My first week at work after Maternity Break!!!

Since Pihu was born I was like Mother Kangaroo, I always ensured either she was on my tummy or around me. Also for the reason that she was pre-term and low weight, it was a way for her to feel safe and secure so that she could row well. I would leave her only for bio-breaks! Also I am a control freak new mom, since I got this baby after lot of hardships (read miscarriage) I only wanted to keep her safe. Honestly I only trusted my mom with Pihu and no one else. Fast forward 5 months, I had to join office in a month’s time and hence I was very anxious that how will Pihu manage without seeing me for straight 8-9 hours.


I was not worried so much about who will manage her, since that responsibility was with my mumma, I only had that unexplained, unreasonable separation anxiety building up in me. So I delayed my joining by 20 days, since I was weaning off my daughter I thought it is good to extend my leaves so that I give that space to her, and also I wanted her to get in to the ROUTINE and UNDERSTAND it well.


Just about a week before my joining, I did the following things, and thankfully it has helped me a lot. Atleast I had the first stress free week at work:


-;;;;;;;;;;Pihu is an early riser, so she is up anywhere between 5-5:30am, since she is potty trained, so as soon as she used to wake up I would make her do potty.

-;;;;;;;;;;It was followed by playtime with daddy, since I would be busy with early morning chores, I wanted her to understand that this was daddy & baby time together, with no intervention from mumma. That is a flip side that Pihu has learnt lots of “not so good stuff” from daddy like “how to burp loudly”, “how to help daddy brush his teeth” or “how to say.. Aieeee” , like really who teaches that to babies, but my husband did!

-;;;;;;;;;;During this hour I would instruct the cook for breakfast & lunch, clean Pihu’s stuff, bottles, rattles, sipper, nibblers etc and most importantly make “Chai” – just the way I want it!

-;;;;;;;;;;Post chai, there would a quick handover of baby from daddy to mumma. I would then massage her, and feed her.

-;;;;;;;;;;And then Pihu also preferred to have little bites of breakfast from daddy’s plate.

-;;;;;;;;;;After all this morning hustle bustle I would go and handover her to my mumma, sharp at 7:30am every morning without fail. Because I leave for office at 7:30am, I wanted her to understand this very well that mumma leaves me here early.

-;;;;;;;;;;I would come back to my home, and stayed there till noon time, used to join Pihu and mumma for lunch and then used to pick her up by evening. I did all that I wanted to do during my free time for that one week, and thankfully Pihu adjusted well to this routine.


Fast forward 21st;May, it was my first day at work after almost 6.5 months and without seeing Pihu. I made the first call to home at 9am, mumma said Pihu is sleeping, next call was at 10:30am, mumma said I am busy with Pihu, next call was at 1pm, mumma said we are busy eating lunch, next call was at 2:15 pm, and I got a piece of mind from my Mumma! She said stop troubling me and Pihu, if you don’t trust me or my ways come back home and handle her. OUCHHHHHHH!!!!

When I reached home, I was welcomed with open arms from Pihu and she refused to leave me till the time she slept which was about 9:30pm. Yes she made my guilt very strong!


Day 2, I didn’t call mumma, instead she called and updated me about Pihu at around noon, saying she is fine, she ate well, and she is sleeping now. I was relieved, and since I was very busy at work I really did not realize that the day ended so fast. When I reached home, Pihu saw me gave me a smile and was back to playing with her drum, I was like hellloooooo, I am your mom, you are supposed to give me some importance, but she was busy with her “me-time”;J. I was happy that she has understood that mumma will not be there during day time. She played with me like any other usual day, did not emand any extra attention. I was happy that she is happy. Day 3 & 4 also went without any major bout of throwing tantrums, infact when I go to drop her at mumma’s place, she starts smiling and is very happy to my mumma and papa, and immediately grabs her favorite toy – drum and plays with it. Thankfully she doesn’t throw tantrums around eating infront of my mumma as much she does with me. I now get watsapp picture updates of how Pihu is doing, and she is really fine, after all “woh apni ma ki ma ke paas hai”!;J



This is the story, but I want all of you mothers to know certain important things before you join work after your maternity break:


-;;;;;;;;;;Plan your caregiving back-up earlier than later. The sooner you figure out, and get your child into the routine the better it is.


-;;;;;;;;;;If you are planning to leave your baby at daycare then try and see if you can see the baby through CCTV whenever you want through-out the day and if the baby is with family member, then do not pester them throughout the day for updates!; If you are planning to leave the baby with maid for the entire day, I suggest you get CCTV installed at home because safety comes first!


-;;;;;;;;;;Make them understand the eating pattern of your baby, though my baby stays with her Nani, I still direct her what all should be fed to Pihu during the day, it is important! Plan your baby’s meals at least a day before.


-;;;;;;;;;;Look at your work arrangement, see if you can either do WFH for some days, or you can opt for reduced working hours (with pay cut), or flexible work timings. In my case I opted for flexible work timings, so I am in office from 8am to 4pm every day!


