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Are you also tired of pregnancy stereotypes? Richa- Author of "I Didn't Expect to be Expecting" takes a funny take on these types of stereotypes through her book. She will be there with us to break some of your typical myths about pregnancy. Attend this interactive session and ask all your queries.

Some sample questions are:

1) Were you ever asked to have a cup of ghee as it's supposed to be beneficial for the child?

2) Were you ever treated differently by your boss when you were pregnant?

3) Was your exercise routine stopped to avoid harming the developing baby?

If you have any such questions, do come and attend this session:

Date: 26h June, 2018

Time: 2:00pm to 4:00pm

How to ask a question? Go to app, click on plus sign on the bottom part of the app, click on "ask a question" and post your question along with #AskRicha. Do tag the author in all your questions. Please ensure you use the hashtag to get your query answered. If you are posting form website, then simply ask your question using #AskRicha

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Khushboo Chouhan Test Tag message

Mrs Chhoker Satarupa B Kaur Vidya Rathod Parul Johari Aditi Adlakha Smitha Prabhav Anjali Midha Aasiya Mirza Dwinkle Chauhan Kavita Bisht Mohini Tanwar Balini Chekuri Priyanka Saini Debolina Mukherjee Sonal Khandelwal AMRITA MALLIK Anuradha Vimal Mrs.Aaisha Sarwar Smriti Munjal Mansi Singhal Nidhi Rani Varsha Naik Prachi Sharma Sonia Deshwal Nitika Chopra Apoorva Bhandari mahek akbar Chantele Fernandes priyal agarwal kannu priya Priyanka Pandey Pragati Agawane ambalika verma Mohini Tanwar Sonal Khandelwal Ankita Mishra Rachana Sharma Pragati Gupta Deepthi Darisa Angel Shonaya Ritika Srivastava Kshipra marulkar mayu yadav priya gupta Jasveen Kaur Cindy Magi anjali bhadoria Varenya Jain Gupta Thushara Dilin jasmine bayas Rajni Aggarwal Ngidey Napam Lowang Pavi Srinivasan Nandipha Manisha Upadhyay Rama Devi Gubbi Gubbi Richa Sharma ramjaanali ansari amrita vishnoo chaudhary Soniya Matta Shally Walia divya manju Sudhi Gupta pubali Shashi sharma Madhuri Kangane shauzzz jaseena Ghouse basha Kavitha dileep surbhi Patni Swapna Ullas Mangala Gowri Priyanka Reddy Jasspreet Kaur jiya chhugani

#askricha ; how do you find out your in labour?

#askricha ; Hi Richa, Is it true that pregnant ladies should not sit for a long time as it could lead deformed head baby ?

Drinking kesar milk in pregancy,baby will fair in complextion...is it true? #AskRicha

Hi Ladies🙂Very happy to be having this session with all if you today on this great app.

#askricha - Hi Richa, when can a pregnant woman start consuming saffron and what should be the quantity? Is it safe to consume milk with badam milk powder since it contains traces of saffron ?

Hi vamini I can only speak from the experience of a fellow mother. I must say I irritated my gynac quite a few times with false labour scares but I’d say you really know for sure when your water breaks. And here’s the good news, I had no labour pains till much later. My husband even asked me to pretend to be in a bit of pain😃

#askricha ; even for a normal delivery?

#askricha ; long time standing in pregnancy leads to labour pain. Is it true?

Hey Harsha Damodaran Whoever gave this advice definitely needs to go to med school! This is a popular myth.Again, from my own experience and what my doctors advised me, you can sit, walk, and indulge in whatever moderate physical exercise you’d like without affecting your baby’s health. He will instead thank you for it!

I am having a lots of stomach ache& white discharge is it normal during pregnancy?

vamini In Labor – Finally!! When to Go to the Hospital?; Pls read.

Hi Richa S Mukherjee thank you for this session. My question is different. Can you share how you hot your book published? Did you go to a literary agent or directly contacted black ink or Harper Collins?

vamini Especially for a normal delivery. Other induced or csec deliveries have other parameters. Best to check in with your doctor for specific details.

I feel i am nomore expecting as the uneasiness has decreased to great extent.. i am most probably 5 weeks pregnent so is it a right time to see a doctor

supriya Naikwadi This is a very very popular myth you’ve highlighted Supriya. Thanks! Well, all the latest answers lie in medical journals but any doctors I’ve ever interacted with have only laughed at this belief. It has no scientific evidence. It’s as likely for a baby to turn out purple with regular consumption of Baingan - is what my gynac told me😄Eat healthy and your baby will be healthy is the best and most moderate advice.

