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I conceived after;2 years of my marriage naturally we were so happy ..my pregnancy was going fine without any;issues , there was;a huge tension in my maternal family ..I kept away with that but don't know how it has stressed me;.. At;5 th month of my pregnenecy I was diagnosed with Gestational diabetes and Polyhydrominous , my levels were very high, I;broke ;down badly and prayed and did every thing with diet insulin shots to control my sugar and it was under controlled..Some unknown fear was going in side but seeing reports I;managed my confidence with my husband;and went to doctor for next review on 21st july 2016 , she told me you;still have ployhydromious and at 6 month I had 8 month abdomen level, I was shattered ;... ..some how with all other positive things I was positive and kept talking to my baby and writing diaries on how I felt seeing your first video scan, And praying to My Ganpati Bappa.

;On 15th August 2016 at home without any prior symptoms , i had gush of liquid coming and on reporting to doctor they found that my membrene raptured and despite all efforts doctor said baby has to be delivered and will be sent to nicu.

I remeber each and every word said by doctor that time that still brings goosebumps and how I was counselled for second pregenency as gynvic said that only miracle can save baby ...

I couldnt express in words my feeling as I thought I lost my soul somewhere I was just breathing .. Baby was born on 17 th August 2016 at 28 week gestational age..I was given a chance of minute to talk to to him before he goes to Nicu. The grief I suffered is unexplainable . With so many roller coaster of 15 days ..after I was asked to do kmc and then I touched baby for first time...I just broke down badly when I saw my baby hooked with wires and wrapped in machines ..

.I honestly want to run that day after seeing my baby in nicu ..how my imagination of baby has turned into nightmare and every minute I felt guilty why my baby was suffering ...life will throw you to your worst nightmare .....but with almights blessings things improved. Me and my husband motivated each other every single day...

My babys Nam Karan -I remember my babys Nick names Naam Karan at hospital ...eveyday I visited nicu I holded my breath till I saw him the incubator....one day I was waiting for my second chance of kmc at another floor...wearing a mask ..suddenly a baby came to me and said aunty why are;u wearing this?...and what are u waiting for -i said m waiting to meet my son.. he said ok...then he came back and said -aunty bye the way what's your babys name ?;- I looked at him surprisingly and I thought at this stage when there is so much speculations of his ... How come ...I should name him now !! I thought n ...I said Bunny !!! ;;..since then I use to call him Bunny .


I admit that when ever we face some extreme situations in life and surrender our selves to almighty there are clues from him, from nature .. I remember during those times when I thought this meeting can be last one with my baby. ;..and want to live completely in evey single second spend with him...but when I use to hear some serious conversation between doctor I use to broke down badly ... And then there was a clue from God , a ray of sign ...his way of telling me your baby is there and he will be with u. Thats why I came across some Angels who lifted me up when I needed it most. My husband was my pillar .

The most celebrated day of our lives was when we brought our Lil one at home. after 50 days of his stay at nicu....he wasn’t even;1.8 kg that time.. I hardly had time to eat or comb...I was madly involve in Bunny...and socially disconnected so that he stays away from infection which was important for him..people use to say that she is rude ...she behaves like a forensic expert ..as almost I learned how micor bacteria can harm my baby :) he he . M still possessive about him...but he is opened now. with all efforts and care he grew up...


My Magician Bunny :

My bunny ;is a happy healthy Badmash toddler now.. he is a true miracle ...a true warrior..he is magician of my life. ; ; .. ; ; I can hear his shrieks of laughter from the next room, as he plays with his daddy. I feel the warmth of joy and contentment filling my body. My baby has changed my approach towards life , M more stronger and spiritual then before.

For Moms of Preemie;: ;I would ;say to mommies of all preemies here that God has; chosen you because your really the strongest

Now...the other side of having preemie is it makes u feel your blessed for every breath you make.. you become mature and donot sweat for irrelevant things any more;;.., you appreciate and celebrate every milestone. ...we ;celebrated even ;when Bunny was able to breathe by himself, without supplemental oxygen or assistance from a;;cpap. We cheered as he had his feeding tube removed. I literally jumped once;;he crossed 1.5 kg and was considered as baby from nicu baby to infant. And I still remember the wonderful feeling when he was finally big enough to fit into baby clothes.;; ;

Never compare your baby -;Don’t we all love the (not so subtle) baby bragging and one-upmanship that sometimes goes on between mums? My little baby ;was rolling at three weeks, while bunty was self settling by two months, while .... was feeding himself, talking, walking, mastering quantum physics by four months (You get the general picture).Having a preemie makes it easy to bypass the comparison/competition and puts things into perspective.. we never compare our baby's milestone and always concentrate d on doing best from outside ...weather feeding it rightly , keeping healthy environment , to following the doctors advice properly and giving best for babys emotional development....by God Grace mybabys milestones are fine.

