Its Summer Vacation time!

Kids can get bored and irritable without much to do and no where to go. Let's not forget, we have to handle our baby along with house/ office work.

Luckily, our MomStar, Arwa Hozefa, is here to share some creative tips to SPEND SUMMER VACATIONS with Fun and creativity.

Date: 23rd May

Time: 3- 5 pm

Here are a few topics we would cover

- Activities and Fun Games to play at home.

- Places to visit in the holidays - nearby and fun.

- How to manage housework and babies all at the same time.

All this and much more!

Join us for Arwa's Ama.


Excited Arwa Hozefa

Thank you Priya Sood

niceeee, waiting!!

Super excited for a tete a tete; with all u lovely mommies 😁

Really needed. .....waiting baby is 19 month I want him to get smdistracted from tv and gazettes plz share some fun creative ideas ,games ways for his cognitive and overall development

Pls do attend the session ask anything. Richa Chowdhary Roopashree Siddireddy Kavita Sahany Resham Java Aditi Ahuja; Madhavi Cholera Revauthi Rajamani; Mariyum Aaquib; manvi bhandari Prashanthi srikanth; Neha Vij Dr. Payal M @shivani; Kartik Kujur Taheseen Asif Shristhy thapa(sunam) Nisha Dayal Palisha Sawlani

A very big thank you to you Arwa Hozefa for all the support you have given us here on the app. Thanks for this session.

Pls do ask your question Ujjwal Mishra(SuperMommy) Neelam sinoliya Abhilasha Jaiswal; Geeta Verma SHALU RANI Divya Amit Jain Bhavna Anadkat Anisha Agarwal; Ambika Gohil aditi trikha Rakhi Puri (beautyofmommying) Sonika Singh Sheeba Rizvi Sulbha Bathwal @twinsandmamata Mamta Washist Shruti Budihal Cheni Adukia Prisha Lalwani (Mummasaurus); manvi bhandari; Kamalini Rao Harneet (clanpedia) Sheeba Vijesh Deepti Kush naghma basit khan Godhuli Dube Muskan Jain Meghna Mehta Manjula Handa Neha Pandey Samidha Mathur Jyoti Tengale Priyanka Devle Dhara Popat Susmitha Ch Suhasini Vinod

How to tune in as m very new to this platform ,where to put my questions

My question when summer vacations come it's very difficult for me to keep my child on a schedule. He watches tv and stays up late night. Everyone's's holidays but I think children need to follow schedule

aradhana sharma to keep it baby busy u can get some puzzles which helps then with cognitive skills.; Also playing hide and seek with his toys, beading coulourwise alternate colours etc are fun activities for them . Also playing with clay and building things is a fun way to pass time .

Hii my daughter is 22 month old; please tell me some activities,and fun; games at home; for his development; thnxx..

Priya Sood . Yes its summers and their schedule does go for a toss to an extent but a bit of tv time is ok . Normally I let my child have a bit of tv time in the morning then I engage him in some physical activity like football or tennis or gymnastics . We then sit down with books to read . I ensure he gets a bit of a nap in the afternoon . Evening we normally go to parks or down to play with friends . Also having playdates once a week is fun for the child .

Abhilasha Jaiswal a very big welcome to you. If you have a question on this topic you can comment here

Raveena Thukral; hiii . Engage ur daughter in outdoor play if poss . If u have something closely in ur vicinity like a park or garden its a perfect way for them to develop all their senses .; Also reading books to ur child . Water play with measuring cups . Painting . Clay and kinetic sand also stimulate fine motor skills . Seek and find books for kids help in cognitive skills .

Hi Arwa Hozefa son is 17 mnths old. .i give him many toys bt he dnt want to play inside d home. ..He always ask me to go outside. .i have so many house hold chore. can i busy him inside the home? .

My child who is 3 yrs does get bored so easily with any kind of activity .is there any activity which engage her for long and that also doesn't involve me much .because m having 1 yr old also to look after .

Abhilasha Jaiswal u ask ur question here. .

Thanks Bhavna Anadkat and Priya Sood for resolving my issue

Already put my questions

Bhavna Anadkat . It's easy for kids to get bored with things easily . At this age children love playing cooking.; Goving them pots pans spoons and tongs with a bit of pasta and sponge will keep them entertained . Also blocks are a fun way for the child to be occupied . I would also recommend beading .

Abhilasha Jaiswal . My sons also 3 and keeping him busy is a Herculean task . Engage ur child in things she likes to do. Beading . Cooking colouring painting are fun things for ur child . Also sticking with paper.; Cutting paper are fun activities . U can also invest in cosmic sand . It's fun and kids love playing with it . Also u can have playdates where u can send it child to a friend's house to play.; If there are kids in ur bldg its perfevt for ur child to socialise and also keep herself busy .

I'm unable to full fill my baby,; due to household work. I'm trying my level best but I'm unable to do

#ama hii my baby is 8 Months old now ....will be going to mom's place.; .I can't take all his toys n material required for his activities....what new activities I can introduce him

BP im sorry I'm unclear on what u r trying to ask .

