begin n now it's a big platform to share our views n thoughts ...😎😎

Amazing leader you are Naiyya Saggi ..the warmth you exude for your work and team is so encouraging..we never had something like babychakra wen I was pregnant or when I had most difficult times during my motherhood journey..but I am so happy that many mom's and mom's to be have it today.. I can altleast help by whatever little I know!!..

Naiyya Saggi; Babyc office is; very nice.; My dd wants to visit; Babyc office.; Tell us more about babyc journey

Mahi Gajwani nopes not a software engineer :) just a person who wanted to solve a problem and was fortunate to find people who wanted to join her in the journey of solving it!

Nisha Dayal we d love to have your DD visit us!! Come !! The journey has been an intense one with great learning! We started with the website in 2015 and app in 2017. Now we are working hard to get these platforms even broader and even more useful for families in india. Our dream is #ghar ghar main BabyChakra! Can you help us meet it!!

Superb takeover👌👌.Very happy to see the office of Baby Chakra.Just love it.Very happy to see the members of team.App helps me a lot after pregnancy.I joined it since the birth of my son n time passes n how he is one year old. I like the daily tip that is provided by app.In the morning when i wake up first of all i check tip so that i can start day of my baby acc to it n some times when there is some doubt relating to my son the answer for that us already on app.I; was sometimes surprised that how Baby Chakra knows my problem.Very big thanks to Baby Chakra for their support,help n love👍👍

Superb personality, beautiful, n my inspiration Naiyya Saggi ....The way u started for take over is really wonderful. ..office is so so nice. ...Thanks for d giving us such a nice family like baby chakra. ....

you are superb leader Naiyya Saggi ..i really thought many times, kash! in my pregnancy, i had babychakra!! i had too many queries that time & was too much confused about everything..today, i think wow! "one mom has little problem & she is asking here...and toooo many answers are in comments , which are so useful for her..
we get daily tips which are so nice nd helpful..
too many articles are here for us..
thank you so much for everything!!

amazing pics...lovely looking you are dear! Babychakra office is awesome! want to meet all of you my dear ones😘Naiyya Saggi , Priya Sood Neha Agarwal , asha chaudhry

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