Thanks for rply

Renu Grover Again from personal experience Renu, I, just like the protagonist Tara in my book worked throughout my pregnancy, right till 5 days before I delivered. This did involve a lot of standing and I did just fine. Ofcourse being in the last stages doctors advise you not to squat and do particular exercises but standing around, Other than tiring you a bit, i doubt will convince the little one want to come out any sooner.🙂

Hi Priya. Thanks for your question! I must say luck had a lot to do with it. I was so busy changing diapers that I even forgot I had written a book😃No literary agent. Happened to write a short story for a contest affiliated with author Ravinder Singh’s prompt. Came in the top 10, told him about my book and Harper Collins came on board along with his publishing house Black Ink books.

Shruthi Snigdha Panigrahi iswi Do check with your health practitioners ladies. They know best about these specific queries. I always used to go to my gynac with a printed list of my questions. Helped put my mind at ease!

hi dear, i've just concieved 1 week back and having lot of white discharge nd bearable stomach ache is there any problm??Richa S Mukherjee

Hi Richa S Mukherjee
1 Wat to eat for a normal dilvery?
2 Wat should be the difference between 1st n second pregnancy?
3 How to control negativity post pregnancy?

#askricha - Off late I am having a lot of negative thoughts about pregnancy health and it is making me very anxious. I am currently at home due to which there is very less distraction for my mind. Please suggest.

Hi Shruthi I know exactly how you feel. You know what the best think to do with negative thoughts is? Just show them the door. Easier said than done. But you absolutely must enjoy this time. There won’t be any space for negative thoughts if you take up a hobby. Read, watch movies, knit, meet your friends, take daily walks. Fill your days with things you whatever you love to do and you will see the negativity vanish into thin air. And you must find some form of moderate exercise everyday. It will make you strong, fill your time and envelope your mind with happy secretions.Trust me, you will have your hands full later and you will miss this time. Grab it with both hands! Right now!

Thank you so much Richa 😊

#askricha ; ; we are not supposed to eat mangoes, banana and dates during pregnancy. It that true?

Hi Neha. 1) You must already have a list from your doctor. I ate everything under the moon and stars ( Ofcourse with the usual watch outs for MSG, allergies etc) I was so hell bent on a normal delivery that even I asked my doc this and she again raised her thin eyebrow and told me - eat normally for a normal delivery😄 3) I was hit with post partum depression pretty badly Neha. Doesn’t happen with everyone though. I’ll tell you what I did though. It was a very rough patch mentally but everyday I told myself, it’s my mind playing tricks, I have a great life! I kept myself busy ( which is not hard with a bawling baby!) with things like reading, writing ( that is when I wrote my new book!) watching tv that I had missed out on and I exercised everyday. If you treat it like time off, to do something really fun, you’ll end up enjoying it more than you expect to. Plus just looking at your babies face really helps make everything bearable🙂 2) You must check with your Doc but all I can say is with pregnancy number 2, you know what to expect!

Richa S Mukherjee thank u so much..; m trying very hard to keep negativity away bt again n again my thoughts scare me drive me to weird thoughts,; going on politics etc..; I dnt know wat to do.; Even I wanna start writing bt dnt know how to start with?; Plz help with tat too..

neha singhalIt won’t happen overnight Neha. The mind is a very strong force. But keep at it and you will succeed! I promise. As for the writing, if I can write a book while changing nappies, you can do wonders as well! Write everyday. Something. It’s all practice. A poem, a paragraph about how you feel. Anything. Keep writing till you gain confidence and then start a blog to begin with. You’ll be amazed at how much of a support people you don’t even know can be. Start your journey and you never know where it will take you. Best of luck!

amrita ramchandani Congratulations Amrita! It would be best if you could check with your gynac on this specific query but I do wish you all the very best on this amazing journey😊 Try and enjoy it as much as possible!

thank u so much 😊

Thanks so much Richa S Mukherjee .. I will try n keep my mind busy n then concentrate on writing..

Since my time here is drawing to a close I just wanted to thank all the wonderful folks at BabyChakra for facilitating this session and all the ladies who participated. I hope I was able to help in some way. Do let me know what you all think of my book I DIdnt Expect To Be Expecting. It releases at the end of the month. Your feedback is truly special because I have written it while on a journey much like yours. You’ll see many pieces of you in it. Thanks again and take care!😊

My pregnency 6 weeks 3 day; then usg but not seen fetal pole .please richa mam solve me what i do

Why everybody says that 8th month pregnancy is very risky and babies born in this month don't survive ?
Due to this myth I am facing many problems as my in laws are not letting me stay at my mother's house 😞

@Rina @aashima It would be best for you to talk to your gynacs for specific advice. Wishing you both luck.

Not feeling baby movements means that baby is weak??

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