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It's the end of the week and I survived another super hot week in Gujarat! Lots of Hi5 moments happened - the nicest being Mother's Day dinner with my parents and childoo. After a nice South Indian meal at our fav restaurant, I took them to a very nice place where you get to-die for sorbets of the most exotic flavours!!! They had never been there and last year i couldn't take them when it just opened so this time a visit was son my bucket list :) #thetenyearold decided on dark chocolate and was bouncing on the walls way past midnight - but that's a different story....

I met my gynea and showed her all the reports - she's put me on supplements!

I'm loving my dad's new automatic car - it just cruises along the dreadful mixed traffic, stressfree!

I've been hanging out with my bff every evening and met some old school mates. She's given me fresh mangoes from her backyard tree...

My MIL is much better now (touch wood) - she had undergone surgery a month ago.

Lots to be grateful for. I'm just happy to be able to spend some quality time with my parents, even though after a whole year.

If you live near your parents - you are super lucky! Hang out with them as much as you can...

Would really love to know what were the high points of your week, what did you celebrate, what new naughty stuff your childoo is upto... Do share. Let's spread some positive vibes together here...

Happy weekend. Do create some amazing memories over the weekend...

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Aditi Ahuja Mariyum Aaquib Maria Abdul(the lyrical momma) Sangeeta(musicalmomy) Rakhi Puri (beautyofmommying) Archana Bhosale Nisha Dayal Roopashree Siddireddy pls share ur awesomeness and #tagfwd

KritiVika Satyam Sharma Satarupa B Kaur Neha Vij Neha Mani Mishra Richa Chowdhary Kavita Sahany Revauthi Rajamani ritu singhal

Loads to hi-five on. managed to wrap up some professional commitments finally yday. Dad far better and gearing up for surgery sometime soon. Got baby storage and furniture made finally.; Still sailing through chores and duties plus work in this Kolkata chip chip garmi. Happy. Thankful. Blessed. #hi5 #gratitude #TGIF

Happy part of the week was getting a note of admiration from my MIL, yes my MIL, she was all Gaga about how I cooked well when they visited us to celebrate my birthday.. pihu has started laughing hysterically, like hahaha non stop, hubby and I went without fighting for a week, and pihu is managing well without me during day time. Daddy took 3 days off from work to be with kids so me, papa, Mumma, my Didi and our; kids had lots of fun. My sister is back to her home since she needs to manage her clinic and coaching centre but these 2 weeks were fun filled. Summer vacations are so special #gratitude #happinessunlimited

And yes yes how I can I forget my first #ama 😁

Yes it was another supper week with family ..Both sasural and Maika ..I was in my sasural in the beginning of the week and did a photo shoot of my Diva, cooked some yummy items and was glad everyone liked it ..
Had some fresh air and lovely moments ..then at my mom's place did Vat Savitri with my mom and chachis..Meeting many relatives and old buddies , dinner sessions and get togethers is continuing and this weekend :-)
Sharing a click of my life lines..My mom and my Diva in a wow moment :-)

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Was able to exercise every single day!!!!!!

The week was good. M at my place I visited my mom coz its her bday today.. i mite visit my in laws today or may b tom coz its ramzan started n i need to go wish everyone in person.. hoping it to be a good mnth

Wow Priya Sood ! So jealous!

Pls wish ur mom on our behalf Mariyum Aaquib and have a wonderful ramzan!

Sure ; thanks @asha chaudhry

Met my physiotherapists....nutrition specialist , and started my exercises and diet routine to become fit..was going very low since couple of months..and extreme back pain...hope I get fit soon 😊

asha chaudhry wow u are in Anand now... Enjoy vacation 👍👍😊😀. Time spent with parents is always refreshing... I agree it's super hot week in Gujrat.
Our Hi5 moments include daily visit to park & Playtime. asha chaudhry thanks for tag

Blessed with another 👼 is the bestest hi5 moment of my life. She is real fighter got Jandice and get cured in a day time 😇

asha chaudhry My high points of the week would be having established my first dog friendship in Goa.I am really petrified of them otherwise!
Also, I see new expressions on my girl's face( though mostly to do with frowns) but Iam loving them!
Share yours Khushboo Chouhan Cheni Adukia Nancy Singh

Wow Priya Sood !I want to exercise......!!!!