-;;;;;;;;;;If you are still breastfeeding the baby, define a pumping schedule for yourself. ;I was an exclusively pumping mom, WAS because I have stopped pumping now. But if you pump, you can store the milk in fridge and ask the caregiver to feed the baby that milk. You can also pump the milk at work, carry that back home in an icebox and refrigerate it, please remember you should not break the chain of refrigeration. You can store bm at room temp for 4 hours ( room temp should be around 25-26 degrees)


-;;;;;;;;;;Seek support from family, and most importantly from your partner. There will be days when both of you will be equally tired and baby will be super charged, just take turns to handle the baby. Trust me there is nothing more beautiful than a baby looking at you and smiling, lot of couples out there are struggling to experience this joy, you are blessed that you have a baby, so don’t end up fighting, be mindful of your feelings and ask for help/support.


-;;;;;;;;;;Every baby is DIFFERENT, so give time to your baby. And most importantly babies are much more resilient ;than we are, they understand routine well, but they need to be put through it every time.


-;;;;;;;;;;And most importantly give time to yourself and don’t let any guilt overtake you. If you have decided to join back work then the game is on! And if you have decided to quit then still the game is on! Whatever you chose be proud of your decision


I am happy how first week turned out to be. Please share your thoughts, how did your first week turned out at work. Because we learn from each other!

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Awsm post dear

Wow great job. Useful tips to the working moms.

All the best to you!!! Never forget we are here for you!!

this is sooo beautifully written!!! lucky you

Superb post. Its glad to know pihu adjusted very well with her nani.

Absolutely loved your post satyam. I am not sure aa of now when will I join work coz I dropped my last job so will find a new one whenever I will be joining. Eva has routine set for everything so I'm sorted there but yes I'm yet to deal with the saperation anxiety whenever that will happen.... this will be helpful.

STANDING OVATION SATYAM. i can not describe how proud i am of you, your mom and the way you both together are supermoms!!! this is the best thing i have read in the longest time and i'm bookmarking it. my wish, may every working new mom be able to get back to work EXACTLY like you. god bless.

Thank you!!! You all have made my Friday 😘

Good going satyam.
I must say u r very lucky to have ur mom take up a fulltime baby care job so that u can go to work in peace.
Uve managed everything very nicely.
Hats off to ur mom as well.

Awesome job pihu and mumma!

Super post! And so so proud of how you handled this as a team!! Kudos to you Satyam!

This is great satyam...nicely planned by pihus mom and well executed by ur mom..!!

Trust me satyam this is my story, when I was reading this, u remembered my first day of office after maternity leave, lots of love take care, good going

Wawwww!!!! Satyam u r awesome !!!! Very very helpful tips ...and yes ur dp is awesome😗😗
Where do u live dear and r u doing bank job?

Superb post!!

Thank you everyone!
Parul Johari I shifted my home to be in the same building as my mother and stay in Gurgaon. I am an HR Manager in an MNC

Ohhh u r so far from me,,, otherwise will meet you love to you satyam

Can imagine myself !! Haha

Parul Johari love you too, eagerly waiting for your baby to arrive 😘

This is one golden piece you served in diamond words...n pihu to mera Sher baccha hai...n yaad hai na...naani ne to uski maa ko HR manager bnaya hai😋...nani is really a boon... N you my dear...a real strong lady daughter wife and mom. Loved it thoroughly 😍

Woho... That's an awesome post... You are lucky to have your mother around. And you did it so well.

So beautifully written... This; encourages me to join back work... Super useful tips.. I'm definitely going to use them..

Superb job yaar. ...u manage everything like mumma no 1. well written ur experience. ..helpful many mummas. .

Hey satyam.. seriously this was much needed .. now a days m on the same spree.. trying my son to get comfortable with my mom.. shifted near to her place.. the only thing left is.. will be joining soon.. this has surely motivated me..

Very nice managed things

Well written and well planned, i must say. I go with your words i seriously don't trust on leaving my baby with anyone else than her Nani. And soon m gonna b out of sight for long ten days due to an official visit of mine, and baby had to stay at home with nani and this thought of not seeing her is giving me mixed thoughts of anxiety.

Awesome.; All the best.

Thank u for sharing ur experience. Even I am worried about my baby as I shall be joining office in October and by den my baby will be just 8 months and have to looked after my maid...thanks dear

Superb post.

Great going Pihu,pihu ki mumma and pihu ki Nani..HAIL to WOMAN POWER 🙏

Wow, wow, wow,,,, what a post... Its gonna help me a lot satyam... I have almost decided to leave my job. But i think i should not... Thanks for such an encouraging post... Gonna take so many tips; n help from you before n after i rejoin

Thank you so much for your appreciation!!! It really means a lot 😘🤗

Nice post.. 👍

Superb post..👍

Soooo beautiful post really....I can understand and getting help from this as I'm struggling the same thing since one year... thank you so much

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