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Being a parent is a unique experience. As parents we nurture, take care and support our children in every possible way. However, occasionally parenting becomes a challenge. As children start to grow, parents confront several situations, behavioral issues, and other challenging developments that become a difficult task for them to handle.

If you are a parent having queries and concerns about your child’s inconsistent behavior, then join us for the Expert Live Chat with Bethsheba Arsiwala, Counsellor and Special Educator, who will answer all your queries.

Expert: BethSheba Arsiwala

Date: May17th, 2018

Time: 2:00pm - 4:00 pm

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Hi I want to ask that the symptoms of having boy or girl
I am mother of girl child now it's my second pregnancy
It is said that if the heartbeat is above 140 than its a girl and if you are eating salty and spicy and sour than u r having boy
And I have both the symptoms heartbeat is 160 and i love to eat spicy sour and salty than how can I predict the gender
During first pregnancy I hate eating sour and spicy food is used to eat only sweet

Same condition with me... I m mother of a girl child and expecting my second... Heart beat is more but movement started at 3.5 months only... I feel more of kick then fluttering.. Wat can I expect... I m craving for all sorts of sour n spicy foods

Bethsheba Arsiwala waiting for this session

Bethsheba Arsiwala waiting for this session

Truly Awesome!!

I'm looking forward too...been away for a bit...
But it's always a pleasure and honour to be back !!!

I m 10 month preggy ....BT I feel very tired ......I can't do any work

Hello Richa,
It's got to do with all the hormonal changes.
Speak to your doc and see if she can up your intake of folic acid etc.
Also, it's best to listen to your body:)
Take breaks in as and when and break activities into small; chunks.
Soon you will have your energy back !
Take care

Mam any food for fair baby?

I'm sorry ...i won't be able to help here :)
A psychologist and special educator:)

Hi Bethsheba Arsiwala, thanks for helping out here..
I have girl kid 8+ months. How to engage her books. I got few hard board books with big images. Whenever I just open the book. She just closes it and start bitting. What is the right age to engage kids with books or any suggestions?

Ok mam thanks for rply

Hello Bethsheba,
Being a mother of 5 months baby i feel so lonely though my husband support with every possible way . I feel lonely and angry or very emotional if somebody suggest something. What should i do to control my emotion. My husband does everything to makes me happy but i cant realise that i am so much engage in growing my child , although this is our first child just after marriage i was pregnant within a month and we didnt get time to spend.

Hello Kiran,
It's the right time to introduce books..
Try the touch and feel books too...but under adult supervision only!
It will be a good idea to read to her too...try rhymes and sing song too.
Picture books work wonders .
Set aside reading time with your lil one it's an excellent bonding activity. weeks pregnant..n have a toddler question is how to make my toddler independent..he relies on me to sleep..doesnt sleep without touchinh me..and we r joint family..still he doesny stay with anyone except me..all day he just wants me around..

Hi Bethsheba, thanks for the session. What is the best way to tackle your child's fear of something? Like heights, spiders etc.

Hii Bethsheba..i want to know to engage baby and which activities i can do with him since I m a working mom and need to join office...i had brought touch and feel book but still i feel my baby is not tht much interested he is 4.5 month old..
2.frm which age can we set baby routine..

Dear Subhashree,
I can understand how you may feel.
It's not easy bringing up a baby and it comes with it's share of challenges and joys.
If I may suhgest....try taking time off as and when; possible.
Use your support system to take; break and engage in small satisfying activities.
Keep time aside to spend and bond with your husband .
Nd keep reminding yourself you are doing all that u the very best of your ability.

Hi Nehal,
Start with small activities and short duration around the house.
If he is kept occupied with a toy ...come back in a few minutes to reassure him or call out from the next room.
Gradually increased the time. Reinforce and encourage him each time apart.

Hello mansi,
Try stacking activities and blocks.
Routine can be introduced post 7 months

Hi i am 10 week pregnant but i am not at all eating healthy food and unable to eat those

Have tried the suggestions u mentioned..infact evryone in d house is taking an its in vain..

Hello Priya,
The best way is to normalise the topic and not stress on it way too much.
Casually talking about the topic...sharing your fun experiences will help.

#askbeth Hi Ma'am my daughter is 5 n a half month old..... she is wonderful very social, active and playful by the grace of god.... Hiwever sometimes all of a sudden when I take her to the park for a stroll she starts screaming loudly just for now reason don't know whether she does it due to the heat or does she wanna talk.... could u plz assist.... thanks

Hi nisha,
Speak to your doc and draw up a food chart according to your liking now.
Try and consciously include; small healthy food like nuts.
Speak to ppl around to find out innovative ways .