Priya Sood👍. Daily exercise... Cool. Pls pass on some motivation to me 😂😂

Relief in my morning sickness but you never know it can hit you back any time. 😁. My son has start behaving like mature he know the exact place to finish his business though we never told him😂😂😂😂. He has started to address himself as; 'mein'. But he still call me Poopa instead of Pooja. He know the value of electricity and switch off all things when he exit any room(and yes I still forget to switch them off 😉).

How adorable Mrs Chhoker i really like ur hi5s!!!

Maria Abdul(the lyrical momma) were u visiting goa? I live in goa!!!

asha chaudhry di, me n my sis both are at papa's home & enjoyed a lott...my papa & brother is so happy with all kiddos! when they came from office at home , all kids like shouting nanaji..nanaji... mama...mama...😃😃!!
here is the pic of my papa n my little netu..

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Yes asha chaudhry di. ..here is lots of hi5 moments. ..daily outing, dhamal, dhisoom dhisoom 🏻😃😃.....n yess. ..time spend with loving papa. ...

Bhavna Anadkat Madhavi Cholera your high 5 are real hi 5s 😁

I had a very bad start of the week when my mom's sugar dripped to just 58 and she fainted..infact this was her third episode and doctor was saying it is dehydration.. I thought and searched the net for the whole day..me sister and dad took care and almost saved her and I said this is low sugar..whole week managed home as maid is on leave..handled mine and my sister's kiddo and even.my sister did a lot..we supported our parents like we always wanted but could never as we live very far from each other and they always fight everything alone..my hi5 moment was the way my daughter showed lots of maturity and took care of my sister's daughter with whom till last week she had many grieviences..

ohh...Aditi Ahuja ...how is aunty's health now dear? feeling very sad while reading this..take care of her..u r so great! nd your daughter is too!

Thanks so much dear Madhavi Cholera she is recovering now with treatment and care.. actually misses us a lot..we come once a year..but good we came when she and papa needed us most.. parents are real angels..today I was making dinner and my dad came and asked..are you tired..you are sweating..Shaadi ke baad itna pyaar bas yahi milta hai..mom is sad that she waited for us for one year and now is unwell..she actually takes too much tension of kids.. my sister's daughter was unwell so she had stopped eating well since 3 months..so this happened..it's difficult to describe Parenthood

Good to know that aunty is recoveringAditi Ahuja ..
A hug to your daughter for being so matured. Take care .

Thank God Aditi Ahuja you sisters were there to manage things. Actually our parents suffer from health issues but never discuss with us thinking we will get worried. Whenever we visit them they feel so good but due to our families we are not able to go there and visit them regularly. I pray to God that he keep all parents healthy and happy. 😃

Good to know ur mom is feeling much better Aditi Ahuja . I too meet my parents every year in summer holidays so i can relate. Hugs to u all. Tc.

Thanks asha chaudhry di..Mrs Chhoker Kavita Sahany for your wishes..means a lot to me.. I will convey to mom..she will bless you!!

It's really sad that both a boy and girl are given birth and raised in the same way and each parent deserves same rights, love, care etc..but after marriage girl's parents are left alone. I hate this beti paraayi hai concept..when I got married 12 years back my sister was there for them but 6 years back wen she got married mom had undergone Many small and big surgeries almost alone with dad only there..we just worry and cry for them..we have our families and kids to handle.. thankfully we we're here this time..

Aditi Ahuja ask ur mom to pop sweets wenevr she feels giddy.. as an immediate aid..tc

Thanks dear Mariyum Aaquib

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