Beading and cosmic sand are new to me and all the things she has done n got bored easily .let me try these two but Arwa Hozefa; what beading is all about can you please brief it to me

Abhilasha Jaiswal beading is basically where u have a string and u put beads into it.; So u can make necklaces handband headbands et's with it . Also u can get lacing boards for her .

What is your opinion on holiday classes? Are they unnecessary or a good idea? Should children have more; time at home or Activities classes can be taken?

I mean how to manage

Mahi Gajwani hi its a good idea to take a few soft books and a few toys of his liking . I recommend clay for ur baby . But u shud monitor while hes playing with clay as they have a tendency of putting in their mouth . Also soft blocks are fun when they are stacking and building things with it . A drum is a lot of entertainment for ur child .

My elder daughter doesn't play alone she needs me or her naani or anyone she s familiar with..Now as I've delivered my second baby who s 1 month old its difficult to give elder one enough time..n she s not eating on meal times.. Suddenly at midnight she tells she want food now..plz advise me how to cope wt these issues..d whole day she s throwing tantrums n making hell ..Me n my mom hadn't got enough sleep these days. Even though v hired a maid for her especially..She s tormenting d poor maid too

Thanks dear Arwa Hozefa

Priya Sood . I think holiday classes are a good idea . But depends on where . U need to do a background check and make sure ur child is learning somwthing and it's not jus a class where it child wiles away his time without any gain . In the summers sports classes I feel are a go to . As kids really need to use all their pent up energy . I also came across this speech and drama class which I am super keen on putting my child .unfortunately it's too far. Summer classes are fun for ur child . I've done a few for my son and they surprise u with what they learn when u least expect it .

Abhilasha Jaiswal u can also get water wow book . It's really keeps the child engaged .

Water wow book what is that ,really this session is very exciting to me .I got to know very different things about engaging activities

My baby is 1 year old
She hardly plays with toys
In what activities should I engage her

#ama ; hi my daughter is 16 month old.pls tell me some fun activities she is active.n what kind of games I play with her.she have many toys but she don't like her toys.she play in the kitchen.pls help.thanks in advance.

Wat to do so that baby eat food without tv n mobile?

BP at 7 months ur baby is capable of playing on her own . U can keep a few toys out for ur baby so she can keep herself busy . Also try prepping for the next day in the night so u have some feee time on ur hand and u can play with ur child . U can also keep it baby in a high chair so she can watch u while ur working . Also keeping a swing either in the passage or in the hall will keep your child entertained.

Rimsha Idrees hiii . How old is ur older one? She's goin through separation anxiety . Suddenly all the focus is on the new baby and she doesn't know how to deal with it . Make sure ur giving her enough of time . Spend atleast 2 hours a day woth jus her so she knows she's important as well . Mabbe feed her her meals . In the eve go woth her to the park . She is feeling neglected and doeant know how to show her emotions so she's acting out . Also explain her that u need to take care of the younger baby more as it's so small . Also involve her in some way woth the small baby . Even if it's changing nappy or taking her help while giving it baby batch etc .

himani what is ur baby interested in ? Get her some musical instruments she can play with . Pots and pans are an all time favourite . Get her a ball of she's a sporty child.;

Durga Salvi; hiii .. like I said earlier if she likes the kitchen pots and pans are the best thing to give . Also give some pasta and rice and measuring cups and let her fill and refill and enjoy . Kids love gettin messy so u can try painting woth marbles or straw or jus let her paint with her hands .If she is active taking her to the garden or park is an enjoyable activity for them . U can also keep a ride on in the house or in the passage outside ur house and let it baby play on it .

rachna sharma hiii . I normally read books for my son or we play with lego while I'm feeding him . Also we play hide and seek in the house which is fun for us as well as them . And they eat better while playing . I also play puzzles and make it challenging so they don't lose interest in the game .

Abhilasha Jaiswal u can check it on Amazon.; It's also available at hamleys .

Hi @arwa hozefa thanks for the session .. my daughter is 29 mnths I want to make her learn colours she finding it difficult to differentiate.. any activity or game i play with her.. new or

Mariyum Aaquib; hiii . Start woth basic colours for her ..jus blue green yellow red . Whatever it doing make sure u mention the colour to her ..also if u can take her to the supermarket and show her the different fruits and veggies in different colours it helps . Also let her hold and explore each thing ur talking about so it registers for her . A colour book also if fun for the kids . Painting or colouring also reinforces the colour for the child ..also vehicles u see on the road i can show her different colours ..

Thank you Arwa Hozefa; for this session. We have some really interesting ideas!!!

Thanks Arwa Hozefa I hv done some of the things u askd me to try n do all.. thanks

Thanks Arwa Hozefa; ..Btw my elderone s 2yrs 9months..Full talkative n takes full interest in her younger sister n ask every time that she ll take care of her ..Maybe I'm not giving her tym ..U r ryt

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