Hi a monther of 2 kids a boy of 2.9 and girl of 1.7 yrs babies are becoming very irritated n aggressive

Hi Nehal,
Try household stuff...
Bowls, spoons , brush, buckets etc ...children get fascinated when they are allowed to explore our daily living objects:)

#AskBeth can I; breastfeed child incase I have fever and cold cough?

Dear Rymer,
Check for a pattern ...May be it's her sitting position or heat.
Talk her through it...touch ask if there pain in legs or is she tired...thirsty...hungry or sometimes just bored.
Help her identify and u can then work around it.
Keep your voice in a calm and soothing tone

#askbeth Hi Bethsheba Arsiwala; I have 2 kids. Elder one is 4yrs old girl and younger one 3 weeks old baby boy. I am working mother and on maternity leave.
1. My 4yrs old daughter has become very difficult to handle. When someone calls her she does not respond and she will respond only when she wants to. She throws anything at anyone if something goes against her wish and have become short tempered. She does not sit at one place at any moment and get herself hurt most of the time. Though sometimes she listens to us which happens rarely, please advise how should I help her to get rid of this fussy behaviour as everyone scolds her and that really hurts her.
2.My lo is very small and could not manage elder one jumping around/cuddling him constantly. Currently I have kept elder one with in laws and am at my moms place.But i am worried once I go back to my house how to manage this problem.

Hello sanreen ,
Try and set them in routines nd small discipline actions.
Read my article on toddler tantrums

#AskBeth how much should baby drink milk in the 4th month.. I express my milk once in a day almost 3ounce for feeding

i am 6weeks pregnant. sometimes i dont feel like pregnant

I'm a mother of a 3month old baby girl.....i feel depressive in evening time specially when i begin to breastfeed my baby....are these baby blues or what? How to overcome from yhis all?

Dear Priya,

Plz do read my article on toddler tantrums.
Involve your older one in chores for the younger picking out his clothes for the day...going diaper shopping.
Read to the series of pepper books and relate it to her .
Ask her how she can help and be patient .
Keep time aside only for her each day;; where u both can bond.
Ask her father the same
Also it would be a good idea to spend 15 to 20 mins each day as a whole family.
Good luck

Hello anushka,
It's ok to feel this way.
Try and engage in some activity.
What really helps is listening to music while feeding and singing along .
Pick up a small hobby at home like mandala painting or sketching .
Take time out for urself and enjoy a long bath ...
Slowly It will all get better .
Good luck

Hello dear, i want to know when should i start giving my baby potty training. How to train her?how to control her latching when; she wl start having her teeth as now also while sucking she pull the nip* many times.

#askbeth hii mam, Thanks for this session...this was much needed for me ...
My baby Rey is 7 months old now...
1-His teething phase has started n if things don't go according to him ..he becomes cranky n sometimes he slipts saliva from mouth n starts crying...he wants that I should take him in arms again n again
2- secondly he is very active in home ..eats semi solids interestingly n loves to watch birds but once I take him on bike or car for sights seeing or park or market...he isn't much interested..he just loves to watch bikes on road n he becomes calm no smile on face nor babbles ..n as soon as he enters home he is again back to routine...why their is difference ??

Hello Mahi,
Looks like your baby thrives on being entertained:)
Which is lovely ...
U can substitute indoors with lovely colourful books on the same stuff.
Introduce him to household objects nd let him explore them under ur supervision.
Switching on music and nursery rhymes can; be tried too

ThanksBethsheba Arsiwala for ur valuable suggestions... have invested in some good books too .... but what other activities can be introduced

Thanks Bethsheba Arsiwala .
Where can I get your toddler tantrums post?

Hi mam . I have 2 years baby, he is very notty ,how to control him.please tell me.

#liveqna #askbeth .. Hi, Bethsheba Arsiwalathanks for the session.. my girl is 29 mnths.. shel b starting with her pre school in a mnth.. she’s fidgety at tyms dats ok with me.. bt she’s very possessive abt her belongs.. m worried how will she cope in school.. plz suggest.

Hi mariyum ,
Do you think u can start with a few play dates for her?
Let her be around her age grp; and mingle with you around.
Encourage her to share and reinforce the behaviour. Let go of a few things she would not want to.
Be encouraging and helpful...
Also model sharing for her

Thanks Bethsheba Arsiwala

Hi... My baby s 6 month old...I stared giving cereal water... doctor advised to start suji kheer... My concern s sufficient milk..if I don't feed one time breast became full tight and painful.Will it be problem for me?? Now a days he s taking less feed not emptying breast completely...

Even I hv d same prob with my daughter

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