Warrior Baby

If you have had a preemie then you know you have been blessed with a very special baby. Preemies are warrior babies that have had to fight to survive. Their tiny little hands and feet are deceptive in hiding their true strength and determina


Having a premature baby can put an enormous amount of strain on your relationship but it also provides an opportunity to strengthen the bond with your partner through the shared experience.

During our NICU journey, , we gained a new level of intimacy. Together, we cried, we waited, we held our breath, through all the ups and downs.

Inner Strength and blessings ..

If you are a preemie parent then I am willing to bet that you are stronger than you ever thought possible. You made it through the trials and tribulations, the highs and the lows. You survived. there will be times that you fell apart, of course. The times that you buried your head in your hands and cried. When tears of anxiety and grief rolled down your cheeks, and you feared that you might just drown from the weight of the situation that you found yourself in.. but then you took a deep breath. You lifted your head.; And you carried on. You discovered an inner strength and resilience that you never knew you had. A strength that you will now carry with you, always.


;I have some practical tips for. Mommies of preemies or Sensitive babies

;:- 1. Its very tuff but take care of your health, or ask close one to do for you, every nicu visit is not easy and once baby is handed to you ,you need to have four hands and will be on toes.. so plz take your meals and food on time , if possible prepare a plan in advance for your eating schedule first before baby arrives home. Consult a nutrition specialist ..for keeping deficiencies at bay and keeping milk flow..which is gold for your babys immunity.

;2. Breast milk- for preemies breast milk is life time immunity and every drop of your milk is gold so do invest in good breast pump ..electric one to keep the flow intact till baby learns to latch on his own.

3. consult lactation specialist don not hesitate ..

.4. sterlize the utensils ,pump regularly before and after using ,keep it in tight air tight container to avoid germs getting inside .

5. change clothes frequently , during rainy season its best to press the clothes and keep ..after washing and indoor drying as it kill all germs

.6.invest in good diapers for initial months as preemies are prone to catch cold easily ..so good diaper ..handy rash creams are good idea.

7 always count the milestones from corrected age I.e is the date from which baby was about to born due date ..not the date he was born actually.

8.Always start weaning correctly ...its base foundation ..I must admit for this our;;platform;;baby chakra is very helpful in my case it was blessing .avoid random advice ...never give salt sugar honey...or any thing not upto the age...stand of family oppsoses .

8 keep your preemie always on priority ...they have risk of rehospitalisation due to infections etc. Try everything to take care of them...for other work of home keep maids

9. fresh air ,music , mothers touch ,kmc and talking to baby as much as possible really helps...even inside nicu it works wonder for their improvement .

;10. Physiotherapy –this is something most of the preemies require ..these are gentle exercises to improve there low muscle tone ..thats because of nicu stay,remainning in one posture and off course being born early the muscles are not fully developed .. physiotherapists for children's are there now adays and they guide very well..your ped will direct you too that.

11. Mediate and follow your instinct -it works..your are so stressed and overloaded with thoughts ..pray ..take just few minutes and feeling the inner Strength.


asha chaudhry Foram nancy singh;Pooja Sheeba Vijesh Sonam patel Dr.Dhanya Prajesh Shiny Vincent  Shipra Dang  Rebecca Prakash  Akshaya Naresh Shruti Giri Richa Chowdhary Foram#128518;&##128518;. Satyam Sharma  Rebecca Prakash  Akshaya Naresh Khushboo Chag Sheeba Vijesh Bhakti Bavishi Kamalini Rao Satyam Sharma Merline Thomson Dr. Payal M Dr.Dhanya Prajesh Prisha Lalwani (Mummasaurus) Sangeeta Sihag Parul Johari Tanuja Vaishali B Deepti Arora Priya Mahajan Reshma Gunjal Nisha Dayal Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa Ellora Mohanty Biswal Priya Iyer Roopashree Siddireddy Rakhi Puri (beautyofmommying) Priyanka Maheshwari Sheeba Vijesh Pooja asha chaudhry Priya Sood Neha Agarwal Neelima Gujjeti aditi manja Prachi Sumira Bhatia Rebecca Prakash Sheeba Rizvi Garima Singla Bhrukuti Mistry Yogini Kandre Richa Chowdhary Nilofer shaikh Priya Iyer Naiyya Saggi Neha Agarwal nancy singh Sheeba Vijesh Sheeba Rizvi Rakhi Pu beri (beautyofmommying) durga salvi Sonu Prithvi Zegna Fayas Ellora Mohanty Biswal Prisha Lalwani (Mummasaurus) Harneet Khurana Dr.Dhanya Prajesh Dr. Shilpitha Shanthappa Dr. Payal M Foram; Rebecca Prakash Shipra Dang Akshaya Naresh Shiny Vincent Nisha Dayal Zeba Soudagar Roopashree Siddireddy Satyam Sharma Sangeeta Sihag(musicalmommy) Mamta Washist Prachi Ujjwal Mishra(SuperMommy) Sakshi Mahajan Richa Kaushik Nasreen Mansoor Pooja Dixit Gunjan Bhatla manvi bhandari Merline Thomson Yogini Kandre Priti Singh Amreen Parul Johari Sirisha Bhalla kanupriya dhingra sonia giri Garima Singla Gayatri Shipra Dang Sreya Sengupta Shweta Badwaik Deshmukh Sonam zarin Neha Kapoor Gill Nilofer Shaikh Khushboo Pitti Priya Yadav Nazia Hussain Shridevi Shilwant Nisha Dayal Urmila Gupta Rosh Tej Khushboo Pitti; Priti Singh Priya Sood Khushboo Chouhan Kartik Kujur Palisha Sawlani Ruth Timmy Verghese Ruchi Shrivastava Ruchi Srivastava Geethu Benny Ana Khan Vidya Rathod Neha Kapoor Gill Humera Mehtab priyanka sain Preethu Kaveti Komal Jangra Meena Patil Naina Kochar
Neeta Shetty Anitha Nair
Rashmi Ranjan Dwinkle Chauhan Kanika 07 Veda naveen ritu singhal Richa Kaushik Manasa Maheshasha chaudhry Foram nancy singh;Pooja Sheeba Vijesh Sonam patel Dr.Dhanya Prajesh Shiny Vincent  Shipra Dang  Rebecca Prakash  Akshaya Naresh Shruti Giri Richa Chowdhary Foram#128518;&##128518;. Satyam Sharma  Rebecca Prakash  Akshaya Naresh Khushboo Chag Sheeba Vijesh Bhakti Bavishi Kamalini Rao Satyam Sharma Merline Thomson Dr. Payal M Dr.Dhanya Prajesh .

What a brilliant post aradhana! Salute ur grit & determination. U are such a strong mom!

This is such a wonderful post. This experience must have been difficult and made you stronger. Your tips are valuable!!!!!

divya bansal pls read all of aradhana's posts - will surely help u with ur baby. Tc

Ghosh!! Your post gives me goosebumps. Being a mother of LBW baby i can totally relate to ur post. So much care, patience, courage, etc are all needed for baby care. U r a really strong momma nd bunny is a strong baby. Hats off to u nd ur family. Lots of love to u nd bunny 😘

aradhana sharma hats off to yu aap bht strong ho..meri ek frnd ko b premature babies hue hai wo b twins uski condition dekhne ke baad me imagine kar sakti hu kaisa feel hota hai aapko us situation me..aapke bunny or mera bday same day aata hai lots of love nd blessings to ur warrior 😘😘

Shiin hugs !!

manvi bhandari thanks masi

asha chaudhry thanks di

Loads of Kudos to you Iron Lady.; This post touched my heart and made me wonder how often we take things for granted and how God creates icons such as you to prove that life means so so much more than just living by the plans.

Satarupa B Kaur thanks for your kind words

You really reminded me of my journey of becoming a mother of an extremely pre term baby..... We surely are very special because our kids chose us as their mother.... Blessings to Bunny

U r such an strong lady. Kudos to u dear. Much much love to Bunny. U handled every situation so well. 👏

Namrata Pathak hugs

My Shona needs blessings from all.masi of baby chakra

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So much blessings to you bunny!! Dear Shona!!!;

He is so cute..... GOD BLESS YOU

Hats off dear..seeing and reading is different..but experiencing is totally different..reading your post gave me goosebumps..I realized how v find problems in every small thing..but reading yours I feel how much courage ,patience and positivity u had..it takes a lot..you are really strong and u proved a mother is indeed next to god...inspiring and touching post..thanks for sharing..lots and lots of love to the little champ..indeed he is a champ..

Kudos to you for the resilience !
God bless the little guy 🤗

Wow this is such a nice post..U have given so much information for the new mom's.. god bless u and baby 😘

God bless bunny!!! Happy to see him happy

So cute bunny 😘 lots of blessings for u

What a wonderful post. God bless you and your baby..

Hats off to you dear !! True I too believe in competely; surrender to God when nothing seems to work out ...
Lots of love n hugs to Bunny !!

So sweet bunny.god bless u.

Whow Inspiring !Lovely post ya..; U r such a brave mum n bunny is so Lucky to have a mum lyk You.. Stay Blessed strong mommy aradhana sharma 😊

Ohh mamma.... When all the feelings pour out you see the world in a different angle.......We all crave fir happiness...but the real happiness is hidden in such reliefs that we get from a storm....Every mom who has gone through nich struggle could relate to it. ... Fighting the battle for the well being of your child is made nog but worth it.... The world will say You are over reacting, hamne kya bacche nahi pale ,and let it go... Hamare time me bahot bachhe marte the iske uske examples.... And then again when you loose a pregnancy or a baby unfortunately the same world will make such awful remarks that are not even rude but demeaning at the same time...

I would say that I was not a strong one until I became a mother....And having a difficult child makes you realize how strong you could be ....

So true Sonam..I have faced n facing this cruel reality of some so called relatives n social beings.;; ...but m firmed about my babys care Sonam zarin

True to eaxh single word. I could relate to everything. And i also felt inspired. Kudos to you dear.

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